Drake and Beyoncé’s duet “Can I?” has leaked.

This week, digital music’s rampant leak culture yielded a rare and tremendous gift: a new Drake and Beyoncé track. The leak has been circulating in different forms for a few days now. First it was just a snippet, but now we have the full song. It’s moody, hypnotic and evocative — up there with the best of what Toronto’s own offers these days.

anonymous asked:

can you help me put into words how calling a male that identifies as male a female perpetuates misogyny? for example: "dude, you do that like a girl!" If you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

This is a bad thing to do because it is said as an insult, as if being a girl is a bad thing. And when girls and women alike hear this they begin to wonder if there is something wrong with being a woman and if they should feel bad about it. Thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist