I’m trying to stick to a 1000 calorie diet - per Dr. instructions - but my office window is open and the mexican restaurant next door is literally KILLING ME.

New girl is selling Spaghetti Dinner plates for Monday Night. Her Rotary membership requires her to sell 10, so I bought 2 and told her to give my tickets to the Resident Artists.  I’ll buy them, but I don’t have to eat it.  It would never make it home warm anyways.

The head of Special Education called me today to let me know that they received my letter, are not ignoring it. I could tell she wanted to say that they were taking action, but she couldn’t, and instead chose her words carefully and said “looking into it” but there’s really nothing to look in to. They know what’s happening.  I have a Board Member who shared that they have the same concerns that I do. So now I just need to mobilize the other parents who are not happy and have them contact the county schools as well. I can’t do this alone, otherwise it’ll look like I just have a bone to pick.  I’m boneless, like chicken breast.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I sent a thank you note to the Customer Service Department of one of my Credit Cards. I was scammed a couple months back, and wrote to them for help, and trust me, they could have said “Sorry, you are shit outta luck, dumbass!”  But instead, I received a letter back saying they investigated and decided to return my money.  I worked in customer service before, fresh out of college, I know it is a thankless job, and most of the time you’re dealing with irate people, so I had to send the rep a thank you card.  Had to.

We had flash flood warnings and road closings this morning. It was nuts. But my new flower garden is LOVING it. The rain should wrap up tonight and then we have the sun and heat returning for the rest of the week so I’ll have to go back to watering every evening.  By gawd, this garden will not die!!!