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Concept: Bruce Wayne is actually 5'8, and his Batman boots have Lifts so Batman appears to be like 6'2. All the other heroes and villains are their Tall canonical heights. This is why nobody suspects Bruce is Batman: “hey I think Wayne might be Batman???’ ‘Nah all those heroes are Tall and Wayne is, like, my height. There’s no way. Also isn’t Batman tall?’

things I hate: The goddamn naruto wiki doesn’t have a fucking image gallery at the end of the character pages like what the fuck its 2017 and ya’ll have had like 10 years where the fuck….what the fuck is wrong with with you barbarians. where the fuck do i get my refs now asshats 


Voltron was heavily influenced by Parks and Rec and no one can convince me otherwise.


2014 FF Edition: Movies&TV&Music

This past year has been a busy one also on the posters/screenprints front. In addition to several more posters with my dear friends at MONDO, I did posters for the legendary directors Roger Corman and Joe Dante for their show at Hero Complex Gallery, and for SKUZZLES (I did also a cover for their Jeepers Creepers dvd/blu-ray).
On my personal release, I was so happy to have a collaboration print with the legendary Bernie Wrightson, a living inspiration and most of all a dear friend of mine :)

Excited to have my first cover album out this year: TRICK'R'TREAT was tooo much fun to work on: huge thanks to Waxwork (hey Kevin) and T'r’T director Michael Dougherty and composer Douglas Pipe for having me :)
I am already working on my next album/soundtrack cover, this time for MONDO: can’t wait to have it revealed early 2015 :)

Another couple of exciting projects I was fortunate to work on was the special art booklet I illustrated for the special edition of SLEEPY HOLLOW season 1 in dvd/blu-ray (you guys know how much I love that show) and my first collaboration with Kevin Smith and his first horror/comedy movie: TUSK.

Got 3 posters already in the work for 2015, the album cover I mentioned earlier, more dvd extras, specially for a movie I can talk about yet, so here’s to more movie&tv&music magic in the new year!