Anyway, because tumblr mobile hates me and deleted my original post on this subject, Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix has an episode on gender and sexuality that is highly inclusive on lgbtqiap+ identities and specifically mentions asexuality, pansexuality, and being nonbinary. I would highly recommend everyone watch the episode and the show. If anything else, know that Bill Nye thinks we’re all valid.

I hate how lgbt people can’t just exist as themselves without straight people questioning it. You’re a gay man who enjoys style and “girly” things? You’ll get straight girls wanting you to be their gay best friend and go shopping with you. Then you’ll get blamed when you get upset about being treated that way because you “shouldn’t have acted the stereotype if you didn’t want to be treated that way” even though you were just being who you are. You’re a lesbian woman who doesn’t really fall in with any of the lesbian stereotypes? You’ll get “well you don’t really look like a lesbian.” You’re a non binary person who doesn’t present totally androgynous and you lean more feminine or masculine? You’ll get people questioning your identity and telling you you’re “making it up for attention” because you don’t fall into their definition of a non binary person. Lgbt people’s lives don’t revolve around the stereotypes you’ve made for us. We’re more than that. We’re allowed to just be who we are without “perpetuating stereotypes” or “not being lgbt enough”.

Since there’s a multi-spec flag, I thought it’d be nice to have an a-spec pride flag.

The colors and design are inspired by the ace, aro, demi and gray pride flags.

TERFs/TWERFs, SWERFs, REGs Do Not Interact.

**If this happens to end up on any archived site, please give credit to decaykid, not dissociacetion.**

Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused.

Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused by people who should be family.

Shout out to all abuse survivors.

Shout out to everyone who’s ace.

Shout out to everyone who’s aro.

Shout out to everyone who’s non-binary.

Shout out to everyone who’s trans.

Shout out to everyone who’s queer in any way, shape, or form.

Shout out to everyone who has ever had to deal with their family having internalized racism that results in abuse.

Shout out to everyone who is mixed-race whose families give them shit about their identity because of internalized racism.

Shout out to everyone whose family has ever delegitimized them because their family thinks who they are ‘isn’t real’ or is ‘unacceptable’.

If you need it, I am your family now. I’m the enby battle-ax sibling/cousin/aunc who has your back, and if you need a shoulder and a listening ear I’m here. Things will get better. I can’t promise that your abusers will become better people, but I can promise that if you get away from them and when you do that things will get better.

Can you believe all of the backstory we have from just the sneak peaks? 

  • Lena dated Jack for 2 years
  • They owned a startup together for 5 years
  • They tried to cure cancer together (pretty ambitious)
  • They had a painful/messy breakup

Just from those few things alone… Lena’s character is already fuller than it was before. Because we know Lena is canonically 24 or 25. And she’s been in National City for half a year to a year I think (I’m really not good at keeping track of how much time passes between episodes). And if they broke up right before she moved to National City, maybe that was, in part, one of the reasons she moved? To get away from what was painful memories of her now ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer. Lena is the type of person to repress bad memories and shove them away until she’s forced to face them head to head. She doesn’t seem to face her deeper, emotional demons until she’s forced to at least, in my observations.

If she is around 25, she owned a startup company before she even hit her 20s, and we don’t know how long she’s been CEO of L-Corp. Though most likely it coincided with her moving to National City fairly closely. So I’d say a safe timeframe would be a year to a year and a half. Perhaps a little less. Could one of the reasons that Lena and Jack broke up was because he didn’t want her to leave their company to run L-Corp? 

I’ve always wondered if there were any other reasons she was picked to be L-Corp’s CEO other than her being a Luthor. And if she owned a startup company with Jack, who also owns a rather successful company and maybe if Spheer Industries is the same startup that they once owned together, potentially under a different name after she left, then that could be one of the other reasons L-Corp’s board picked her to be CEO, other than the obvious “She’s a Luthor.” 

Plus some of the things with Kara

  • Lena seemed to know that Kara had been fired, which means they talked about it in between the time she was fired and now. Maybe they finally went on their kombucha date.
  • Lena is now comfortable enough to just walk into Kara’s apartment, whereas the first time she seemed rather shy to be showing up unannounced at the apartment, signaling that this isn’t the second time. Rather Lena has been to Kara’s apartment multiple times off screen. 
  • She trusts Kara enough to confide her inner turmoil about Jack (which seems rather painful). 
  • “You were just doing your job.” Suggests that Kara did something to hurt Lena, most likely information about Jack Spheer that she shows Lena. And Lena accepts/understands that Kara is a reporter at heart,
  • “The best reporter in National City.” Lena holds Kara’s reporting job in high regard, even though she’s probably been hounded by paparazzi her entire life. 

I’m sure there’s a ton of other things I missed but these were just the ones off the top of my head. It’s less than 12 hours away, but I already can’t wait for this episode.