Dinner in Nargothrond

Finrod: *depressing feast for the sons of Finarfin*
Galadriel: *shows up for dinner*
Galadriel: Say, Finrod, if you’re king and all, why aren’t you married?
Finrod: *has an epiphany*
Finrod: … well, I can’t have a son born in to the curse. It is a pain no child should have to inherit.
Galadriel: *shoulder pat*

Rant #685: Ako lang ba o madami dito na magdaling mag selos? Napaka sensitive ko na kahit small things lang nawawala na ko sa mood, pag dating sa friends, family and nope hindi sa boyfriend cos I don’t have one LOL but ya I just want to let this out. I try not to care but damn it I just can’t


Author: _baekyeol

Genre: hogwarts!au, romance, humor

Rating: R

Summary: Pottymouth Kyungsoo makes Jongin’s dick engorgio, but he’s in denial.

Admin N’s notes ♥ : THAT’S A VERY INTERESTING SUMMARY THERE :-) so who’s up for some lovestruck jongin tryna court feisty tsundere soo [INSERTS DyING noiSES hERE bc CUtE] and expect some DRAMA too. it’s my headcanon that kyungsoo’s a slytherin and jongin’s a gryffindor but yes this is different since their houses are switched here which makes it much more interesting. also to the dear anon asking for new hogwarts fic, here’s one that’ll definitely make you want to re-read again and again! <3


MFC's Sexiest Man Alive 2015 Winners by JohnLocke2342

Well Fassy is the sexiest man alive according to this poll… Totally agree!! And Tom Hardy has the sexiest face… Totally agree too!!! lokihiddles2981 beaglebitch abadstarfalls curator-at-large dearmisterhiddles so-easy-to-love-me lenaoffassy scifigurl720 seberian-tiger villain-lover magnetosgirl loudlymagicalqueen michaelfassbenderisbeautiful michaelfassyfastbender fassbender-x-mcavoy messedup4good l-p-r-o-c-k tedystaleva hungerinmountjoy coastalprepster fassinatedhiddlestoner thatfassy kiss-my-fass tara-ngx klassyfassy crazytxgradstudent thehumming6ird dragonslikesmaug drarrysgirl thewife101everything missawkwardmarvel erikcharles monisfassbenderowicz hightimeswithhardy phedrebelle

Love Conquers All

Author: rillyroo
Word Count: 676
Main Characters: Fred Weasley
Pairing: Fred x Reader

Plot/Request: one shot with Fred where the Reader is in Gryffindor and they’re in the battle and her and Fred find each other and they’re running back to the great hall and she gets hit and almost dies? And he survives too?


This, whatever it may be between them, was supposed to be just once. Not twice, not three times or four or five or six.

Sometimes around the tenth time Enjolras crashes his back against the dirty wall in the back alley besides the Corinthe to kiss the hell out of the artist, Grantaire loses count.

And really, that was not supposed to happen at all.


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