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Hearts On Sleeves

Author: Blaxis

Summary: Disclamer: Teen Wolf belongs to Jeff davis and Mtv. Thiam week 2k17. I hope you enjoy!

Notes: You won’t regret readings these, these are so good and fluffy and *sigh* they are such a good read. All in all I’d rate these 7.5 shirtless Theo’s out of 10 Shirtless Theo’s.

Tags: Thiam week 2k17, Rated: Fiction K, English, Romance/Friendship,  [Liam, Theo R.], Chapters: 7, Words: 11,003

A Sneak Peek Inside: “I’m next!” Malia cheered, throwing a complicit look to Scott. The night was going to be so much fun. “So, never have I ever got kissed in the elevator.”

S U M M E R 1 7 P L A Y L I S T

Swim good- Frank Ocean
Don’t touch my hair- Solange
Baby boy- Childish Gambino
Self Control- Frank Ocean
Electric Relaxation- ATCQ
Sunday Candy- Donnie trumpet & the social experiment
Woman- Harry Styles
Pink matter- Frank Ocean
Biking- Frank Ocean
Don’t- Bryson Tiller
The Louvre- Lorde
Supermodel- SZA
Wild Thoughts- Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
Mabidda Riddim- Drake
Redemption- Drake
Writer in the dark- Lorde
Drew Barrymore- SZA
Shining- Beyoncé, jay z
Blem- Drake
Party Monster- The Weeknd
No Makeup (her vice) - Kendrick Lamar
She - Tyler the Creator
Forest Green- Odd Future
High by the Beach- Lana del Rey
This is what makes us girls- Lana del Rey
Good to Love- FKA twigs
Bad at Love- Halsey
Location- Khalid
Father Stretch my hands- Kanye West
Super Rich Kids- frank ocean
Pink + White- Frank Ocean
Blue Velvet- Lana del Rey
The space program- ATCQ
White teeth teens- Lorde
A world alone- Lorde
Bad Liar- Selena Gomez
Baby Blue- Action Bronson, Chance the rapper

Boredom- Tyler the Creator I ain’t got time- Tyler the Creator https://open.spotify.com/user/lilalalalay/playlist/70J7R6SwBtUUkIl8Fm3gLN
Love is a verb. Love – the feeling – is the fruit of love the verb or our loving actions. So love… Sacrifice… Listen… Empathize. Appreciate. Affirm…
—  Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
drinks from the simpsons rated

bart’s hot cocoa marshmallow

is it still technically a drink? who cares! grampa wanted a slice and i do too 10/10


i’m still waiting for some artisanal craft beer company to crowdfund the actualisation of skittlebrau 9/10


brittle bones are a small price to pay for all that vitamin r 7/10

the all-syrup super squishee

this drink comes with consequences. are you prepared for what that might mean? 5/10

shelbyville turnip juice

turnip juice is a real thing apparently? who looked at a turnip and wanted to drink it? 3/10

homer’s morning glass of syrup

my teeth are crying 0/10

marge’s homemade pepsi

an undefinable and unknowable entity ?/10

lays liquid potato chips

i’ve got questions and they’re all about how i can forget i ever had to think about this 0/10

worcestershire flavoured soft drink

carbonated worcestershire is truly a cursed concept 0/10

a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat

the bartender requires you to sign a waiver before he serves you. this drink takes you to a strange new place where the man whose hat you are drinking from tells you the meaning of life in a way you are never able to articulate after you regain consciousness number eight/10


>> g r i m o i r e , pgs. 1-7, 11-13

    I’m excited to show the first few pages of my grimoire! Most of this is regular correspondence and information that I piled together, and it’s still growing– (That’s why there’s a lot of index cards in this baby). The first page is draw with gold as well, which charged it in an interesting way! 

( i love tiny sketchbooks, they’re travel light and It lets me practice tiny handwriting!)

If ya’ll would love to see more, let me know!

(( credit to @teacupsandcauldrons for some of the correspondences!

Reasons why you should date a girl with chub

1) v soft n v cute
2) lots of skin so lots of tickles
3) did I mention soft?
4) big jumpers for smol partners
5) thighs for days
6) bellies r cute
7) warm hugs
8) funny faces if squished
9) girls w/ chub r cute end of story
10) also curvy as heck so niiiice
11) bouncy
12) soft n cute
13) we have good jumpers
14) because we’re people and we deserve to be loved


NarutoWeek2017 day three + four: Favorite fight + arc

↳ Team 7 vs. Haku and Zabuza (Land of Waves arc)

When a person has something important they want to protect.. that’s when they can become truly strong.