r u sure only me

i thought that u needed 2 have panic attacks as part of the diagnostic criteria for generalized anxiety disorder but according to the DSM apparently not and now im like Oh.  bc for years ive been like “nah i cant actually have any sort of anxiety thing bc i dont have panic attacks” and then i look at the diagnostic criteria and it might as well say “do u act like richy? thats it thats the criteria”

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*ALARM SOUNDS* *Person running suddenly grabs you by your shoulders* "YOU! Yes you!! You NEED to KNOW THIS!! ITS IMPORTANT!! ARE YOU LISTENING?! GOOD. I need to let you know that you are EXTREMELY ADORABLE AND UNIQUE!" "You got that?! You need to remember those words! You. Are. Extremely. Adorable. And. Unique." "Now go! Go and spread that info!!!" *Person runs away*

me??? r u sure bc the only unique and adorable thing i see here is u anon!!!