just so y’know. if you make a point to tag and/or reblog anything cullistair related that i or friends of mine have made only to viciously shit on it, well. i’ve news for you. my patience’s running fucking thin, and if you choose to blatantly flaunt your hate in my face, don’t go whining if you find yourself having to deal with the repercussions of your own spite. your opinions are your own, your tastes are your own, but the second you purposely go out of your way to make sure i’ll get a glimpse of your nasty vibes is the second you allow for lines to be crossed. 

have a great day, because i sure as fuck plan on having one.

Phyllis Hyman passed away on June 30, 1995. 20 years later, her legacy and work remains immeasurable in every sense. She possessed unique vulnerability, grace, and elegance, mixed with her velvety voice that lured you into the deepness of her soul. There was no doubt that she was a statuesque black woman of stunning beauty, whose fashion and glamour continues to be highly influential and emulated today. Above all, it was her talents as a singer that were recognized highly, and at other times, criminally overlooked. Personally, I’ve always viewed Hyman in two entities: one as a female vocalist, and the other as a jazz singer. Collected here in this 90-minute tribute mixtape, Phyllis Hyman: The Retrospection Mixtape is a blend of those two specific entities. Her message and work always explored the facets of love. Whether it was about the joys of being in love, the pitfalls that love brings, or just the loneliness that one feels when love is absent, Phyllis told and lived it all. Please listen, share, and reminisce in the memory of Miss Phyllis Hyman. (Added note: I mixed this and did all of the artwork. Thank me later.)