r u over it yet

guys the one person i cannot stand u guys fawning over is Martin Wallström

i have t o finnally say it hes all those basic ugly celeb men u all hate yet u r here goo goo ga gaing over this flippy haired Swedish man who looks like a shag rug with eyes 

transboynoriaki  asked:

I also headcanon Saitama as being like...a closeted clingy person. Like he feels really clingy toward Genos, but would never admit to it. Like he gets really anxious when Genos spends too much time away from him and he sometimes gets jealous seeing Genos talk to other people, because he's never really been good at friendship so he has this mindset almost of "that's my friend you can't have them."

i pass this on my way to and from work every day and i always start thinkin about mickey in a cute lil apron making ice cream ( ʘ‿ʘ )