Avengers Academy Unlocked

@amand-r: I feel like asking tony to do 8 hours of ANYTHING, even studying historic ladies, is a bit much.
Sam: I’m willing to bet if you get him to sit down for more than 20 minutes he honestly just falls asleep.
amand-r: I know right? 6 of these 8 hours is either spent drinking or sleeping.
Sam: He’s got a hologram of him “Studying” and he uses the secret passages Natasha found to get to the bar. MYSTERY SOLVED. 

I have like 0 data-mining skilz so I have to thank @doge-w-a-bloge for linking me to the Undertale String Differences that they found at the r/Underminers forum.


(Red highlighted pre-patch. Green highlighted post-patch)

Now what’s interesting, is that the pre-patch message is clearly written by Toby Fox, since the speaker is talking about assets and stuff that would make sense coming from a Developer.

But the post-patch message…is written in the same style of speaking as:

This is probably the only instance known so far where Chara is speaking directly to the Player and not to the player through frisk like in my chart here.

What is interesting to note is that in both strings of code each sentence is broken by a line of code starting with the word (demon) and a letter following it.

In Toby’s message it has the letters x, y, z, and r

In Chara’s message it has the letters a, b, c and d

Now the sentence that comes before “demonr” kind of seems out of place and a bit foreboding actually:

“Living in a world like this, where people can simply cheat the answers out of the code… your impatience has REALY damaged you hasn’t it?”

It doesn’t sound like Toby Fox talking to the Player, but rather another character who lives in the world of Undertale speaking to someone who went and messed around with the code of their own reality searching for answers.

Someone who got damaged by doing so.
(Someone who got their existence shattered across time-space perhaps?)