1. anger; wrath; scorn; bitterness; repugnance. 

2. sorrow; grief; misery. 

Etymology: from Middle English grame, gram, grome, from Old English grama, “rage, anger, trouble, devil, demon”, from Proto-Germanic *gramô, “anger”, *gramaz, “fiend, enemy”, from Proto-Indo-European *ghrem-, “to rub, grind, scrape”. Cognate with Middle Low German gram, “anger”, German Gram, “grief, sorrow”, Old Danish gram, “devil”, Icelandic gramir, gröm, “fiends, demons”. Related to grim

[weremoon - Stoneheart]

New Artist: DEAN

Here’s a new artist  to check out: Singer-songwriter DEAN.

The Future R&B singer just released his latest single on July 19, “I’m Not Sorry,” which features Eric Bellinger, and previously released his first solo single “Here and Now,” featuring Motown singer Mila J, on June 3.

DEAN has also gotten attention from other American musicians and artists and has collaborated with Soulection Crew member Esta and singer-songwriter Anderson Paak, among others.

The 22-year-old singer got his start in music at age 16 and by age 18 had a publishing contract as a multi-platinum songwriter, selling over 1 million units.

Influenced by 90s rhythm and blues, R&B, trap music, and UK garage and indie rock, DEAN has created a hybrid sound that is uniquely his own. He said he is inspired by fashion, film and pop culture, with his personal idol being U.S. actor James Dean.

“Fashion is really important to making an artist iconic and it’s really important to the artistry. Just listening to the music has passed. It’s a visible culture and more than the music. Artists need something extra to become iconic,” he said.

He said he is also inspired by artists such as Childish Gambino, Cashmere Cat and Chance the Rapper, and hopes to someday collaborate with them and make a “memorable impact on music history.”

Check out his singles and stay tuned for more updates on DEAN.

When Claudia starts her assassination plot by bringing him a human gift, Cruise’s eyes show Lestat’s surprise that someone has finally done something nice for him for the first time in the film… In that moment, we realize that while Lestat is capable of love, he’s never been loved back.
—  Amy Nicholson, Tom Cruise: Anatomy of an Actor