I just want to make a disclaimer before I receive anymore disrespectful anon messages. A p*rn bot account has stolen my pictures, deleted my captions and replaced them with provocative language and a link to a website which I can only assume is chock full of viruses. There are many, many bots popping up that follow you and rip personal pictures from your tag and upload them for their own selfish gain. It is now more important than ever to block these any suspicious-looking accounts and do not interact with them. It honestly makes me ill to see this happen to so many people.

The use of my photo as above is not something I have consented to. Nor is it something I will ever consent to.

This is very upsetting to me, so I will do a better job blocking all p*rn bots I come across and I urge you to do the same!

Stay safe and alert, angels!


THIS IS AN IMPORTANT WARNING. Now I don’t know how useful this is to anybody else … I don’t know if this is an actual thing going around or just my ex being a vindictive asshole again.

But just in case it IS a hack that is going around, or starting its rounds, I am letting you all know. Because I don’t want anybody else to go through what I did.

If I didn’t have a computer tech husband to save my ass, I would have lost EVERYTHING on my computer. If I didn’t trust him enough to have an admin account on my computer (He has it to do maintenance stuff that I don’t know how to do lol), I would have lost everything.

SO it started with somebody called SZ adding me on Skype. They seemed like a badly coded botched Spambot and I blocked them and didn’t think anything of it. I get a lot of friends adding me on Skype both from DeviantART and Tumblr, and never turn away fans of my work who want to talk to me and get to know me. I never thought harm could come of adding a random spambot because you can always just remove them.

Until I went to bed and got back up again.

My main account was changed to “SZ” with this account logo: 

Shown next to it is my old icon, and the new icon being that pirate thing.

The password was changed and I was completely unable to get in. At all. 

My husband had a side account, and he was able to get into that, and use that to change my password back on my main account, so that I was able to get back in to my computer. Long story short, even his password was changed, BUUUT we had a fingerprint reader

All things considered, nothing was messed with. My logins are all safe, nothing was logged out, nothing was gone. I have nothing important. No financial information, nothing that would make me a target. My Paypal is constantly empty and isn’t connected to any banks or credit cards. I use Paypal, and the PayPal Prepaid card. Both of which are prepaid and usually empty.

It was a very big scare.

Now on to the warning.

Even if Spam Bots are funny, don’t add random people, ever. They might not be a harmless amusing spambot to mess with and block… they might be a hacker out to get you, like SZ was! Be careful, guys!

I’ve completely left Skype. If you want to add me on Discord, message me and I’ll tell you my Discord name.