for Crowoxy’s Chrono Story - The Chronicles of the Paladins !!!! pls check out the rest of the work created for the Voltron Big Bang here: the Primary Big Bang Archive!

it was really great to work with Crowoxy & the other two artists, Nie Nie & Pepple! everyone was super sweet and kind and put a lotta effort in their works. thank u Mod H for organizing the event!


Lmao sorry for the lines. Prompt from here: http://otpprompts.tumblr.com

Bonus after Lance’s distraction:

its so fucked up that they are using jay to bring this ugly back into the picture like harry was at louis performance emotional and she was faking a hack … thats the girl currently being his rock … the one who jay loved … the one who he reached out to … faking a hack over the other attention seeking cunts ig account the night he was pouring his heart out for jay … i fucking hate them.

I’m a 911 operator. Just had the most terrifying call…

by reddit user HiggsThunder

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Yeah, hi, um…This is going to sound kind of strange but there’s a man stumbling around in circles in my front yard.”

“…could you repeat that, sir?”

“He looks…sick, or lost, or drunk, or something. I just woke up to get a glass of water and heard snow crunching around underneath my front window so I peeked out…I’m looking at him now, he’s about ten yards away from my window. Something’s not right.”

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