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Underground Korean R&B Vol.2.zip
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Back with another playlist of my favourite underground Korean R&B tracks released in the past couple months. Let me know what you think!

1 - Yungmoodmedia - Bad High
2 - Channel 23 - Cloud
3 - Jnkfood - You. (With Lym En Hanscur)
4 - Steel - Tell Me Now (Feat.민영)
5 - J.Lu - Erica (Feat. Rosy)
6 - B Jyun - C Ha Ng E
7 - Steel - All Day (Feat. Sleek Jeezy)
8 - 이아일 - Trust
9 - Punchnello - True
10 - Rheehab - 나여야만해 (It Has To Be Me)
11 - Nodsgn - All I Wanna Do

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I used to have no friends. I used to have no lover. I used to have the barest slimmer of hope, something I tucked under my fingernails so I wouldn’t lose it and couldn’t check for, out of fear it would disappear. 

I used to be like you. 

Now, I have found a new place, a better one. I have more friends than I can count on two hands, I finally found a partner who loves me back, and hope hides under my lowest rib but balloons its way regularly into my smile. 

I used to be you, which is how I know you will get through this. Because I already have, and it was worth every heartbreak, every tear, every crack in the surface. 

You will get through this, no matter if this is a day, a year, or ten. Just don’t give up.