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What are your thoughts on the newest episode of Steven Universe, "Mindful Education"? How did you like the song? And did you like the message of the episode?

I loved the episode and I’m still obsessed with that song.

I just love how much more we learned about the characters

Ruby gets so emotional when faced with a problem…she runs away from Sapphire not looking for help..she thinks she has to deal with it by herself

Sapphire lets her problems build up until it becomes too much and swallows her

Connie takes her problems to heart…she becomes so ashamed and closed off

Steven has no butterflies around him because he doesn’t face his problems. He pretends he’s okay.

but he’s not

I related a lot to the characters in this episode. It was pretty emotional for me.

Seeing something like this in the show really meant something to me

you’re okay, just take a deep breath, talk to someone

I’m here

I'd just like to say that I'm going to support Sarah J. Maas no matter what happens in Empire of Storms.

She’s been getting a lot of hate especially on Twitter from people who have read/gotten spoiled for EoS. She works so hard to write books for us, and she doesn’t deserve all of this hate (or 1 star ratings from people who haven’t even read the book) So this is me saying I’ll always support her no matter what happens in EoS


boyfriend vibes

922. Rose Weasley was one of the brightest students Hogwarts had ever seen, but left school in her sixth year to become the lead singer of her muggle girlfriend's death metal band.
Empire Of Storms

Please don’t let other people their opinion on Empire Of Storms cloud your judgement. Queen Of Shadows got a lot of shit as well before it released and it turned out to be amazing.

Sarah has been getting a lot of hate she does NOT deserve. She is the author of this series and no matter what happens, we should appreciate her choices. Even if you don’t like the book, don’t send hate to Sarah, that’s just a dick move

Something to remember: People will hate a series because of a ship. Just saying. They really will.

“I don’t hate it because my ship didn’t happen. I hate it because–”

No. A ship is probably behind it. It makes them have a bitter disposition and they pick apart other things to rationalize the fact they are mad or sad over their ship. Even subconsciously. Because it’s hard to like a series where you feel that glaring thing that doesn’t fit in your perceived range of a “good.” Every. Single. Fandom. Does this. It’s like people who say “I don’t gossip.” You know that shit ain’t true. Everybody gossips.

“Inconsistent” tends to mean character development btw. People grow.

So, before you guys start getting worried over Empire of Storms, read it.

Also, a thing to note: Sarah J. Maas probably knew very well she was going to get hate. Very well, I’m sure she knew. She was prepared and she is a Queen. Throw her your love anyway though.