r u proud of me daddy

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Nct mlt have a daddy/master kink?

oh my g od,,,,


  1. Hansol (the second you’d say it his eyes would just go dark and he’d smirk and oh my goD)
  2. Yuta (i lowkey see him as more of the ‘master’ type but once you said it he’d have you say it all the time, oh my god. say it in his ear in public and you’ll definitely get a punishing,,,,)
  3. Johnny (imo he is Daddy. like. the definition of it but idk im biased. y’all seen him in that suit tho, h o t d a m n)
  4. Jaehyun (S U G A R D A D D Y M A T E R I A L. that is all.)
  5. Kun (v e r y lowkey like he’d only have u call him daddy in very specific situations)
  6. Taeil (he would honestly love it but when you said it he’d be so flustered poor thing he wouldn’t know what to do or how to respond,,,)
  7. Doyoung (he’d be v similar to taeil except when u said it, he’d just get this adrenaline rush he’d be proud of himself and oh my god he’d teAR YOU UP dont even get me started i)
  8. Winwin (i see him as a master kind of guy but similar to kun, only in very certain situations but oh my god you say it and he just bites his lip and in his deep voice goes, “yes, kitten.”)
  9. Ten (i wouldn’t say he wouldn’t like it at all, but. i don’t see him taking full advantage of it, y’know? he finds it much hotter when you call him by pet names.)
  10. Taeyong (ok this is just me but taeyong is sucH A SUB I JUST CANT SEE IT IM SO SORRY THIS IS COMPLETE PERSONAL BIAS BUT)


i better not have forgotten anyone oh my god

G O O D  G I R L → { listen }

i. hey daddy (daddy’s home) usher // ii. drunk in love beyonce ft. jay-z // iii. be my husband (nina simone cover) ed sheeran // iv. i luh ya papi jennifer lopez // v. cola lana del rey // vi. birthday cake (remix) chris brown ft. rihanna // vii. good girls 5 seconds of summer // viii. rock me one direction // ix. m.d.p. (make daddy proud) lashaun ellis ft. johnny rain