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"Good morning, hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt.." :)

HIS GRIN IS LANGUID,  cat stretching limbs coupled with sleep-ridden eyes rubbed with soft fingertips.  always slow to wake, isaac enjoys the view she’s offering, his own smile mirrored as sunlight hits deep red, reflection enough to form a makeshift glowing halo.  

hands pushing through messy sand curls, her comforter slips down his waist before settling precariously on his hips, head pillowed on folded arms.  daphne really is a sight to wake up to, all curves, and smiles, and legs for days.  she looks lovely like this.  serene.

     looks better on you anyway. ❜

voice finally found, his eyes wander hungrily the length of bare skin, shirt stopping dangerously high on her thighs.  he could get used to this.

      ❛ …so much better. ❜

「☓」: meme: the morning after! (accepting)
An Interview With the Legend Behind the "Why You Always Lyin'" Video
Here's how Nicholas Fraser became a Vine star in a day.

Complex recently interviewed Nicholas Fraser, the man behind the infamous “Why You Always Lying” video. 

I usually don’t care for Vine “celebrities” or whatever you call this wave but this kid is a legend and it was definitely worth posting. Props to this man. Hope he gets to further showcase his comedy prowess. 

Think about it, if it was a typical album cycle, we would have gotten the lead single, a livestream, the art cover, the commercial singles, the interviews(good and bad), the songs’s names, we would be guessing which would be our favourite, we would have finally gotten the album with our fav bop of the year, the song that bore us to death until someone points out how awesome and mindblowing it is and it becomes our little jewel, the song that makes us feel like we are epic as fuck, the song that makes us stronger when we are down, the song that resonates with our struggles and the song that makes us want to dance around our room while making us forget about everything else in the process. We would have gotten songs that would push us further into life with confidence and strength even in these hard times…

But instead we got idiotic rumors about her and Drake, people crucifying her for not publicly endorsing a candidate and in turn, once again criticizing her brand of feminism, the “taylor is a snake” meme writhing it’s way everywhere, people pinning her against Rihanna, TMZ being complete shitheads by leaking her private sexual assault photos, rumors about her music that are completely ridiculous, people actually believing these rumours and hating on her in accordance to them and people somehow even blaming her for Trump winning.

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