On this day in music history: August 23, 1975 - “Get Down Tonight” by KC & The Sunshine Band hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also topping the Hot 100 for 1 week on August 30, 1975. Written and produced by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch, it is the first chart topping single for the Hialeah, FL based R&B band. Casey and Finch meet each other in 1973 when they are hired to do odd jobs at local label TK Records. Following the huge success they have as the writers and producers of George McCrae’s international hit “Rock Your Baby”, KC & The Sunshine Band launch their own career with their first album “Do It Good” spinning off the singles “Blow Your Whistle”, “Sound Your Funky Horn” in 1974. On “Get Down Tonight”, the songs signature guitar licks on the intro are achieved by recording guitarist Jerome Smith playing with the tape running at half speed, changing both the sound and texture of the notes dramatically when played back at normal speed. Issued as the first single from their self-titled second album in March of 1975, it hits the R&B and pop charts, climbing both simultaneously. “Get Down Tonight” sells over a million copies in the US, and is the first of four R&B and five pop chart toppers that KC & The Sunshine Band have over the next four and a half years.

Parisian newcomer Goldilox proves herself thoroughly bewitching with her debut, Morning. This is a dark haunting, sensual burning, bold booming burst of electropop and R&B that begs ample comparison to Banks with some of Kill J’s edge. Goldilox shows off vocal calisthenics much astonishing on her regal scorching ballad. Morning is a preview of a debut EP named Skin to be revealed over the course of the next several weeks. 

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The last we heard from Denmark’s Sekuoia, he’d just teamed up with eccentric talent Kiill J on a song named Lamp In The Dark. On new song Brace, the producer employs deep commanding, smooth soulful vocals by Marc Roland. Brace is a chill pumping, rich fluxing beauty, much ruminative and hypnotic. Its textured deep house and the duo’s silken electro-soul delivery feel like a combination of HONNE, Chet Faker, and considerably mellower Disclosure. Brace is a new taste from Sekuoia’s forthcoming debut album. 


Prince: The Fashion Evolution of a King That Will Live Forever

The death of Prince is something that I take very personal for many reasons and is something that I will never forget. Dior Your Hero Prince is now in Heaven rocking with you!

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

RIPower 1958 - 2016


R&B singer Lloyd celebrated getting his GED (which he earned in December 2015) at Therrell High School’s graduation ceremony in Georgia (early May 2016). When he started the program he said: “Sometimes, moving forward involves taking a step backwards… When I moved to New York to sign my first record deal, I promised my 17 year old self that I would return to school to finish my education.” He also offered words of encouragement to remind people that it’s never too late to accomplish a goal: “I am neither ashamed nor embarrassed to say that i’ve taken my first step towards that goal…First-hand, money making experience is great and, in most cases, is what we go through years of school for anyway, but I just HAD to go back for my GED so I could at least show myself & others that there is no shame nor regret to be had or felt when you are making a conscience effort to become a better you.” (click for more BLACKAMAZING news)