r u ppl ok

Tbh the genyatta shippers r chill and mind their own business and are able to keep shipping Bc canon doesn’t stop u from enjoying ships and not post hate in tags.

I support almost all ships and it’s just so nice that we can come together for the love of the game and not argue.

so i was talking to my therapist abt some old beef that had been bothering me bc i had been rereading my journals and i read an entry where i was upset bc someone was vagueing me and like idk her url anymore but she had made posts a long time ago abt how i was “abusive” and “stalked her” and after rereading what i wrote in my journal i was. disgusted with her actions and blatant disrespect and i just want to like reiterate for everyone reading this that

1) toxic ≠ abusive, abuse is a longstanding pattern of aggressive and bullying behavior like ignoring, physical abuse, gaslighting, and belittlement whereas toxicity is emotional stress and negative behaviors and in most cases a two-way street and accusing someone of being an abuser when they’re not is not only gross but also incredibly disrespectful to those who have actually been subjected to abuse so uh. don’t claim to have been abused when u don’t actually know what it means to be abused lol!

2) lurking ≠ stalking??? like this seems obvious but like ig some ppl don’t get that lurking is literally a normal thing ppl do after breakups n ended relationships nd shit like that lol

3) trauma is subjective. something traumatic for me will be completely different than something traumatic for you and that’s okay. trauma is literally just something that impacted you in a damaging way and affects the way you act/think today and that will be different for everyone but trauma is always valid. if you say it was traumatic then it was traumatic and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

4) everyone acts shittily sometimes and sometimes you have a really fucking good reason and it’s completely justified but. u gotta take responsibility for ur actions like in no way do u have to apologize if u don’t want to or even rly need to but like u gotta acknowledge that u at least did something

5) lurking = self harm. don’t dwell on that shit i can tell you firsthand that it does nothing but hurt u and like. I know that’s not going to stop anyone from doing it but ur life really does improve after u move on like after losing the url of someone who rly hurt me and being forced to not know or care abt what they were doing made my life 500% better. pls move on like im begging yall lurking is so harmful

anyways sorry for the long post this has just been on my mind since therapy sorry lol 💖

I'm getting this off my fucking chest right fucking now.

Genderqueer and androgynous people have been frowned upon and shunned for a very long time, and often rejected from the trans community. We’ve been disregarded and invalidated on a day to day basis.
I love Ruby Rose as she had helped me so much through coming out. She is very physically attractive. But now that she’s out there, she’s been immediately turned into sex object, and her actual gender identity (GENDER FLUID) has been swept under the rug as a bunch a straight teenage girls run around shrieking that “Ruby Rose made me GAY!!!”
2 things are wrong with this.

1) Ruby is not a girl, so you wouldn’t be gay. You’d literally have to say that you’re bi/pan for Ruby.
2) It insinuates that being gay is a choice. It just does.

And I’m fucking sick of how andro/nb people are being brought into the limelight as sexual objects.
How about we learn more about their identities? Their stories? How about we say “holy fuck, these people exist, let’s get some understanding up in here!” instead of “look at this sex thing that u can misgender constantly because we didn’t care to FUCKING EDUCATE YOU ON WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE.”
How about we turn androgyny/being non binary into an understood thing rather than a fucking fetish.

The signs as atla characters
  • Aries: Suki
  • Taurus: Toph
  • Gemini: Ty Lee
  • Cancer: Zuko
  • Leo: Iroh
  • Virgo: Katara
  • Libra: Aang (but as the avatar he prob has a very balanced chart)
  • Scorpio: Mai
  • Sagittarius: Sokka
  • Capricorn: Azula
  • Aquarius: Momo tbh
  • Pisces: Yue

friendly reminder that you are not a bad person for getting offline, turning off your tv, going to sleep, or simply not following every minute of the election results. this election is important but also stressful, understandably so. it’s ok to step away from everything that’s going on right now if it is too much 💜

i have these scars on my ankle and ppl ask about them all the time n im like “ a cat gave thgem to me” and ppl r always like its ok :( u can talk to me. which i mean i appreciate ur concern but it was actually just a mean ass cat 

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ishahahskehs kaspar you're sO fuckin attractive wtf?? also,, I was wondering! r u ok with ppl calling u beautiful or handsome or compliments are usually correlated w/ being more feminine or masculine?

Aw ty um I like handsome more but if someone does say a more feminine one I’d be ok with it because I present more stereotypically feminine. But I kind of want they/him pronouns but I’m too nervous to. Idk maybe I’ll do it.

  • Mishka: Ok, can u believe that there r some ppl in the world that get rlly fucking pissed over books?
  • Mishka: Like, not even about some mishap with buying or returning a book, but like just because we don't have this one fucking series that 'every other store has'??????
  • Mishka: It's so fucking stupid and I drank all of my frappuccino before I had to deal with the shithead 😡😡
  • Mishka: Oh. It's Mishka by the way 👋👋👋👋

it’s okay to not be grateful for your parents. If they weren’t good to you, you don’t owe them anything. not your trust, time, or gratitude. I know it’s easy to fall into feeling guilty for this, but I promise you that you don’t owe them anything.