Thornton and Burns being…Thornton and Burns.

Whatever we had is just water under the bridge now. While you walk across the wooden planks and reach new people, I’m floating in what used to be. I’ve come a long way from the usual drowning. I never really learned how to swim in any regular bodies of water, so it’s not surprising that I didn’t fare well in those thickened by nostalgia. You got out so easily as if it was just another day at the beach for you. Maybe it was. Maybe the idea of us was just a good pastime, and that’s all it was ever meant to be. And honestly, that’s okay.
—  You’re just a memory now. // Maxwell Diawuoh

[Fancam] 170114 BTS - CHRONICLE (Jimin focus) @ Golden Disk Awards
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Fashion: “you wanna know? you wanna know why i HATE them so much???”

Fashion: “so one day, i was so bored, i decided to visit Error and say hi. but instead of him, that THING appeared!!

Fashion: “his mere existence is a mistake already. i didn’t even realize he censored my words :/ “

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And Error just sit there, enjoying Fash misfortune~

(uurghh too many colors! I can’t believe I finally finished it! This is the reason why I kinda dislike Fresh. I’m so tired)