who allowed him to be so adorable??

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i was scrolling through your blog and noticed there's a lot of deer in your art. any special reason?

I just really love them!! I enjoy drawing all sorts of animals of course…and with deer i suppose i just I find them interesting, dynamic, and fun to draw…. I love how they move, how they carry themselves… they move so deliberately, so carefully and gracefully…i find them incredibly elegant!!

i like that stags wear their age in a crown on their head…and how they carry themselves when wearing that crown…like royalty!!!….. that antlers mimic tree branches…that fawns have spots that look like stars sprinkled on their backs….i just think they look really cool!!

930. Although Helena Raveclaw was in Ravenclaw house, she felt more at home with the Slytherin students. When Salazar was outcast, she felt like a father figure was going away, as she never had one either. Helena thought she didn't belong in her mother’s house, as Rowena was intelligent, but Helena was cunning, and wanted to be better. At the end of it, The Grey Lady still ended up as the Ravenclaw house ghost, something she dislikes privately.

call me dramatic but im just so worried for jin I cant concentrate at work, keep checking twitter for more info about jin eventhough bighit had told us that he’s fine and is now resting in the dorm but I just lost my desire in enjoying isac and i know the other boys are still there playing and we need to support him (through telepathy maybe) but idk.. jin.. i can’t stop worrying him I just want this day to end quick and see jin smiling again

ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck

Translation of...Whatever Just Happened Here

Ivlis (i): The c…color…

Satanick: Idiot… this…
Satanick: NO! Those aren’t my true feelings!
Satanick: NOOO!

Satanick: AAAAAaaAAaaaaAAaaa…
Satanick: stop coming out stop coming out stop coming out stop coming out stop…urr…
Satanick: Urk…

Satanick: -lots of blood vomiting noises-

Satanick: My esteemed self…is an idiot… I…AM….
Satanick: For something like you… FOR PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU…

Satanick: No..

Satanick: You’re a PLAYthing… MY…plaything…
Satanick: To think I would be, for my toy, for…someone irrelevant to my gloriousness…how could it be…?

Satanick: URP.

Satanick: Ahaaa…ahahahahahahaha…
Satanick: …It hurts.


(i m p e r m a n e n c e)

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Okay So want to share this conversation with you because I think this was something you would like know. At work me and this older lady (50+) that I'm friends with were talking. I don't remember how or why but I mentioned to her that I didn't want to have kids and got a lot of bullshit for it. Now usually I don't talk about these things to older people because I know that they would say something like, oh you'll change your mind or it's different with your kid. pt.1

pt. 2 But she didn’t. she just looked at  me sympathetically and told me she went through the same thing my age. And I looked at her in confusion because we hadn’t spoken about our home situation so I always assumed she was married with kids. But NOPE, never married, no kids. She went on how she never regretted her decision and how she was in a happy relationship with her boyfriend and lived her life exactly as she wanted, the only mood damper is her declining health. 

pt 3. She even told me that her friend all at some point have admitted to her that they were jealous of her. One even becoming really unhappy with her live until her children left the house. In the end she told me: suck it up because when you are my age they’ll come back and realize how right your decision was. (idk but i really think this woman is role model material)

Honestly all we need is courage to stay true to what we want in life and not let anyone impose their idea of happiness upon us. We know best what’s good for ourselves.

That lady is so me when I age up. As far as I’m concerned, I only have one life. I’m not going to waste it in disappointment and regret. I’ll offer myself as much happiness as I can and for me that means no children and a free, fun life.

Thanks a lot for this story!! It’s really unexpected in the best way ❤