cq comic memes

• “the assistant’s name starts with r.” “it’s razzle dazzle” “rassistant”

• *google search of how long a specific spice lasts* “<lucidia character> doesn’t have long to live…..”

• horrible puns on gloomverse character names. plue, poople, rassistant,

• alternatively, replacing a mortifer character’s name with a similar but not exact name. michael, johnson, kole(when referring to lorelei),


• i know i already mentioned plue but PLUE.

• “pull the trigger valentine/evets”

• the entire fandom thinking indigo and fresh would get along and then cq turning around and making a whole comic to prove that they would Not

• __ is why purple broke up with wallis

• “Welcome to the beginning of the #who-killed-conroy channel.” “dmitri did it case closed” 

• there is literally at least one dead mod on every fanblog for any cq comic i stg. who is mod vlad. where did mod wallis go.

• zephyrinx’s inversian oc, stun zeed

• joey, pre-joey, not-joey and not-not-joey.

• cq, introducing a new character at any time ever: / the fandom, to the tune of “it’s over, isnt it”:  it’s joey, isn’t it…

• we are all CQ

• sage is actually artemis

• fresh and purple are in a romantic relationship



R: They invited this guy to perform at the Old Town Wine and Food Festival. Soccer Moms were literally covering their childrens’ ears. 

Sam: You loved it.

R: I was dazzled and disgusted all at once. 


Dear Maya
I just giggled at Kristen & Jesse interviewing each other. That was ingenious! Then WOW. The pictures in Elle. Dazzling!

Text –

R: hey my lovely sexy badass

K: Lol. hey you

R: Elle pictures. Fucking amazing. I didn’t think you could get any more stunning than Harpers but Marie Claire was even more beautiful although that doesn’t seem possible & now this? Damn woman. Each time you just take my breath away. You dazzle me honey.

K: Dude you are the dazzler! You’re making me blush

R:I love making you blush. You don’t see how sexy & gorgeous you are

K: yeah well at this minute I would argue that. I look like hell. Was up half the night with someone.

R: You should have called me. I think I was awake. I was going to get my haircut at midnight but they’d been closed for 4 hours. I love it when you’re up half the night with ME.

K: trust me that would have been way more fun! what do you mean? You THINK you were awake? You don’t know if you were? WTF are you doing getting your haircut at midnight? Oh waaaaaaaaaiiiiitttt let me guess. Twitter right?

R: Who else? Twitter is all over your “I have 3 dogs” comment

K: omg you and twitter. Your news source for everything

R: I loved that you mentioned you have 3 dogs

K: Yeah well we DO have 3 dogs running around

R: being chased by mini you

K: they don’t seem to mind. I miss you sweetie. We all miss you.

R: I miss you and I ache all over

K: what? sweetie are you sick?

R: Yes actually I am

K: why didn’t you tell me ? What kind of sick?

R: Terribly sick.

K: WTF. ok you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?What hurts?

R: my arms hurt becuz they can’t hold you. My lips hurt becuz they can’t kiss you. I think I’m lovesick

K: Damn it your'e an ass! I was really worried!
You’re gonna get it dude. I was ready to jump on a plane

R: You’re the cure. You definitely need to GIVE IT TO ME I need to see your beautiful ass. I have another ache that’s really hard.That’s the worst.

K. SHUT UP! Don’t remind me. I miss you too. So much.

R: So how about it. Are you coming to London to cure me?

K: What - you couldn’t find a leprechaun in Ireland to cast a spell?

R: spell has been cast by you. Therefore you are the remedy.

K: :Maybe I’ll just fedex some Lucky Charms to you

R: will you stop teasing me and get your ass across the pond already

K: chill dude. Was finishing packing while I was texting.

R: You’re so talented honey. How can you multitask like that?

K: guess I’ll just have to show you how talented I really am

R:I don’t know if I can stand the wait.

K: It will be worth it. I promise

R: I’ll have to worry about my heart exploding when I see you.
Among other things.

K: Ok one track. Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic

R: think I’m done causing drama. Who’s causing drama now? Asking Jesse if he was pregnant & about his boobs. Brilliant. By the way I don’t have a favorite. I think both of yours are spectacular.

K: shut up! well you asked Jamie who he was fucking!

R: all our interviews should be like that. I’m bloody tired of the same old bullshit. We should be in charge of the questions from now on

K: Perfect. Gotta run baby. See you soon.

R: Can hardly wait. Get it? HARDly. I love you honey.

K: yeah dude I got it!!! I love you more

So sweet Maya, It’s refreshing to see them take charge of interviews! They constantly have to endure ridiculous questions from journalists who then turn around and make things up. The reality is they are both working on new films & projects. Looking forward to promos soon!
It’s going to be OK.