the mind will sway you
the body will pain you
the spirit will save you | motion by @theglitch.og

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do y’all ever think about the fact that merlin has literally never lived in a world where magic was accepted. not just in camelot, but then there was the dawn of christianity and all that witch-burning that went on forever. basically, what i’m saying is, merlin has never stopped hiding from the moment he was born and has no idea what it means to be free

i think about that sometimes.

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There's part of me - possibly a very bad part of me - who thinks anyone who thinks "I've had a hard life, why should anyone else have it any easier?" hasn't been through enough shit, because otherwise they'd know how much of a relief even the smallest mercy from that shit could be, and they'd never wish the full force of shit on anyone else.

Eh, I think it really depends on the specific shit and the underlying personality.

Some people had to walk barefoot in the snow and devote their lives to giving kids shoes, and some people start saying “it made me who I am, and I’m a good person, therefore you must experience frozen toes to be a good person.”  And some people end up somewhere in between thinking that it’s okay if kids have shoes in the snow, but feeling resentment when the kids don’t express explicit gratitude for the shoes, or start putting frivolous little decorations on them.

There’s things in my life history (like bullying) that I wouldn’t wish on anyone in even the smallest degree, and there’s other things (like lack of trigger warnings) where I have to actively resist the urge to go “but I survived without them, therefore they must be a decadent luxury for the weak.”

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