r u trying to touch me

clancy seeing lucas slowly becoming infected in hcs format

cause aye uwo

- “Clancy, be part of the family!”
“lmao dude ur asking to marry u or something?”
- he takes it as a joke
- until he sees Lucas’s skin becomes more paler
- and his eyes aren’t a pretty blue
- instead it’s a snow white
- “cmon!” he reaches his hands to Clancy’s arm
- “dude ur freaking me out… r u ok??”
- Clancy starts to panic
- and backing away to the the door
- it wasn’t until he sees lucas trying to hold himself back
- was he started to sob
- then he heard lucas, real lucas, talking to thin air
- “don’t you fucking touch him you little bitch! you can use me but don’t your dare fucking lay a finger on him!!”
- lucas starts groaning
- and falls to the floor, gripping his stomach
- clancy is sure he’s crying now
- “lucas, what’s wrong?! what’s going on?!”
“it doesn’t matter anymore! she took control, you have to run”
“lucas tell me what I can do to help you!”
“you can’t help me! just run! run and never come back!”
- he starts groaning again
- making clancy eyes wide in panic
- he doesn’t know how to help his boyfriend
- what can he do?!
- he inhales deeply
- and starts running
- he can hear lucas groaning
- than a “clancy!~ come back! we are going to be a happy family”
- he soon gets out,
- but it’s barricaded by a couple of wooden planks
- he starts kicking the barricade until it breaks
- then he runs, muttering a bunch of curses
- he then gets to a road, seeing his car
- he fumbles his keys, then opens the door
- he then starts driving away, hitting on the gas pedal
- as soon he can see road lights and other people, he parks to a random parking lot
- then starts crying
- than a year happened
- he was still the camera man for the two assholes
- they decided to go to the old house again
- why does that seem so familiar to him
- when they get there he can tell they’re talking shit about him
- he doesn’t care
- he ignores them and stays quiet
- when one of the assholes goes missing,
- he tries to find him
- one of the assholes told him to check the cellar
- he gripes
- ‘motherfucker, u could’ve gone down their urself"
- he jumps down, still recording
- he sees him
- and he touches his shoulder
- then the body falls on the floor,
- the eyes gouged out
- he’s screaming
- he falls on the floor and sees a familiar green jacket
- “l-lucas–”
- before he can finish what he was saying, he feels his head being whacked with something blunt
- he then drops his camera
- before he goes, he sees lucas grins and says as he picks him up and throws him over his shoulder
- “i was waiting for u to come back. now, we can be a family like how eveline would have wanted it do be”
- then he goes unconscious

Are you a real entomologist?
Well, uh, technically…
Have you ever caught an insect, like a-like a real arthropod?
Have you ever tried a trap?
Naahh, Nah.
Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to catch insects!

*saxophone solo*

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Now listen closely
Here’s a little lesson in entomology
A subdiscipline of biology
If you wanna pass this class and have some fun
You’ll have to catch and label more than 40 bugs!

Just follow my moves, and sneak around
Be careful not to make a sound
No, don’t touch that!

We are catching bugs!
We are catching bugs!

Ha ha ha
Now look at this net, that I just found
When I say go, be ready to throw
Throw it on them, not me!
Ugh, let’s try something else

Now watch and learn, here’s the deal
They’ll be caught in this trap with molasses meal

ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!
ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
We are catching bugs!


Dont get into drugs
I dont mean only the worst of the worst
I mean all of them
Dont get into drugs
Because i wanted to have a little fun on my weekends it changed me forever
Because i wanted to feel better i am changed forever
Because i wanted to pass my tests i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i loved the feeling i am changed forever
Because he said he loved me and its fun to do i am changed forever
Because “homies” gave me them with no price i am changed forever
Dont get into drugs
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
I didnt say dont try it, or dont do it
I dont expect anyone to never be curious
But do not g e t into d r u g s.
Because i got into drugs i cannot have deep conversations
Because i got into drugs i feel worse when i am touched by someone
Because i got into drugs my mental illnesses are tougher than they ever were before
Because i got into drugs i will never not feel anxious
Because i got into drugs i cant have normal conversations
Because i got into drugs i can only be around so many people before having an attack
Because i got into drugs i am changed forever
Because i got into drugs i dont feel emotions how a human being should
Because i got into drugs making love doesnt fee as romantic or intense as i remembered
Because i got into drugs i am selfish
Because i got into drugs my body has changed forever
I am different for the r e s t of my life,
Because i got into drugs
Do n o t get into d r u g s.

owvlery  asked:

answer the ones left that you haven't answered but you want to bc it a fun time (thank u btw)

thanksss yennaaa (u rock)

london: How do you take your tea? 

give me ALL THE HERBAL TEAS (i am a green tea fiend) 

madrid: Describe your aesthetic. 

(i am a hoe and had to chose this one) the sunflower romantic: light touches, paint splattered overalls, hands covered in ink, trying to hold back laughter (and failing), endless unfinished projects, stacks of ideas notebooks, daisy chains, walks along the beach with your feet in the water, gripping someones hand mid-run, dancing in public, melancholy trances, standing up the front of the boat (the wind in your hair, the salt spray in your face), crazy mug collections, passionate ramblings, eyes of a listener… (i could go on but i will stop now) 

oslo: What keeps you warm?

cuddles, favourite jumpers (and sometimes guys hoodies cause yeS PLZ), fireplaces, and discussing the wonders of the universe with people (this was a cute questionnn) 

pretty city asks

BTS REACTION when you accidently tickle them

J i m i n

whole body crumbles together, falls onto the floor and won’t stop laughing. i bet jimin is someone who never wins when it comes to tickling.

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J i n

scolding you and blushes at the time because you just made him screech. he’s worried why the slightest feeling of your touch turns him into a screaming maniac.

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J u n g k o o k

totally going for a revenge. but instead of doing it like normal people do, he actually wouldn’t stop until you scream for air.

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J - H o p e

tries to dance his way away from your touch as his body is trying to hold back any reaction. he knows very well that he’s ticklish but he wants to hide it for a little longer.

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R a p  M o n s t e r

“If you want to give me a tingling feeling you should try it a bit lower.”

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S u g a

no reaction at all.

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T a e h y u n g

in complete denial of being ticklish. he’s arguing about it like his life depends on it and coming up with ridiculous excuses.

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anonymous asked:

so I've been thinking a lot about Andrew+cats and them getting him used to being touched? we know Andrew doesn't like unexpected, constant touches, or being weighed down. but cats are such loving animals. oh ur trying to nap? let me lay on your butt/chest/stomach. ur trying to watch tv? let me crawl up and rub my face all over u. idk I just want Andrew to feel better and I think having cats would be good type of therapy for him.

i’ve never even thought of the therapeutic angle the cats must have,,, but they must,, buddy u r so right. (this is like 90% nora’s post about andrew + the cats but)

  • andrew and neil have lived together for years before neil brings the cats home
  • neil has talked about maybe having pets enough times that it’s not exactly a surprise to andrew, but he also didn’t exactly agree
  • still, he figures he’ll give them a go, because it’s not like they can be that annoying (and neil clearly loves them a lot. not that andrew notices that. or cares. shut up.)

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