Saturday’s Stud Part I

Bordeaux’s Eight Man,Marco Tauleigne, Is A Ten Plus to Me!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

And Just Damn Cute to Boot!


Saturday’s Stud Part Deux

I Cannot Get enough Of Marco Tauleigne!

Woof, Baby!


A collection of portraits of Union soldiers who served with Company I of the 13th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War paired with later portraits of them in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

gusyusdivifiliusaugustus  asked:

What are your thoughts about the Holodomor .People tend to forget about it or don't even know anything about it . But of course the nazi's were evil and the soviets were saints. (sarcasm)

Now this is a fun question and I love how you bring this up. Of course, everyone here should know about the Soviet Famine and about what went on during that time. Now about four to six million people died in that famine alone and to me it seems that it’s been forgotten, people don’t even pay much attention to it which is pretty sad to me and today the soviets are just seen as the liberators by many and not acknowledged for the crimes they have committed. National Socialism is more despised than Communism despite the fact that Stalin was responsible for many atrocities and more deaths than that of Hitler.