r u trying to touch me


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i m a g i n e s

i’ll be home for christmas {i} | {ii}

lights on

two pink lines

everything’s okay



try again {s e r i e s}

part i

part ii

part iii

part iv

part v

part vi

s m u t


first time

wedding night

let me go down on you?

one night stand

new york


valentine’s day

all the strings attached

morning sex


break up & make up

just friends

mr. mendes

don’t leave

touch me

what were you dreaming about?

break room {i}

b l u r b s

baby girl

shawn as a dad

college boy shawn



t a g s

things i want with shawn (NSFW)


Dont get into drugs
I dont mean only the worst of the worst
I mean all of them
Dont get into drugs
Because i wanted to have a little fun on my weekends it changed me forever
Because i wanted to feel better i am changed forever
Because i wanted to pass my tests i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i loved the feeling i am changed forever
Because he said he loved me and its fun to do i am changed forever
Because “homies” gave me them with no price i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
I didnt say dont try it, or dont do it
I dont expect anyone to never be curious
But do not g e t into d r u g s.
Because i got into drugs i cannot have deep conversations
Because i got into drugs i feel worse when i am touched by someone
Because i got into drugs my mental illnesses are tougher than they ever were before
Because i got into drugs i will never not feel anxious
Because i got into drugs i cant have normal conversations
Because i got into drugs i can only be around so many people before having an attack
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
Because i got into drugs i dont feel emotions how a human being should
Because i got into drugs making love doesnt fee as romantic or intense as i remembered
Because i got into drugs i am selfish
Because i got into drugs my body has changed forever
I am different for the r e s t of my life,
Because i got into drugs
Do n o t get into d r u g s.

s u r r e n d e r | jjk | 2

“Never again, Jeon Jungkook, in your life, try to make me feel like a fucking useless person for all I’ve been doing was sticking with you through thick and thin.”

✧pairing: fuckboy!jungkook x reader
✧genre: angst + touch of smut
✧summary: he’s been suffocating you, but you’re already fallen dangerously in love with your whole being - or what’s left of it.
✧warnings: abusing relationship, cursing, cheating, alcohol, quick changes in behaviors, full of angst, slight smut in this chapter 
✧keep in mind: English is not my first language. I can, and I’ll make mistakes, but I’m trying my best! Feel free to correct me.
✧author’s note: I’m sorry for everyone who thought “surrender” was a cute, romance story. It’s not! I’ve said it in the warnings :’)  Don’t murder me if this is too much!! I hope everyone can forgive me! Please enjoy!
✧wordcount: 11k

The 3rd part will be on in a week. Don’t forget to follow and check the person who’s correcting my bad grammar in the middle of the night because you’ll love her & her writings as well.  → @jimngii | her masterlist 

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  - highly recommended to listen to this playlist while reading.

2 | The Milestone

Jeon Jungkook was never a man of his word.

You probably think that each person makes mistakes. That each human has the potential to make another human feel small sometimes. That every human has the potential to hurt another, simply because they’re humans; right?

But do humans have the right to break a heart into a million tiny pieces, without a decent reason?

Do humans have the right to be the reason for your lack of sleep? Imagine if the only way for you to get some sleep, was by imagining him near you; smiling, embracing you, holding your waist against his muscular body?

Did Jeon Jungkook have a right to leave you? Leave you each and every time, alone in the apartment that you wanted to call home so very desperately; leave you with your body longing for him so deeply?

Does Jeon Jungkook have the right to make you suffer, in his presence and absence both?  

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O N E - S H O T S


~ Liking you

Bellamy Blake

~ Company

~ Cat got your tongue 

~ Cat got your tongue Part 2

~ Jokes on you 

~ Taste the cheese

~ You’ll be alright

~ Stupid

~ Learning

~ Anything

~ Storming through my heart


~ Take my hand

Clarke Griffin

~ What did you do?

~ Sometimes there’s miracles

~ Missing you

~ Canvas

~ I’m here

~ Mine

~ Your lips are what I need

~ Your pain is mine


~ Surprise?

Commander Lexa

~ Find me

~ I’ll fight for you

~ You bring the best in me

~ Maybe one day

~ Home

~ May we meet again

~ Butterflies

~ Still my Heda

~ Forever and always

~ Hero

~ Figure it out

~ Shooting Star

~ Disobeying Orders

Finn Collins

~ You’ll never be alone

~ Shining

Jasper Jordan

~ Trying

~ Pregnant?


~ Bouquet

John Murphy

~ You jealous?

~ Prove it

~ Elemental

Marcus Kane

~ On the back of sacrifice

Monty Green

~ Feeling

Multiple Characters

~ Fight me - Octavia Blake/Raven Reyes

~ Celebrate - Clarke/Lexa/Octavia

~ Sibling rivalry - Bellamy/Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake

~ See something you like? 

~ Don’t touch her

~ Special Occasion

~ Perfect as you are

Raven Reyes

~ Helping Hand

~ Down to the River 

P R E F E R E N C E S 

~ New Years Kiss

~ Holding You

~ Hand Holding

~ Jealousy

~ Sickness

~ You shaved your hair

~ Walking in on you changing

W O U L D   I N C L U D E   I M A G I N E S

~ Dating Finn Collins

~ Dating Bellamy Blake

~ Dating Commander Lexa

~ Dating John Murphy

~ Dating Raven Reyes 

~ Dating Clarke Griffin  

~ Dating Octavia Blake

~ Dating Monty Green

~ Crying with Raven Reyes

P R O M P T   B A S E D   I M A G I N E S

~ “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” - Octavia Blake

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore” - Commander Lexa

~ It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’. - John Murphy

~ “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me” - Commander Lexa

~ “She’s missing not dead” - Bellamy Blake

~ “Why can’t you realize that I’m falling for you? No wait, I’ve already fallen. But you didn’t catch me.” - Commander Lexa

A U  B A S E D  I M A G I N E S

~ Cliché - Clarke Griffin (High School AU)

~ I Hate You - Bellamy Blake (Hating each other AU)

super fun dpd things~~~~~

• trying to be cute but pretending you’re not trying caUSE ATTENTION LOOK AT ME IM CUTE :3c
• immediately feeling suicidal when your dp is upset cause it’s Y O U R F A U L T
• telling them something’s upsetting you but no….. don’t do that……. they’re an ethereal god don’t do that……..
• always asking for permission for the most random shit
• crying when they’re hanging out with someone else BUT THATS BAD NO NO BAD JEALOUSYS BAD
• being like an angry chihuahua when anyone else talks to them
• mine mine MINE!!!!!!! don’t touch
• calling them like 6 times in a row
• calling them for the most minute things
• but getting praise for doing something good!!!! good good!!!!!
• and the world famous……. “are you mad at me?”

clancy seeing lucas slowly becoming infected in hcs format

cause aye uwo

- “Clancy, be part of the family!”
“lmao dude ur asking to marry u or something?”
- he takes it as a joke
- until he sees Lucas’s skin becomes more paler
- and his eyes aren’t a pretty blue
- instead it’s a snow white
- “cmon!” he reaches his hands to Clancy’s arm
- “dude ur freaking me out… r u ok??”
- Clancy starts to panic
- and backing away to the the door
- it wasn’t until he sees lucas trying to hold himself back
- was he started to sob
- then he heard lucas, real lucas, talking to thin air
- “don’t you fucking touch him you little bitch! you can use me but don’t you fucking dare lay a finger on him!!”
- lucas starts groaning
- and falls to the floor, gripping his stomach
- clancy is sure he’s crying now
- “lucas, what’s wrong?! what’s going on?!”
“it doesn’t matter anymore! she took control, you have to run”
“lucas tell me what I can do to help you!”
“you can’t help me! just run! run and never come back!”
- he starts groaning again
- making clancy eyes wide in panic
- he doesn’t know how to help his boyfriend
- what can he do?!
- he inhales deeply
- and starts running
- he can hear lucas groaning
- than a “clancy!~ come back! we are going to be a happy family”
- he soon gets out,
- but it’s barricaded by a couple of wooden planks
- he starts kicking the barricade until it breaks
- then he runs, muttering a bunch of curses
- he then gets to a road, seeing his car
- he fumbles his keys, then opens the door
- he then starts driving away, hitting on the gas pedal
- as soon he can see road lights and other people, he parks to a random parking lot
- then starts crying
- than a year happened
- he was still the camera man for the two assholes
- they decided to go to the old house again
- why does that seem so familiar to him
- when they get there he can tell they’re talking shit about him
- he doesn’t care
- he ignores them and stays quiet
- when one of the assholes goes missing,
- he tries to find him
- one of the assholes told him to check the cellar
- he gripes
- ‘motherfucker, u could’ve gone down their urself"
- he jumps down, still recording
- he sees him
- and he touches his shoulder
- then the body falls on the floor,
- the eyes gouged out
- he’s screaming
- he falls on the floor and sees a familiar green jacket
- “l-lucas–”
- before he can finish what he was saying, he feels his head being whacked with something blunt
- he then drops his camera
- before he goes, he sees lucas grins and says as he picks him up and throws him over his shoulder
- “i was waiting for u to come back. now, we can be a family like how eveline would have wanted it do be”
- then he goes unconscious

anonymous asked:

First, I love your writing and that's why I want to ask. How about UT and US bros dealing with something heartbreaking​, touching his brother and/or S/O (your choice tho~). You can ignore me but since I love them I just want to see them broken and s u f f e r =)

Thank you! I’m not the best at the angst though, so I’ll just go with a classic: The Skelebrothers reactions to their S/O dying/being killed.

💔UT Sans: It was his fault! He should have been there! Early that day you were trying to get him to come with you to a monster rights rally. You weren’t even a monster, but you insisted on attending. He thought you’d be fine, you even had Papyrus with you. Things were alright when you first arrived, but then a gunshot rang though the crowd. Some maniac had fired at Papyrus, and you took the bullet. He should have been there to protect you! Sans can’t stand to even look at himself and Papyrus has to keep a constant eye on him to make sure that he doesn’t hurt himself. Papyrus isn’t exactly in the best place emotionally either, you died for him, but he has to stay strong for Sans. Things aren’t looking good, though. Sans HP keeps dropping and if it doesn’t stop soon, he’s going to dust.

💔UT Papyrus: Papyrus had just picked you up from work and the two of you were driving home listening to Mettaton’s latest song on the radio. He had just stopped at a stoplight and you were smiling and tapping your foot to the music when it happened. A truck, obviously being driven by an intoxicated person, came down the road at full speed and smashed directly into the passenger side. Papyrus managed to get out alive, but you weren’t so lucky. The impact shattered your spine and you collar bone was smashed through your throat, you were dead before he even had a chance to call for help. If it wasn’t for Sans and Undyne helping him though it, he would have dusted. It takes almost a year before he is ready to try to resume life as normal. Papyrus was never the same after that.

💔US Sans: You and Blueberry were on a date at the park, it was starting to get late so you were gathering you things to head home. Blue offered to head down to the parking lot to get his motorcycle and drive it up to the entrance. You agreed, not feeling like having to walk that distance for the second time today. Blue left and it took him a minute to run down to the parking lot where he began to rev up his motorcycle. That’s when he heard you scream his name followed by a gunshot. Panicking, he ran back to the entrance just to see you lying on the ground clutching your chest in a puddle of blood, and right beside you was a strange hooded man looking though your purse who tried to bolt the second he saw him. Blue was able to throw bone at the guy, pinning him to the ground through his shoulder. ignoring the man’s scream of pain he rushed to help you. You had been shot in the chest and your lungs were quickly filling with blood. Blue desperately tried to heal you, but it was no use. *crack!* Your soul floated out of your chest and you gave him a look of pleading and fear. *crack!* Blue focussed all of his magic into trying to heal you…but it was no use. *CRACK!* Your soul shattered and you died in his arms, eyes still locked with his. Blue tucked his face into you neck and screamed. This was the first time he had ever felt the burning urger to make someone pay, to make them feel pain, to make them suffer. He couldn’t bring himself to do it though, he was stuck there sobbing into your lifeless body until his brother came looking for him. The man was thrown in prison and Papyrus had to deal with completely broken Blue. Blue acquired a crack in his soul from overexerting his magic when trying to heal you. After a long time Blueberry had began to act like his old self again, but the crack remained. Normally, it would have healed, but Blue didn’t have the hope. He thought it was his fault, he was to weak to save you, and that would be his eternal reminder.

💔US Papyrus: Stretch was on his way to pick you up from your apartment to come with him to Muffets and was late as usual, when he smelt smoke in the air. He continued he walk and was horrified by what he saw. Your apartment building was up in flames and there were firemen swarming all around. He rushed through the crowd, looking for you, but you’re nowhere to be seen. He frantically asks a fireman if he’s seen you and he states that they are still trying to get people out. That’s when the unthinkable happens. The building begins to collapse in on it’s self and falls to the ground. There still hope in his soul as he digs through the rubble that maybe you got out, maybe you went looking for him when he wasn’t here on time. That’s when he sees it, your lifeless body smashed under a support beam. Using his magic, he throws it out of the way picks you up, but he’s late again. You’re dead and the firemen have to pry him away from you, because the building is still falling and there’s no point in him dying as well, but at that point he would have preferred to die in the flaming heap with you beside him. If he would have been here on time, maybe you wouldn’t have been in there when the fire started. He could have done something! By the time his brothers gets there he had already dusted himself.

Whispers in the Dark (Shyan)

A/N: Because I can? And I’ve been obsessed with possessed fics now? Basically, Shane brings an ouija board to one of their investigations and it was only suppose to be a joke.

Angst! Because I like making myself cry.

P.S! This is based off a real place/event. Villisca Axe Murder House. It’s pretty damn interesting!

Title: Whispers in the Dark


It was stupid, of course it was. And, it was one of Ryan’s biggest no no’s, but, Shane, being the skeptic that he was; wanted to see how far he could actually push things.

Countless of times since he’s knew about Shane’s little plan he told the elder no. That he won’t let them do that, that he won’t participate, but every time he got shot down. Now, as they sit in a house where two adults and six children were found dead; murdered by a person or persons they still didn’t know. The case is unsolved, has been for 105 years already, having been in 1912.

J.B and Sarah Moore were killed along with their six children, and still, no one knows what truly happened that dark night.

And Shane here was trying to contact them with a ouija board.

“No! We’re not doing this, if anything, we’re fuckin up the rest for the dead.” Ryan argued, the board was already placed down on the floor and Shane was retrieving candles from out his bag.

“What? Scared that this is actually all bullshit and ghosts and demons aren’t real?” He questioned with a smirk.

“Well- no! It’s just, if we even do this-if- who knows for sure whatever we do contact is the Moore’s family?” Ryan chided.

“So what? Like demons?”

“Yes! Exactly, like demons. They could disguise themselves as J.B or Sarah Moore. And, not to mention, all the rules we have to follow- and, the actual chance of speaking to something!”

Shane rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Whatever, nothing’s going to happen, here, we can do a test run while the cameramen are still outside.”


“Ryan. Come on, what’s the worse that can happen? What are we going to do? Open the portal to Hell?” Shane interrupted, knowing well that Ryan was going to give in soon.

Ryan stared at Shane for a good minute, trying to find out if Shane was serious or not. After a moment, Ryan sighed, closing his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair; messing it up a bit.

“Fine, fine, but just remember the rules.” Ryan compromised.

“Which are?”

“Don’t leave without saying goodbye, never play alone, and don’t leave the planchette on the board if we’re not using it.” Ryan recited.

Shane slowly pushed the resting planchette off the board and smiled, “You’ve never played this before?”

“No, because unlike you, I don’t actually want to die.” Ryan groaned, sitting down with his legs crossed on one end of the board while Shane sat on the other end.


“Have you?”


Ryan gave Shane what could only be explained as a bitch face before shaking it off. Pulling out a lighter, Ryan lit the two candles and put them on the either sides of the board. So all four angles were either covered by Ryan and Shane themselves, or, the candles.

Before grabbing the planchette, Ryan looked up at Shane who was staring at him. “Don’t fuck around.”

With a quick feign of innocence from Shane, Ryan placed the planchette on the board and put both of his pointer’s fingertips on one end. Seeing as Shane mimicked him shortly afterwards. With a deep intake of breath, Ryan circled the planchette around the board three times. Now, he could feel his heart pounding in his throat.

“If Sarah or J.B Moore is out there, we would like to talk about what truly happened to you on June 10th, 1912.” Ryan began, guiding the planchette to the middle of the board and waited. Nothing.

“Me and Shane aren’t here for any trouble, we just want to know what happened to you on that devastating day.” He continued, nothing.

“It must be hard, having no justice, for your family. We, and thousands of others, truly sympathize with you. So if you’re willing, we only have a few questions.”


Ryan was about to call it quits and burn this thing when the slightest movement happened. A simple glide from one of the random letters on the board to the letter ‘H’ and then ‘E’. Ryan looked up at Shane, who was also looking down at the board. A shit grin ate most of Shane’s face.

“You dick! Are you serious?!” Ryan yelled, seriously annoyed as he tried to calm his frantic heart rate. Shane burst out laughing.

“Ah! You should have saw your face, you were really into it.” Shane teased, face turning red.

Ryan rolled his eyes and let out an irritated huff of breath. Letting go of the planchette as an reaction of his frustration with Shane’s childish behaviors.

“Hey, hey I’m sorry! Okay, okay, I won’t fuck around anymore. Let’s do this legit.” Shane nodded up at Ryan who still gave him a dissatisfied housewife look.

“Fine, but I swear to god if you fuck around again we are burning this board and sticking to the original plan.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course.” Shane agreed absentmindedly, watching as Ryan placed his fingertips on the planchette again.

Three more circles.

“Mr. Moore? If you’re still there with us we would like to ask you a few questions if that’s okay. No one knows who truly murdered you and your family and all the suspects have been let go.” Ryan says, trying to keep his heartbeat down.

There was still silence.

But then the planchette started to move, Ryan whined as he let out a pissed off, “Really?” at Shane.

“I swear this is not me.” Shane quickly defends himself.

“Well I barely have my fingers on this!” Ryan says, the pointer first going to one corner to the board. Then another.

“U-uh, Mr. Moore? Is that you?” Ryan asked, his voice now shaky as Shane stared, unresponsive.

The last two corners were touched and the planchette moved quickly now.

“R-Y-A-N?” Ryan muttered, his mind now going ten times it’s usual speed. “Sh-Shane this isn’t fucking funny!”

“Ryan, I swear this isn’t fucking me!”

“So explain this.”

“I-I don’t know, wind? Maybe the board is slippery and slight movements makes the planchette move more than it actually does?” Shane racked his brain for an answer, solution, but nothing.

Their attention was quickly grabbed by the board again.


“It’s my name, it’s Ryan, I-I don’t understand? Shane?!” Ryan asked, desperately.

Shane found himself completely speechless, the candlelights were flickering, the furniture was shaking. And then, nothing.

It all stopped.

Shane looked around the house, in total disbelief, and then, back at Ryan.

Ryan was hunched over, his face wasn’t showing. Hell, his body wasn’t even moving.

“R-Ry?” Shane asked, trying to control the fear that was bubbling inside.

Laughter, laughter that shook his body overcame Ryan. And for a moment, Shane thought Ryan was fucking with him for his earlier doings. That was, until, Ryan lifted up his head, still laughing. His eyes were closed.

“R-Ryan?” This wasn’t like Ryan, he doesn’t fuck around with supernatural shit like this. That’s just not his Ryan.

“Sorry, who?” Then his eyes opened, black tar pits, leading nowhere but more and more darkness. However, a single tear ran down Ryan’s face and down his cheek.

Shane’s breath got caught in his throat as he quickly scooted away from Rya-that thing. That wasn’t Ryan anymore and whoever it was-whatever it was, needs to stay the hell away. The thing stood up easily, as with grace, and a single flick of his wrist the board and planchette flew to the other side of the room.

“Honestly,” the thing croaked, “I don’t see your interest in this piece of flesh.” the demon, the only thing Shane can really come up with, said. It’s black eyes looking over Ryan’s figure and then back to him. “You do have feelings for this thing, don’t you? Deep feelings, that a friend shouldn’t have for another male friend.”

Shane quickly went red as he tried to stand up, only to have the demon place Ryan’s foot on his chest and push him back down. Immense power being placed on his ribcage made Shane cry out. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shane spat. The strength was unbelievable, and his struggles went unnoticed by the creature as it barely flinched.

“Yes you do, don’t play coy with me. As if I care that you’re too chicken shit to fess up.” It’s head cocked to the side, “In fact, how would our little friend Ryan react to this?” it smiled, showing off Ryan’s teeth. “Perhaps he’d be disgusted, want to quit the show and your petty friendship. Or maybe!”

The demon stepped off of Shane’s chest, smirking. His finger placed on the bottom of Ryan’s lip. “He would just kick you from the show, block you from everything. I think I would be disgusted if some low life, pessimist, uninteresting,” it’s voice started to get louder, “good for nothing, piece of shit try to even want to waste my time more than he already does.”

Shane’s breathing was frantic, his head shaking. “You don’t know anything, you don’t know shit about me, nor Ryan.”

“Oh? I don’t now? So I also don’t know if I did this,” The demon waltz over to where Shane was still on the ground, frozen in fear, and placed both of its legs on either side of Shane’s body and dropped down. “and it was your precious Ryan, you totally wouldn’t kiss him right now?”

It’s features, that Shane could now see clearly, was somewhat soft, even accompanied with those dark orbs. The soft smile that unsettled Shane with how much it looked like his Ryan. “You’re not him.” Shane gritted.

“You know, we can play out some of your many fantasies about our friend-”

“He’s not our friend, he’s mine.” Shane quickly hissed.

“Ooh,” The demon purred, “possessive. Isn’t that cute?” it dipped, Shane’s chest now brushed against Ryan’s. The dark orbs now staring deep into Shane’s brown ones. And it smirked. “For a skeptic, you really are afraid. You’d think, since Ryan believed in this stuff so much that he would know the believers are more likely to have something… happen to them.”

The demon grinned, his hand now grabbing at Shane’s jaw, it’s thumb and pointer finger smashing in Shane’s cheeks. “Humans are so complicated, doubtful, scared, it’s pathetic. Your annoying love for Ryan makes this moment, that you should be fearing for your life, still heavily wonders if Ryan’s okay. So tell me,” It’s grip for harder, painful. “why shouldn’t I kill you right now? I could leave this pitiful body, leave you wondering if Ryan actually sees you as disgusting as I do.”

It’s head crooked, “You know that human saying, 'Nothing kills man faster than his own head’ hmm.” Shane was whining out in pain now, his jaw felt like it could crush any moment now. He couldn’t look at this thing anymore, his soul already crushed and the tears that were threaten to fall almost did.

The demon laughed, mockingly, shoving Shane’s head to the side. “Pathetic.” It groaned. Sitting up as it still straddled his waist, Shane watched, the black orbs looked somewhat amused with what it did. “You’re not worth my time, and neither is him.” And with that, Ryan’s eyes closed and he fell- well, would had fell if it wasn’t for Shane’s quick thinking.

Holding the shorter man up as he laid slumped over. Slowly and carefully, Shane sat up, still holding Ryan as he pulled the man close; now letting out the tears he’s been desperately hiding.

“R-Ryan, Ryan fuck, fuck man, you gotta wake up. God, please.” Shane begged, sniffing as he tried to protect Ryan from the world by holding him close.

Shane ran his fingers through Ryan’s black hair, shaking his own head as he choked up. “I’m s-sorry, I should have listened to you, please wake up.”

A movement, a light one, but it was a movement. Ryan groaned and Shane quickly pulled back to look at him. “We have to get out of here.” He said before Ryan had to chance to say anything. Helping Ryan up and standing himself, he ignored the tremendous ache in his jaw and the hurting of his ribcage.

“B-Burn the board.” Ryan said after he got up, “Burn the board!” he said even louder. Shane stared at Ryan, watching as the younger man held himself and looked down at the floor.

Quickly, without saying anything, Shane found both the board and the planchette, throwing them in the fireplace they had lit to give a more ominous introduction to the video. Turning away as it burnt.

Not spending anymore time in this hellhole, Shane took Ryan’s wrist and pulled him out. Practically dragging Ryan as they went to the car. The cameramen were staring in interest but Shane quickly waved them off.

“It’s over. We’re not doing this anymore.” Perhaps it was the tone of his voice, the ragged look from both of the boys, or how Ryan was speechless, staring blankly at nothing; with only a dried tear stain on his face.

Are you a real entomologist?
Well, uh, technically…
Have you ever caught an insect, like a-like a real arthropod?
Have you ever tried a trap?
Naahh, Nah.
Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to catch insects!

*saxophone solo*

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Now listen closely
Here’s a little lesson in entomology
A subdiscipline of biology
If you wanna pass this class and have some fun
You’ll have to catch and label more than 40 bugs!

Just follow my moves, and sneak around
Be careful not to make a sound
No, don’t touch that!

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Ha ha ha
Now look at this net, that I just found
When I say go, be ready to throw
Throw it on them, not me!
Ugh, let’s try something else

Now watch and learn, here’s the deal
They’ll be caught in this trap with molasses meal

ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!


I’m rusty

Couple: KanaMari

“It’s too hot today…”

“Temperatures will continue to rise today, reaching a peak of around 32 degrees celsius and then slowing down to a low 14 degrees by 10PM. Let’s enjoy our cloudless summer everyone!”

The little radio by her bedside table buzzed with excited MCs cheering into their microphones before a pop song began to play, accompanied by some static in the background. Its antenna had seen better days, with the paint chipping and the red dial to change stations no longer able to move. But still, as utterly useless as it was now, Mari couldn’t get herself to toss it.

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So basically I've been listening to BMC for the last 4 days on repeat and I just found your blog? I love it? So much? It's so good and thank you for literally just everything I love your drawings 💛💛💛🏳️‍🌈

connors the one who converted me in2 a BMC Fella & now i am a husk of a man trying to coax the innocent to join us so i am glad my efforts r paying off

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Maybe some hj headcannons for Evan?

Assuming this means handjob hahaha

- ahhhhh

- your hands? on him? YES

- sometimes you’ll be kissing and stuff and he’ll get really hard really fast bc y o u

- you seriously mess him up so much because GOD

- you’re literally p e r f e c t to him.

- and like? he feels your lips on his and he’s gone?

- but anyways

- you make him human putty

- sometimes you’ll be spooning on the couch, he will be the big spoon when this happens

- you’ll be watching a movie and he’ll nuzzle his face into the back of your neck

- you’ll accidentally press your butt against him (or not on accident, who knows)

- he’ll smell your shampoo and just you and general

- whoops

- welcome to Boner Town

- he won’t say anything but like you’ll feel him getting harder

- god! he feels so guilty having such dirty thoughts about what he wants to do to you!

- you’ll feel it and yanno… get a lil excited yourself

- you’ll sit up and he will kinda be upset because dear lord does he love snuggling

- but then you’ll see him hard as hell and he’ll get really embarrassed but you’ll just disappear and come back with lube

- you’ll kiss him and ask if you can jerk him off
and he’ll nod

- feels bad bc you’re not benefitting from it

- even tho you are because he’s so hOT

- you’ll sit next to him, and he’ll unbutton his pants and boy is he hard

- you smile at him as you touch him, because he’s so weak to you

- for him, eye contact is a must. he loves feeling absolutely connected with you when he’s being touched so intimately (I headcannons him as a hardcore demi)

- if you lose eye contact for a moment, he’ll pull you in to kiss him bc you love it and hold his hand gently on your chin

- he used to get really nervous about his expressions and noises because he knows he’s extremely vocal

- he used to try and muffle himself with his hand until you told him it turned you on and I mean t r u s t me, he never stopped himself again

- you told him you got off to the sight of it and he literally almost started drooling? God you’re as in love with him as he is?

- when he cums, he cums HARD

- lots and lots and lots (this is weird lol)

- a lot spills from his lips, mostly your name and declarations of how much he loves you

- immediately feels guilty you had to do that after but u just shut him up with a kiss

- after he cleans you two up (sweet bby) he holds you so close to him and e kisses you and offers to help you, but you just decline politely (tell him that one day you’ll let him and guuuuhhh burned to his memories)

- he just loves you so much.


Sometimes the desire that’s bottled inside of me is so intense I feel like a pressure cooker dying to blow from just the darkest touch….. I’m like that perfect brew of blue mountain peak coffee, let me whisper in your ear; squeeze some of dirtiest desires to you while u are spread eagled on the dining table, look like a M.R.E (Meal Ready to Eat). I am hungry for you, I want to sleep but u r riding my mind as you should, but the true question is am I riding yours… Tell me what you desire of me and I…….

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How would bts kiss u when they r horny?

This has taken me so long and I am sooo sorry~ I really hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

If Seokjin was horny, he probably wouldn’t want to force you to do anything if you weren’t in the mood as well. So, deciding that he couldn’t just handle it himself, he’d try to put you in the mood. So, as he went to kiss you, he wouldn’t actually kiss you; his lips touched every part of your face except your lips, and he hoped that it would leave you wanting more. His kisses would get to the corner of your lips before he pulled away again, going around them as he tried not to smile against your skin, since if he smiled, you’d think that he was just teasing, and his whole plan would fail.

If Yoongi was horny, he would let you know. Normally he’d just bluntly state it, but if he found that to be too much of a hassle or waste of time, he’d just walk up and kiss you. The kiss would be almost eager, like it couldn’t progress fast enough; he didn’t know whether to pull your bodies close or leave a bit of space so he could get to your clothes easier, but no matter what there was no space between your mouths. And, if you didn’t mind that sort of thing, the kiss would be forceful - nearly bruising - and with quite a lot of biting.

Hoseok’s kiss wasn’t really what would give away that he was horny; his kiss would probably be pretty light, not too forceful and yet not quick pecks, either. But, though his kiss was light, his hands were not; they roamed your body in whatever way you would allow - above or below your clothes, grabbing and groping or simply touching - and that would be how you knew he was horny. He might smile - or smirk, rather - into the kiss if he got a moan out of you by simply touching you, glad that his attempts to get you just as horny as he was were working.

You knew Namjoon was horny; it was easy to tell when he wanted you, as he stopped flirting with you from across the room and instead actually moved closer to you. Most of his kisses seemed eager, but they seemed almost hungry when he was horny, and if you were alone and in a private place, he would continue to step towards you despite the fact that there was no space between you, causing you to back up towards whatever surface was closest and appeared to be most comfortable, though really any surface would do the job if he was horny enough.

Jimin, when he was horny, would only let his lips connect with yours briefly, yet that brief kiss was a passionate one. But, once you’d fully started to kiss him back, he pulled away, only to trail kisses from the corner of your lips, across your jaw, and down your neck, kissing to the collar of your shirt and following it around to kiss whatever exposed skin he could. And, if it wasn’t something you were completely against, he’d push the collar of your shirt down slightly to leave hickies on your skin, making sure they could be covered up until you got into bed, where he didn’t care if you could cover them or not.

Taehyung, after simply kissing you, would begin to trail kisses towards places he knew were sensitive spots for you. But, before reaching those places, he’d divert his attention to some other part of your neck, either kissing circles around your sensitive spots or just avoiding them altogether. He’d try not to laugh if you groaned in annoyance, but that groan would let him know that he was free to progress this into something more, and so he would end up finding his way back there, guiding your hands to his shirt so you could lift it up if you were actually willing to do something more than just kiss.

Though Jungkook probably wouldn’t say it outright all that often, it was easy to tell when he was horny, and that was mostly because of the way he kissed you. Sure, most of his kisses were passionate and deep, save for the few times when he was in a rush and couldn’t stop to kiss you properly, but it was different when he was horny; he’d pull you against him, trying not to grind into you immediately, and his tongue would awkwardly battle with yours, making the kiss rather sloppy but still incredibly enjoyable.

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i love kkg fam sfm.... im so curious abt kakashi & Lee bonding and how gai and sasuke get along

bdhdhdhf im sorry i took a really long time to respond (or like a day) but like:

kakashi and lee is mainly fine kakashi just has a hard time being earnest n less sarcastic around lee! he jokes around a lot but lee cant tell when hes joking so he takes him v v v v v srsly!!!! he has a hard time like giving him praise too but they work on it!!

gai and sasuke are a bit more complicated n ill write a post up abt this when im sober sorry djdnfjfjejdj but like gai is v enthusiastic and loving and kind but hes also more strict than kakashi. he makes chore wheels and tells him to do his hw and all that jazz n it pisses sasuke off bc he doesnt want to??? the other hard thing is that gai is a lot more affectionate than kakashi and will like. try n ruffle sasukes hair or smth n sasuke just flat out tells him “if u ever touch me again ill fucking kill u” bc he just. really cant handle being touched by ppl esp older men he doesnt know. its a weird area and gai and sasuke r more likely to genuinely upset each other but they work things out!! after a year or two sasuke n gai give each other lots of high fives!!!!!!!

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so I've been thinking a lot about Andrew+cats and them getting him used to being touched? we know Andrew doesn't like unexpected, constant touches, or being weighed down. but cats are such loving animals. oh ur trying to nap? let me lay on your butt/chest/stomach. ur trying to watch tv? let me crawl up and rub my face all over u. idk I just want Andrew to feel better and I think having cats would be good type of therapy for him.

i’ve never even thought of the therapeutic angle the cats must have,,, but they must,, buddy u r so right. (this is like 90% nora’s post about andrew + the cats but)

  • andrew and neil have lived together for years before neil brings the cats home
  • neil has talked about maybe having pets enough times that it’s not exactly a surprise to andrew, but he also didn’t exactly agree
  • still, he figures he’ll give them a go, because it’s not like they can be that annoying (and neil clearly loves them a lot. not that andrew notices that. or cares. shut up.)

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*takes a deep breath*


BTS REACTION when you accidently tickle them

J i m i n

whole body crumbles together, falls onto the floor and won’t stop laughing. i bet jimin is someone who never wins when it comes to tickling.

Originally posted by petiteyoongi

J i n

scolding you and blushes at the time because you just made him screech. he’s worried why the slightest feeling of your touch turns him into a screaming maniac.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

J u n g k o o k

totally going for a revenge. but instead of doing it like normal people do, he actually wouldn’t stop until you scream for air.

Originally posted by tabwi

J - H o p e

tries to dance his way away from your touch as his body is trying to hold back any reaction. he knows very well that he’s ticklish but he wants to hide it for a little longer.

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R a p  M o n s t e r

“If you want to give me a tingling feeling you should try it a bit lower.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

S u g a

no reaction at all.

Originally posted by minsnuggles

T a e h y u n g

in complete denial of being ticklish. he’s arguing about it like his life depends on it and coming up with ridiculous excuses.

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PLEASE write something about Francis and Pink Guy having sex over a video call and Frank couldn't touch himself until PG lets him ;3;

PG: So how was your day?
PG: I made a friend! His name is Negi Generation 4
PG: he has a lisp but that’s fine
PG:….r u ok Frank?
PG: :3
PG: You’re all red, isn’t the pillow enough?
PG: Franku~ answer me pwease
PG: You can’t cum until you type something. Remember you wanted to try this lol 
PG: Wow, you’re breathing heavy, calm down, don’t wnat to hurt yourself
PG: *want. Bet you want to touch tho, cum on camera for me <3. i’m so speshal :D
PG: ur not gonna say anthing? fine. no cumming then.
PG: luv u Franku.
PG: wish I was there
PG: gtg bai xoxo