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Um.... Hi, I've been following u for a while now, more like stalking but no worries, no bad intention and I just want to say OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH, I LOVE YOUR ART AND U REALLY INSPIRE ME TO DRAW AGAIN AFTER A LONG TIME , looking at your Yoi arts makes me feel so happy and u r also very friendly, so friendly that it makes me cry of your kindness. U R AMAZING pls keep on being amazing and spread love to this world. Btw I've been calling u my tumblr MEME queen, is it ok? If it's not then I'm sorry

THANK YOU!!!! (yas im honored to be a meme queen)

cool dude for @rachlette !!!

me: *sees smth cute* omg that’s adorable!! this amazing!! im so happy!! my day has been made!!!!!!
some1: *asks me to do something normal and expected of me*
me: fuck this fUck you fuck eVerything i hate people and life how Dare You gawd im So!! Irritated!! ugh!!!


30 day Haikyuu!! Challenge 

✿Day 1 Favorite character: Sugawara Koushi

✖“Slowly, I feel like I’m being strangled. Yet, strangely, I feel calm because panic hasn’t affected my concentration just yet. That’s because our goal is so clear in front of us.”

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ok srs question do u actually like markiplier or r u bein ironic

im being ironic dw i dont like him i love him /s


u r sooo aesthetic!? what the heck man (don’t get me wrong i love it) but actually so much aesthetic thanks for putting it on my dash (also the number lol i cry for days someone else requested that number right after u u would probably both get along being the wonderful peeps u r) anywayyyy ur so lovely to talk to (and funny hehe @ u) and u have quality film tastesss (i love it)(swapping film recs is funky) and oh my heckity heck heck ur FACE is goals and ur blog–  ur face and blog get fun awards for being flawless (and so does ur general existance)

mutuals send me a number so i can shower u in love this valentines day 


W H A T. guys y’all r going to give me a heart attack i swear, i didn’t even have TIME to make a 200 follower milestone post bc u all got me to 300 so fast, this is honestly like a dream come true for me, i love voltron n klance so much, n i am so eternally thankful that u guys share those loves with me n i just want yall to kno that ur follows n notes n messages n comments are rlly making a big n positive difference in my life. love reading everything y’all have to say, i rlly do! thank u again, everyone :,D stay amazing! -justklance

PS shout-out to every one of u below the cut :D

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