Mabinogi MML: Echo (Vocaloid)

Song Name: Echo (Vocaloid Gumi)
Original Artist: Crusher-P


Composing Rank: Impossible
Solo or Jam: Solo
Instrument(s): Mandolin, Lyre, etc.




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Song Name: Sail
Song Series/Original: AWOLNATION
MML Composer: ArakawaMusic
Composing Rank(s): Rank 5
Solo or Jam: Jam
Instrument(s): Tuba, Ukulele, Lute, Roncadora, Snare Drum



[Harmony 1]


[Harmony 2]





[Harmony 1]


[Harmony 2]





[Harmony 1]


[Harmony 2]





[Harmony 1]


[Harmony 2]


Snare Drum


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i need you all to imagine a modern au where things are Not Bad

grandpa anakin and grandma padme are holding christmas dinner as per usual. rey invites her boyfriend finn, who invites his boyfriend poe, and the three of them are disgustingly adorable while obi-wan shakes his head because it’s anakin and padme all over again. ben spends the entire time talking to anakin and making his plate, offering to help him with food, lending an arm to help him walk, asking him a million questions about the Old Days and anakin just sighs deeply because this shit has been going on since ben was like 5 and why hasn’t he figured out that anakin’s really just a sassy old man with a shady past that doesn’t need repeated. but hey, whatever, ben can make a damn good turkey and he’s getting to old to bend over that far to put it in the oven anyway. leia and poe have a drinking contest. leia fucking owns him. poe had asked han to join in but he’d refused after one too many times making the mistake of challenging leia. luke hangs out with obi-wan and anakin (and by extent ben) most of the time, with this big grin at how great his family is. obi-wan has the same look. together, they talk about how ridiculous they all are. han and luke get caught under the mistletoe. poe purposefully gets finn and rey under there with him by holding it over their heads and saying “oh no, what a surprise.” leia comes all the way over to smack his shoulder. padme herds anakin and han out of the kitchen because things are about to light on fire if they’re allowed to continue. and every year, anakin does manage to set fire to something. han and rey at one point end up outside looking at luke’s seriously beat up car and debating over how to fix it. padme and leia end up discussing politics while luke and anakin groan because it’s boring. ben rushes for the tree as soon as dinner’s over like he’s 10, only to have rey knock him out of the way and dive for the presents first. they get in a scuffle. rey wins.

s k y w a l k e r

c h r i s t m a s

R & RC

So…I saw the whole Relationships & Red Carpets episode on the internet and it drives me insane.

I just… I’ve waited so much for this and it’s totally perfect! I can’t believe it guys! Three seasons, three amazing seasons… 

I’ll just talk about it…

1. The only scene that I’d seen before episode premiered was with them( Austin and Ally) walking in the practice room and hearing “ Auslly”  from Austin/Ross’s mouth made me wait. It’s just so sweet, thank you A & A writers!

2. Carrie is moving to LA?! Poor Dez…

3. So mister Jimmy Jerk Starr, dating Ally would make Austin’s fans to not buy his albums, but dating your daughter, Kirra is okay?! You’re such a jerk!( Good actor btw!)

4. It’s so funny that scene when they try to not hug and hold their hands, but they end doing these things anyway. (“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” )

5.I just love the way they were dressed and I totally enjoyed that parents’s scene.

6.Ohh Trish! She can be so sweet sometimes!  And Austin’s arrive? Oh My God,It felt so real…( I couldn’t stop but think at Ross too. Yep, Raura movie. * I can’t help it *). And man , when he saw her, he looked so lost...#loststaringatmygirl . But again, Jimmy Jerk comes in.( And Austin was trying to kiss or hug her or something. I liked Jimmy so much, but now.. Ugh!)

7. “You look cool, bro!”, and then it comes punch no. 1. I laughed so hard. I had tears in my eyes. It looked like she used some power. 

    “I just want to be near you.” Aww, my heart…

8. The interview… Really Aus’, really?! What can I say about Austin? He’s as good at hiding his feelings as Ross is, so yeah.. And BTW, who the hell is Jasmine? She needs to know what is personal space .

 ’‘Austin and Ally are definitely not a couple.“

’'Definitely not, bro.”(And here we go Ally, punch no. 2. That was even more hilarious than the first one. It looked painful a little and judging by Ross’ face, he was a little amused. Poor Austin…or not!)

9.Jerk? Now Jimmy is an ass and an… You know, he doesn't even worth the calories I burn talking about him.How can he be so heartless? C'mon! We’re talking about Austin freaking Moon! This guy brought him thousands of dollars!

  And seriously Dez? Screaming? Very subtle. 

10. This scene outside is just too emotional for me. Tears in my eyes because of that stupid guitar, because Ally can’t say that and Austin can’t just break like that (almost crying while he was saying: ‘‘I don’t want to lose you again!“) and him patting her with his hand, their foreheads touching…

 ” Maybe we’re not just meant to be together.“- you must kiddin’. You’re more than meant to be Ally! For God’s sake! You are a perfect match!!!!  

’'We’ll always be friends, best friends.” - Yes, but you’ll also always be more than best friends too

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.“

It’s just too emotional for me. 

11.Dez, LA. Poor Austin!

’'Without love, what is the point of any of this?”

 Okay Dez, this thing made me cry so much! One of the sweetest things ever!

12. Austin and Ally’s parents are just amazing! And seriously? How can that girl win when she’s competing with Ally Moon Dawson and Austin Monica Moon?!

13. Oh My God, Austin! You’re not doing what I think you’re doing… And Dez..He’s just Dez. 

“I can’t hide it anymore. When I came here tonight I was so excited to tell the world that I have a girlfriend. And her name is Ally Dawson. Ally, when I first met you I had no idea you’d be the best thing that ever happend to me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you Ally!”

The BEST thing ever! Austin Moon is the most romantic guy I’ve ever seen! He risked his career for Ally. He would do anything for her. And I’m crying. Like a Baby. 

I can’t not notice the way he said “love”. It sounds so strongly and full of meanings and… love.

14. The kiss was a necessity, a need. You can’t practically give up on your career for somebody because you love her with all you have and not expressing it in a kiss!

And that happend. That kiss was full of emotions and feelings and sweetness and love. And Auslly.[ And Raura. It doesn’t matter they don’t love each other that way *cough* yet  * cough*, their friendship is STRONG and they like each other and I think Austin’s declaration was real. They’d looked pretty nervous and emotional before they kissed. And that makes me so happy because it was real. It wasn’t scripted ( “THEY COULDN’T STOP THE LOVE!” - Ellington Ratliif) , it was an understanding by eyes. I think both of them are kind of 'scared’, confused about their feelings.The attraction and that confusing thing that happens between them( Ross and Laura) made that kiss even more perfect.]

15. And the end was just how it supposed to end you know? It felt right even through it brings us some questions.

“You’re ready to do this?”

“Yes I am.”

And I am so ready for season 4.

*I’ve just realized they wore red and blue twice on this episode ( first time when they told Jimmy about them dating again and second time at the finale). *They wear these colors like almost every time when they sing together *

This episode just rocks, okay? It’s full of sweet and sad moments. They’ve grown up so much!

I remember season 1 -Ally was a talented girl with stage fright, and Austin, that rockstar at the begging of his road, and Dez with his stupid jokes and Trish with those amazing jobs!

Austin & Ally is the best Disney show ever. I want a season 5 too. And a season 6.

So yeah, I’m cool, totally cool.. Aaaaa! Oh, c'mon! Just look at the 2nd picture.

FINALLY! His hand is around her shoulder. ( next step: his hand around her waist). I’m so happy.

Look, this year, 2014, was/is  the Raura year, okay?!

This year, their relationaship/friendship ‘was/is taken’ at a different stage.

They look so much as a couple(Laura starts to let her guard down and Ross…is Ross, always so expressive) and I can totally smell that something is happening between them right now, I don’t know exactly what but I think they finally start to realise their feelings, and when I say they, I mean Laura...And I think they both are a little bit scared. They don’t want to ruin their friendship- just like Austin and Ally!-.

We’ve got so many photos with them: at R5 concerts(especially one…remember June? Good times, good times!), in the front seats, laughing, smiling, looking at each other, where he’s giving her a piggybackride, KCA…. Their chemistry is so serious ( They kissed so hard , remember R & RC?) and…. Augh!

These things are big deal, not some photos with her and her friend at her birhday party!

* the photo is not mine*