I just love the way Nick Fury says “alright then” after Steve and Sam reject his offer to hunt down HYDRA agents in Europe. like I imagine he’s asked everyone by this point. Maria said “nah imma go hang out with Tony” and Nick was like “you’d rather hang out with Tony Stark than me?!?!” so then he asked Natasha who did the whole “I need to find a new cover thing” so then he’s left with Steve but he’s going on his bff hunt, which leaves this new guy Sam Wilson he just met so he’s like “fuck it I’ll ask this guy, he can fly so that’s cool” but then even Sam was like “nah bruh spying is boring I wanna hang out with my new bestie Steve Rogers” so Nick was just so fed up like “why don’t y’all wanna hang out with me i’m nick fury hmmph fine peace out assholes”