r u trying to touch me


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i m a g i n e s

i’ll be home for christmas {i} | {ii}

lights on

two pink lines

everything’s okay



try again {s e r i e s}

part i

part ii

part iii

part iv

part v

part vi

s m u t


first time

wedding night

let me go down on you?

one night stand

new york


valentine’s day

all the strings attached

morning sex


break up & make up

just friends

mr. mendes

don’t leave

touch me

what were you dreaming about?

break room {i}

b l u r b s

baby girl

shawn as a dad

college boy shawn



t a g s

things i want with shawn (NSFW)


O N E - S H O T S


~ Liking you

Bellamy Blake

~ Company

~ Cat got your tongue 

~ Cat got your tongue Part 2

~ Jokes on you 

~ Taste the cheese

~ You’ll be alright

~ Stupid

~ Learning

~ Anything

~ Storming through my heart


~ Take my hand

Clarke Griffin

~ What did you do?

~ Sometimes there’s miracles

~ Missing you

~ Canvas

~ I’m here

~ Mine

~ Your lips are what I need

~ Your pain is mine


~ Surprise?

Commander Lexa

~ Find me

~ I’ll fight for you

~ You bring the best in me

~ Maybe one day

~ Home

~ May we meet again

~ Butterflies

~ Still my Heda

~ Forever and always

~ Hero

~ Figure it out

~ Shooting Star

~ Disobeying Orders

Finn Collins

~ You’ll never be alone

~ Shining

Jasper Jordan

~ Trying

~ Pregnant?


~ Bouquet

John Murphy

~ You jealous?

~ Prove it

~ Elemental

Marcus Kane

~ On the back of sacrifice

Monty Green

~ Feeling

Multiple Characters

~ Fight me - Octavia Blake/Raven Reyes

~ Celebrate - Clarke/Lexa/Octavia

~ Sibling rivalry - Bellamy/Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake

~ See something you like? 

~ Don’t touch her

~ Special Occasion

~ Perfect as you are

Raven Reyes

~ Helping Hand

~ Down to the River 

P R E F E R E N C E S 

~ New Years Kiss

~ Holding You

~ Hand Holding

~ Jealousy

~ Sickness

~ You shaved your hair

~ Walking in on you changing

W O U L D   I N C L U D E   I M A G I N E S

~ Dating Finn Collins

~ Dating Bellamy Blake

~ Dating Commander Lexa

~ Dating John Murphy

~ Dating Raven Reyes 

~ Dating Clarke Griffin  

~ Dating Octavia Blake

~ Dating Monty Green

~ Crying with Raven Reyes

P R O M P T   B A S E D   I M A G I N E S

~ “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” - Octavia Blake

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore” - Commander Lexa

~ It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’. - John Murphy

~ “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me” - Commander Lexa

~ “She’s missing not dead” - Bellamy Blake

~ “Why can’t you realize that I’m falling for you? No wait, I’ve already fallen. But you didn’t catch me.” - Commander Lexa

A U  B A S E D  I M A G I N E S

~ Cliché - Clarke Griffin (High School AU)

~ I Hate You - Bellamy Blake (Hating each other AU)


Dont get into drugs
I dont mean only the worst of the worst
I mean all of them
Dont get into drugs
Because i wanted to have a little fun on my weekends it changed me forever
Because i wanted to feel better i am changed forever
Because i wanted to pass my tests i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i loved the feeling i am changed forever
Because he said he loved me and its fun to do i am changed forever
Because “homies” gave me them with no price i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
I didnt say dont try it, or dont do it
I dont expect anyone to never be curious
But do not g e t into d r u g s.
Because i got into drugs i cannot have deep conversations
Because i got into drugs i feel worse when i am touched by someone
Because i got into drugs my mental illnesses are tougher than they ever were before
Because i got into drugs i will never not feel anxious
Because i got into drugs i cant have normal conversations
Because i got into drugs i can only be around so many people before having an attack
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
Because i got into drugs i dont feel emotions how a human being should
Because i got into drugs making love doesnt fee as romantic or intense as i remembered
Because i got into drugs i am selfish
Because i got into drugs my body has changed forever
I am different for the r e s t of my life,
Because i got into drugs
Do n o t get into d r u g s.

super fun dpd things~~~~~

• trying to be cute but pretending you’re not trying caUSE ATTENTION LOOK AT ME IM CUTE :3c
• immediately feeling suicidal when your dp is upset cause it’s Y O U R F A U L T
• telling them something’s upsetting you but no….. don’t do that……. they’re an ethereal god don’t do that……..
• always asking for permission for the most random shit
• crying when they’re hanging out with someone else BUT THATS BAD NO NO BAD JEALOUSYS BAD
• being like an angry chihuahua when anyone else talks to them
• mine mine MINE!!!!!!! don’t touch
• calling them like 6 times in a row
• calling them for the most minute things
• but getting praise for doing something good!!!! good good!!!!!
• and the world famous……. “are you mad at me?”

clancy seeing lucas slowly becoming infected in hcs format

cause aye uwo

- “Clancy, be part of the family!”
“lmao dude ur asking to marry u or something?”
- he takes it as a joke
- until he sees Lucas’s skin becomes more paler
- and his eyes aren’t a pretty blue
- instead it’s a snow white
- “cmon!” he reaches his hands to Clancy’s arm
- “dude ur freaking me out… r u ok??”
- Clancy starts to panic
- and backing away to the the door
- it wasn’t until he sees lucas trying to hold himself back
- was he started to sob
- then he heard lucas, real lucas, talking to thin air
- “don’t you fucking touch him you little bitch! you can use me but don’t you fucking dare lay a finger on him!!”
- lucas starts groaning
- and falls to the floor, gripping his stomach
- clancy is sure he’s crying now
- “lucas, what’s wrong?! what’s going on?!”
“it doesn’t matter anymore! she took control, you have to run”
“lucas tell me what I can do to help you!”
“you can’t help me! just run! run and never come back!”
- he starts groaning again
- making clancy eyes wide in panic
- he doesn’t know how to help his boyfriend
- what can he do?!
- he inhales deeply
- and starts running
- he can hear lucas groaning
- than a “clancy!~ come back! we are going to be a happy family”
- he soon gets out,
- but it’s barricaded by a couple of wooden planks
- he starts kicking the barricade until it breaks
- then he runs, muttering a bunch of curses
- he then gets to a road, seeing his car
- he fumbles his keys, then opens the door
- he then starts driving away, hitting on the gas pedal
- as soon he can see road lights and other people, he parks to a random parking lot
- then starts crying
- than a year happened
- he was still the camera man for the two assholes
- they decided to go to the old house again
- why does that seem so familiar to him
- when they get there he can tell they’re talking shit about him
- he doesn’t care
- he ignores them and stays quiet
- when one of the assholes goes missing,
- he tries to find him
- one of the assholes told him to check the cellar
- he gripes
- ‘motherfucker, u could’ve gone down their urself"
- he jumps down, still recording
- he sees him
- and he touches his shoulder
- then the body falls on the floor,
- the eyes gouged out
- he’s screaming
- he falls on the floor and sees a familiar green jacket
- “l-lucas–”
- before he can finish what he was saying, he feels his head being whacked with something blunt
- he then drops his camera
- before he goes, he sees lucas grins and says as he picks him up and throws him over his shoulder
- “i was waiting for u to come back. now, we can be a family like how eveline would have wanted it do be”
- then he goes unconscious

person-demon-thing  asked:

So basically I've been listening to BMC for the last 4 days on repeat and I just found your blog? I love it? So much? It's so good and thank you for literally just everything I love your drawings 💛💛💛🏳️‍🌈

connors the one who converted me in2 a BMC Fella & now i am a husk of a man trying to coax the innocent to join us so i am glad my efforts r paying off

Are you a real entomologist?
Well, uh, technically…
Have you ever caught an insect, like a-like a real arthropod?
Have you ever tried a trap?
Naahh, Nah.
Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to catch insects!

*saxophone solo*

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Now listen closely
Here’s a little lesson in entomology
A subdiscipline of biology
If you wanna pass this class and have some fun
You’ll have to catch and label more than 40 bugs!

Just follow my moves, and sneak around
Be careful not to make a sound
No, don’t touch that!

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Ha ha ha
Now look at this net, that I just found
When I say go, be ready to throw
Throw it on them, not me!
Ugh, let’s try something else

Now watch and learn, here’s the deal
They’ll be caught in this trap with molasses meal

ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!


Taking the “rigurosum” test to my agriculture class ♡♡

Made this in the break while talk about the grades with other teachers. I dunno how we finish to talk about the fandom hahaha.

Lil’ fast doodles of not so baby f!pal and baby f!goth… and an anon
C'mon!! Fell needs more love!!!! So i give my love! 😚😚😚

*an wild anon wants to pet baby f!goth*

F!pal: Dun cone any closer to my toy! It’s MINE!

Anon: But Goth is not a toy

F!pal: Shut up! U dun know anything! He wive with me his entiwe wife!!

Anon: Entire life? You sure? How do you know?

F!pal: ‘cos I wove him, and I will care of him for ewer!

Anon: Aww! How sweet of you, Palette ♡

F!pal: Now I need to feed my toy *try to take him off* mmh…

Anon: Your toy is too big and heavy for you. Want me to help?

F!pal: Ok, yes pwease, but dun touch too much.

Anon: Ok.

F!pal: Maybe I wwet you to touch my toy more often if u be good with me…

Anon: Aww thanks!


F!palette belongs to @angexci
F!goth belongs to @nekophy


—— ❛ you know that episode of S U P E R N A T U R A L where sam touches that lucky rabbits foot and then that hot as fuck chick (bella) steals it back making his luck turn to absolute shit ? well, how fucking dumb is it that i didn’t have to find a magic rabbits foot for that to happen ? don’t believe me ? ask the frog i stepped on, or maybe his buddy i stepped on as i was trying to step back. i like frogs, man. and considering they were probably some witch’s pets – i’m probably cursed. ❜

So one of my friend on insta (on my first acc) tat make a lot of comics made this dummy comic for me! It’s so funny cuz he drew my oc n the turtles too as a gang 😂😂😂
- so here the translation- look left to right-
1.Pilo look! Female turtle!
2.at the midnight, I always thinking abt u n miss u my love
3. Hey, r u alone? Can I company u?
4. Gang! Hurry up come here! A b*tch is disturbing me n trying to rape me (lololol this part is so ridiculous 😂😂)
5. How dare u mess up with our friend! (tat is my oc~~)
6. a)Hey let me go! I’m just joking!
b) sob

Im kinda feel touching cuz this the first time someone made a comic just for me! It’s so hilarious until I can’t stop laughing when I saw it until now 😂😂 thanks bro u r the best 😉😂😝

anonymous asked:

so I've been thinking a lot about Andrew+cats and them getting him used to being touched? we know Andrew doesn't like unexpected, constant touches, or being weighed down. but cats are such loving animals. oh ur trying to nap? let me lay on your butt/chest/stomach. ur trying to watch tv? let me crawl up and rub my face all over u. idk I just want Andrew to feel better and I think having cats would be good type of therapy for him.

i’ve never even thought of the therapeutic angle the cats must have,,, but they must,, buddy u r so right. (this is like 90% nora’s post about andrew + the cats but)

  • andrew and neil have lived together for years before neil brings the cats home
  • neil has talked about maybe having pets enough times that it’s not exactly a surprise to andrew, but he also didn’t exactly agree
  • still, he figures he’ll give them a go, because it’s not like they can be that annoying (and neil clearly loves them a lot. not that andrew notices that. or cares. shut up.)

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soshijsy89  asked:

How would bts kiss u when they r horny?

This has taken me so long and I am sooo sorry~ I really hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

If Seokjin was horny, he probably wouldn’t want to force you to do anything if you weren’t in the mood as well. So, deciding that he couldn’t just handle it himself, he’d try to put you in the mood. So, as he went to kiss you, he wouldn’t actually kiss you; his lips touched every part of your face except your lips, and he hoped that it would leave you wanting more. His kisses would get to the corner of your lips before he pulled away again, going around them as he tried not to smile against your skin, since if he smiled, you’d think that he was just teasing, and his whole plan would fail.

If Yoongi was horny, he would let you know. Normally he’d just bluntly state it, but if he found that to be too much of a hassle or waste of time, he’d just walk up and kiss you. The kiss would be almost eager, like it couldn’t progress fast enough; he didn’t know whether to pull your bodies close or leave a bit of space so he could get to your clothes easier, but no matter what there was no space between your mouths. And, if you didn’t mind that sort of thing, the kiss would be forceful - nearly bruising - and with quite a lot of biting.

Hoseok’s kiss wasn’t really what would give away that he was horny; his kiss would probably be pretty light, not too forceful and yet not quick pecks, either. But, though his kiss was light, his hands were not; they roamed your body in whatever way you would allow - above or below your clothes, grabbing and groping or simply touching - and that would be how you knew he was horny. He might smile - or smirk, rather - into the kiss if he got a moan out of you by simply touching you, glad that his attempts to get you just as horny as he was were working.

You knew Namjoon was horny; it was easy to tell when he wanted you, as he stopped flirting with you from across the room and instead actually moved closer to you. Most of his kisses seemed eager, but they seemed almost hungry when he was horny, and if you were alone and in a private place, he would continue to step towards you despite the fact that there was no space between you, causing you to back up towards whatever surface was closest and appeared to be most comfortable, though really any surface would do the job if he was horny enough.

Jimin, when he was horny, would only let his lips connect with yours briefly, yet that brief kiss was a passionate one. But, once you’d fully started to kiss him back, he pulled away, only to trail kisses from the corner of your lips, across your jaw, and down your neck, kissing to the collar of your shirt and following it around to kiss whatever exposed skin he could. And, if it wasn’t something you were completely against, he’d push the collar of your shirt down slightly to leave hickies on your skin, making sure they could be covered up until you got into bed, where he didn’t care if you could cover them or not.

Taehyung, after simply kissing you, would begin to trail kisses towards places he knew were sensitive spots for you. But, before reaching those places, he’d divert his attention to some other part of your neck, either kissing circles around your sensitive spots or just avoiding them altogether. He’d try not to laugh if you groaned in annoyance, but that groan would let him know that he was free to progress this into something more, and so he would end up finding his way back there, guiding your hands to his shirt so you could lift it up if you were actually willing to do something more than just kiss.

Though Jungkook probably wouldn’t say it outright all that often, it was easy to tell when he was horny, and that was mostly because of the way he kissed you. Sure, most of his kisses were passionate and deep, save for the few times when he was in a rush and couldn’t stop to kiss you properly, but it was different when he was horny; he’d pull you against him, trying not to grind into you immediately, and his tongue would awkwardly battle with yours, making the kiss rather sloppy but still incredibly enjoyable.

@the-true-squirrel-king im 16 u dumbshit u rly think im gonna b mature or some shit

Like u r a grown person by the sound of it trying to convince me reverse racism is real or smt, severely out of touch w the reality that black people are ‘not oppressed uwu’ soo maybe u should not be telling a 16 y/o to b mature when u…R not

BTS REACTION when you accidently tickle them

J i m i n

whole body crumbles together, falls onto the floor and won’t stop laughing. i bet jimin is someone who never wins when it comes to tickling.

Originally posted by petiteyoongi

J i n

scolding you and blushes at the time because you just made him screech. he’s worried why the slightest feeling of your touch turns him into a screaming maniac.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

J u n g k o o k

totally going for a revenge. but instead of doing it like normal people do, he actually wouldn’t stop until you scream for air.

Originally posted by tabwi

J - H o p e

tries to dance his way away from your touch as his body is trying to hold back any reaction. he knows very well that he’s ticklish but he wants to hide it for a little longer.

Originally posted by forjimin

R a p  M o n s t e r

“If you want to give me a tingling feeling you should try it a bit lower.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

S u g a

no reaction at all.

Originally posted by minsnuggles

T a e h y u n g

in complete denial of being ticklish. he’s arguing about it like his life depends on it and coming up with ridiculous excuses.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

cuddling headcanons

my first request thank u anon i am the appreciative !! ahhhh im not quite sure which characters you meant but im going to write for the main four males for now !!

• when he cuddles with you it’s usually nothing too special; he’s rather affectionate so it happens a lot
• sometimes he’ll tease you about how he’d much rather cuddle with elly
• so you smack him on the forehead but he pouts so much that eventually you just kind of go back to what you were doing originally and let him reattach himself onto you
• he likes spooning don’t fight him on this
• he’s really warm?? like it could be the middle of winter and you’re sitting on the couch dying under a pile of blankets and all of a sudden he’ll just wrap around you and YOU CAN FEEL HIM UNDERNEATH FIVE THICK BLANKETS HOLY HECK
• and he’ll just sneak his hand under the covers and hold yours and shift around until your legs are tangled together and no he’s not human no other human being should be this temperature
• just physical contact a lot it doesn’t have to be overly pda it can be as simple as playing with your fingers randomly when he’s bored or putting his dirty shoes on your lap and laughing when you try to shove him off because “oh my god that’s disgusting stop at once”
• “you sound like jumin lolol”
• “…on second thought…u fine right there”

• vampire boy is the literal coldest person you have ever felt on this planet he must be dead there’s probably corpses with more body heat
• but he’s never cold ?? like he’ll be on the couch with you and he’ll kinda try to worm his way into physical contact and you scream because “OH MY GOD A GHOST JUST TOUCHED ME AM I GONNA DIE??”
• and zen’s just kinda looking around like “wow i have no idea what u r talking about lmao….let’s go back to this movie” but this dumb forgot that you hug him all the time you know it’s him so you just give him a look like boi…pal….son….try again later….
• but there is a plus side to this because his lips are honestly so warm and nice to kiss and be kissed with like he’ll scare the living crap outta you by touching the back of your neck and then he’ll kiss it and wow it’s just a melty experience because his lips are also coincidentally soft
• cuddling is always followed by kissing because he knows you like it the same way you know he loves the chick flick playing on tv even though he’s complaining
• he’ll usually kiss you on places like your shoulder or side of your face and he’ll just pull you closer like “u know if ur cold i can just warm u up”
• and he just gives this nice warm feeling in your tummy especially on days where he just needs you to be with him doing nothing important and just being together

• what is cuddling?? how wrap arms around human being ?? how wrap arms around something other than cat ??
• y'all like this boy is ever gonna muster up enough to do something as soft as cuddling he too busy doing the work
• but one day you notice that jumin is a lil more stressed than usual so you kinda walk up to him at his desk where he’s glaring at these papers and wrap your arms around him from behind
• and you’re like “maybe it’s time for a little break?? we could go talk or read or watch tv or something” and your voice trails off because he turned around to stare at you and he looks kinda lost but mostly ready to get back to work
• so then you hug him a little tighter and offer to bring elizabeth 3rd along
• so after you wash your hands and swear to not touch the cat without her consent, y'all kinda just relocate to the living room and something’s playing but nobody’s really watching and besides in a house as pretty as this it seems kind of ridiculous to watch tv, something you normally do at you own home
• and jumin’s mostly playing with the cat but eventually she hops off and goes away and you just lean on him a lil and he stiffens but then he leans on you a lil and then you just kinda lie down across his lap and he’s semi freaked out but it doesn’t really show….and you guys just start talking
• emotional cuddling and physical pda am i right


• he’s literally five years old the last time he cuddled his mom was tucking him in bed
• but he’s worried that he’s not providing you with enough pda like HE IS A MAN HE CAN DO THIS
• on second thought no he can’t
• so he goes on Google and looks up “how to cuddle with girlfriend” and he reads a lot of wikihow articles and he’d be taking notes but the closest thing he has to a writing utensil at this moment is a cheese stick so he just trusts himself to remember all these tips and tricks that are so helpful !!
• it’s movie night and yoosung is ready to take this relationship to the Next Level and become a man so when your not suspecting it he just kinda yawns and slowly
• puts his arm
• around you
• “yoosung please tell me u are doing this ironically do u have any idea how cliché this is”
• “:) i have :) no idea :) what ur talking abt baby :)”
• “u googled it again didn’t u”
• :^)
• so it’s up to you because yoosung lowkey lying down on the couch, barely propped upright so u just lie down near him and you put your head against his chest and you can hear it beating a mile a minute but it gradually gets slower and slower
• until he falls asleep with his arm tossed on you and every time you try to leave he tightens his grip and of course he wants to cuddle now
• cuddling with yoosung when he isn’t too nervous is a true experience he’s so pure he’ll just pull you up against him because he’s too distracted with the program and his chin will be on your shoulder and his arms will be around you (“like a safety belt!”) and there is not a single comparison to rika truly something that must be experienced

Ok but imagine jikook with overprotective kookie like “gotta hold his hand, too short and will get lost” or “wha t dID HE SAY TO YUO” and jimin’s always like “calm tf down i can take care of myself” but he obv cant bc hes a clumsy qt and always seems like hes wary with kookie but inside hes all mushy and happy.

Imagine jikook where jimin is the cool older boyfriend from college with kind of a bad boy rep and always comes and watches shy kookie’s basketball games and is the most supportive and proud person in there and he always showers him in kisses when the game is over and kookie is just a shy lil bun like “hyuuung not here” but he secretly loves it and people r scared to bully kookie bc jm is his bf duh, but one day someone does and he visits jm all sad and pouty and jm like “whats wrong, tell m e” and eventually kookie does and jm’s face changes and jk kind of regrets telling him bc he knows trouble will come and the day after when school is over he sees a big crowd around the courtyard and hes like “wtf” but walks over and sees jm in all his fuckign glory holding up the said person who bullied kookie and the bully already had bruises and blood and- “om G JIMIN PUT HIM DOWN”

Imagine jikook being the annoying couple that basically no one can stand. They’re not rly cute with each other bc they always tease and bicker around like “whERE WER EU ” “WHERE DO U THINK” “YOU LITTLE SHIT” “COME AT ME BRUH” but like as soon as someone mentions they always seem to be fighting with each other kookie will pull jm on to his lap (if theyre sitting) and jm will put his arms around his neck and they will start too coo and be overly cheesy with each other until the person leaves. “my cute little boo” “no u r the cutest!!1!” “ilvysm bb u and me 4ever” “and ever and ever” and then they will go back to normal when said person leaves and eveyone knos not to mention them fighting bc fuck. And jikook seem like the couple that will breakup but out of all of them, their relationship seems the strongest bc they’ve known each other since forever and knows how to take care of each other without being too much and just pls give me this reality.

Imagine jikook where jk is the one who craves skinship like he will always try to find a way to touch his cute little hyung and his favorite skinship is backhugging bc he loves how jm feels so small and he can put his head on his shpulder and nuzzle his nose in hIS NECK AND TIGHTEN HIS ARMS AROU D JMS MIDDLE ANS TGEY WOULD SOMETIMES SWAY A LITTLE BIT AND THEY WOULD FEEL SO CALM AND COMFORTABLE BUT THEN JK WOULD POUT WHEN THEYRE BEING INTERRUPTED AND IMMEDIATELY SEEK INTO THE OTHERS ARMS AGAIN LIKE YES!?!?

imagine jikook where jm is a vry vry submissive person and jk seems to be the perfect person for him bc it is scary how easily jm would do something for someone esp if it was the wrong person and jk is all nice and comfortable and chill and jm loves that and kookie never makes him do smth jm doesnt want too but then in the bedroom jk would tease jm to no end and wont let him cum without his approval and makes jm beg and its all harsh thrusths and dirty talking and jm likes being insulted, likes being called jks slut but he loves it when jk praises him, dirty praises and insults whispered in his ear in a husky deep sex filled voice and it always makes jm go just a bit more insane with lust but then after jk would clean jm up and hold him tight and securely in his arms and he would stroke his lower back soothingly while whispering sweet nothings into his hair and jm would feel so special and so loved and im just should i write this???!!

Untitled fic // full fic challenge with anon.

So, randomly, at the beginning of this week, I got a message from an anon asking for a fic challenge. A two sentence challenge. And, I really got into it. The fic has finished, so now here’s the full fic! Enjoy! Dear, lovely anon, thanks so much for writing with me. I really enjoyed it!!!

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