Yes, this is a Jungkook fancam.
I was enjoying it, as a Jungkook stan would (dem thighs doe), and then HOSEOK STARTED TO SING at 1:30.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he has his own vocal verse and I was not aware before seeing this particular fancam. 




Hey guys, would you please mind checking out my not today dance cover <3

BTS Reaction to What He Loves Most About You


Your kindness.  It was an attribute he immediately saw from you and clung to because may I may was it beautiful.  When you helped a stranger by picking up something they had dropped.  When you smiled as you walked past people because you always thought that a simple smile could help someone’s say, Seokjin’s love for you grew stronger.  There was no evidence in the world that could explain Seokjin’s bright smile other than you, your kindness.  In fact, Seokjin sought to be a better person as well, to match your level of kindness.

It was your wedding when you learned of this knowledge.  It plagued his vow to you.  “Jagiya, your kindness is what makes my amazing life perfect.  I do not seek for you to remain kind every day and I know you may be irritated and snap at me, but none of it matters.  I love you solely, and your smile towards everyone, your gentle hands, and caring nature.  I may ramble on about you for hours, but I will cut it here, because it is hard to describe love in words besides painful and magical and worth it because if this is the end game, then I have years of happiness to ensue.


Your passion was a driving factor in your life.  His passion was one in his.  It may have been difficult when the other wanted attention, but it was all worth it.  He loved hearing you speak about your passions.  How excited you’d get.  You would start to talk faster and stumble over your words, but your smile never left your face and his never did either.  Hearing you ramble on about things you loved was something he could do all day and something he definitely looked to when he was stuck on song lyrics or having a bad day.

It was all written down in a song.  One that very member had hear, one that his parents, brother, and manager had listened to.  Now, it was you turn.  He took you into his studio, a place you had been into many times and sat you down in the small chair he bought when your visits became frequent.  “Uh, just listen okay?”  You nodded as he handed you his bulky, expensive headphones.  You slipped them on and gave Yoongi a thumbs up when you were ready.  Within seconds, a best began playing that captivated you fully.  It reminded you of all the songs you loved combined into one.  Once done, you had a new understanding of Yoongi’s love for you.


Your smile, or more simply your happiness.  Seeing you smile over anything, animals, a joke, a kind action, made him happy.  Your glowing smile radiated over everything else and to Hoseok, was a gift to nature.  Hoseok would always be cracking jokes and giving you little gifts in order to see your bright grin and hear infectious laugh.  The way your eyes got smaller and cute wrinkles would appear was something Hoseok loved.  He could stare at your smile all day, every day, and he has.  Photos cluttered his gallery of you smiling.

Hoseok woke up to the buzzing of his phone in his hand.  He had fallen asleep the night previous in his hotel room with him phone, texting you.  When he woke up,  the time read noon and he looked up to see Taehyung and Jimin getting ready.  He unlocked his phone to see a text from you.   It was a selfie of you smiling with a cute shirt on that had your favorite anime on it.  Your caption read “Woke up to a shipped gift from my boyfriend who is in Japan, how lucky~ <3”  Your grin was so large and made Hoseok smile back.  Totally worth it.


There was no personality trait that Namjoon loved most about you.  However, Namjoon loved greatly how easily he could talk to you.  From the moment he met you, conversations came easily.  He knew that he could talk to you for hours and about everything, anything, and nothing.  Hearing you voice in real life was the best, it was warm and comforting.  Hearing your voice over the phone couldn’t hold a candle to the beauty of your voice in real life, but it was still wonderful and sufficed for when he couldn’t go see you.  Overall, Namjoon loved talking to you and hearing your voice.

It was late at night when Namjoon finally got back from his studio.  When he walked into your home, he could hear you in the kitchen.  He walked into the kitchen and hugged you from behind.  “Welcome home, sweetie” You spoke.  Namjoon hummed a response.  “I’m making us hot chocolate.”  Namjoon kissed your cheek, tiredness evident.  When done, the both of you made your way to the couch and cuddled under the blanket that was already there.  You moved to turn on a movie, but Namjoon stopped you.  ‘Let’s just talk, okay?”  He asked and you obliged, gladly talking him to sleep.


Jimin loves how you make him feel better about himself.  It seems almost like magic how you can encourage him so greatly.  Your words of kindness and encouragement are amazing and always want make him work harder and makes him feel better.  Jimin has hidden insecurities, but he feels so accepted by you, looks now meaning nothing because you didn’t care about them.  Jimin’s height, muscles, and large cheeks meant nothing because you didn’t care about them.  Jimin knew that he could always come to you if he was ever feeling bad because you were always there for him.

It was late at night already when Jimin told you he would be spending the night in the dance studio and when you asked him why he responded with “Because I need to get better.”  Quickly, you packed up snacks and healthy food.  You grabbed blankets and anything else before making your way to the dance studio.  There you were met with Jimin doing crunches and sweating incredibly.  You pulled him into a wet hug and told him, “You’re already perfect, but if you insist on staying here, I will be with you to make you eat and sleep well.”  You then sat there and talked with him about why he felt the need to be better.


Taehyung loved your warmth.  Your personality, looks, and actual temperature was always warm and comforting and Taehyung loved it so much.  He loved knowing that you would be there when he got home.  He loved knowing that he would be able to cuddle up to you after the long day.  It felt wonderful to have a caring person next to him, someone who was there for him, his number one fan.  No blankets, hot chocolate or fire places could beat you in his arms, there for him.  It was a pro when it came to your relationship that Taehyung could no longer do without.

It was when he came home from a long night that he realized how goddamn much he wanted to see you.  And yet, the house was quiet and all the lights were off and he knew that you must have already gone to bed.  Taehyung made his way to your shared bedroom, shedding his jacket and bag.  He quietly opened the door to see you resting.  He put his things to the side and changed into something less smelly.  He crawled into bed and immediately smiled.  You were so warm and he fell asleep within minutes, fully aware that you meant the world to him.  


Your humor.  Jungkook is the type of person to push himself in every way.  However, it is your humor and laugh that brings him back down to Earth.  It is you who helps him to know that you need to have fun every now and then or else you will tear yourself down.  He knows full well that you were the person who keeps him grounded so when you joke around it reminds him of how much you help him.  You seem to have everything figured out and your humor is the thing about you that makes Jungkook think so clearly that you are perfect in every way and much too good for him.

Jungkook had a concert today.  A big concert.  And he was beating himself up about doing well.  He was running through the performance in his head over and over.  He refrained from speaking to save his voice, but still went of the lyrics in his head to make sure he wouldn’t mess up.  And yet, you were sending him memes.  Stupid memes that he shouldn’t be laughing or looking at, but he was.   You were distracting him.  He should turn off his phone.  But he didn’t.  And he did great at the two songs they performed for the world.  And he knew full well that it was because you distracted him from his nerves.  And he knew that he was thankful.

Baby Boy

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Jeongguk’s been a pestering boy…

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My thoughts on Yoonseok

They’re one of my favorite OTPs! Here’s why:

1.They always support each other:

Hoseok was really nervous for a special stage, but Yoongi was there to calm him

There was also the time Yoongi was almost in tears for Hoseok during the bungee challenge because he knows how terrified Hobi is of heights. He just kept encouraging him and reassuring he’d be fine

Comforting Hobi about the banana boat. He even said he’d save him lol

And of course the infamous ‘Crying Yoongi’ As I stated in a previous post, for Yoongi to so readily cry in Hoseok’s arms, and how quick Hobi was to embrace him, just goes to show that wasn’t the first time and that they are really close

2. The fanboying:

These two are each others biggest fan, and I love it. Yoongi has said 2017 is Hoseok’s year, and Hobi has said many times how highly he thinks of his ‘Favorite hyung’

Because really, what are words?

3. How Hobi always brings the life out of Motionless Min Yoongi. They are so dorky together lol

Hobi keeps a smile on Yoongi’s face

4.Somehow always near each other/with each other. ALWAYS

Sleeping/lying together seem to be their thing, along with secret dates

In rooms full of nothing but space, Yoongi thinks the best space is next to his SeokSeok

Caught bae slippin

Lunch dates

The couple outfits: They are the kings of matching, and love when they do

The couple rings: They think they’re slick, but we notice lol

5. They ship themselves.

Like they used the boy love emoji, came up with their own ship name and took said name and turned it and their craziness into a sub unit lol

Bonus: Just some of my favorite moments

Smooth Yoongi, smooth…

Back that ass up Hobi, He’s ready 😂

My light and dark babies

What is love, if not the fact that Yoongi didn’t kill him after this? 😂

domestic Yoonseok

Tell me these don’t scream wedding photos. I’ll wait 😂

Loving stares

so cute! *squeals*

Food tastes better made with love

Most married couples can’t even do that  XD

Or remember an anniversary 😂😂

And lastly, what ever the fuck this is. 😂 even being a Army vet, I still have no explanation for this. But hey, If they like it, I love it 😂

So there you have it, My thoughts on Hoe-seok and Yoongles. They make my lifue and I love them 😄

BTS Reaction - You can rap to Nicki Minaj’s part in “Monster”

Anonymous said: bts reaction where they find out you can rap to nicki minaj’s part in “monster”? thank you! (weird request i know)


“Oh, shit. How did you-what? Maybe I should add you on my tracks more often.”


“Damn, okay, Y/N. What else can you do that I don’t know about?”


As you begin rapping Nicki’s part, J-Hope would just stare at you with this look on his face:


“Maybe we should add you to the rap line.”


“Suga-hyung! Look what Y/N can do, damn, that’s impressive.”


“Woahhh, since when can you do that? Is that the English song you’ve been listening to non-stop?”


“…can you teach me?”