the taako i drew for tory’s fat taako positivity train! stylin and profilin as usual

i wanted to colour it just as a cool down! to switch things up i used a palette like @djelibaebi​ used for this taako design (a personal fave)! i hope that’s ok! go check out their beautiful taako design and all of their other taz art, it’s very worth your time! 

anonymous asked:

where can i find the full video of jungkook jumping on behind jimin really aggressively? i seen you posted the gif but i'm not sure where it's from? thank you! :)

Are you talking about the one where JK’s dick docked right into Jimin’s ass like a laser guided rocket this?

Anon: There’s a girl asked u about ur opinion about the butt fondling between ji/kook in 12/31, can u post it? Cause i didn’t see it lol, and can u post similar videos of this too? Thank u💓

Oh boy, it’s been so long since December and Jungkook has touched Jimin’s ass so many times since then that I’m not completely sure which moment you’re talking about. Maybe it’s this one…?

Anon: ‘Jimin calls JK ‘baby’ at the gym’ fuhfghdjkfg i am legit sobbing rn is this really real??? how do fans know???

It’s real. Jimin called Jungkook Aga (아가) when they were at the gym and JK was doing push-ups. You can find it in the BTS Memories of 2015 DVD. Plus, Jimin refers to JK as a big baby like, all the time so it’s not farfetched or whatever.  

Anon: Wait, where can I see the thing about Jm leaning against the wall and Jk putting the hands beside him? Is there a fancam? Anyone knows?

It’s from a fan account and as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any fan cams of it.  

Anon: Hey there,could you link me to your talk about Jungkook’s eye fixation on jimin’s lips ,I’d like to know what you said about it ! Thank you♡

No problem! Here it is.

Anon: Erm , may I ask what the good shit that anon sent was? Is there a way to find out what it is?
Anon: Fam are you talking about link to a fanfic? I was thinking of sending you one for months now and I don’t remember if I did.So I was wondering?

It was just explicit kook/min stuff lmao And don’t be shy about sending me anything  - fanfic, fanart - I don’t care as long as it’s related to KM.


I was watching a very potter musical for fun bc I’ve never seen it, and I got a text that was like “happy b day” and I was like “lol that’s tomorrow”. Then I realized that it was 12:40 am. I started off my 16th year of my life, the prime of my teen years, watching a very potter musical. U know most teens are partying on their “sweet 16th”. I ju s t

personally my theory on the change of appearance in botw’s gerudo is that a) since botw imo takes place after tp and the gerudo were assumedly wiped out in tp (save the traces of ancestry we see in telma) once they got back on their feet as a race they underwent some racial alterations, such as adapting the longer ears once specific to hylians (ganon’s eventually changed due to his long-term possession of the triforce of power) and different eye colors from hylians etc. and b) they were buff all along but when you’re suffering severe malnourishment you’re gonna kinda suffer in the height department (and oot ganon reached close to their natural height and build because he was probably put first as king and was raised apart by koume and kotake which in turn means he probably didn’t go without half as often as other gerudo which is really an entire meta for another time).