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Whenever Anxiety himself gets a panic attack, is effects him five times as much as a normal one would. He locks himself away for days and doesn't speak to anyone. No one understands why he does this and simply assumes it's his "natural state of being" but just once he wants someone to bust into the room and insist he talks instead of lightly knocking and leaving when told to.

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G A M E   B O Y

[ v i r t u a l  g o d d e s s ]



  >> U N D E R T A L E

Mipha was born into a pretty well off Zora family. She enjoyed life on the surface with her father, her younger brother and the rest of the Zora. However, when the War started and the humans struck, Mipha swore to help protect her family. Using her trident and unique healing abilities, Mipha fought hard to try and protect them all. She was wounded pretty bad and was fell on the battlefield. 

When she awoke, she was in the underground with her brother and a few other Zora. She had just barely made it, however the injury did stunt her growth, leaving to remain fairly short compared to how big her father was. Once she was fully healed, Mipha helped her father to establish a place in Waterfall for all the Zora to live. It’s a little more away from where the main traveled path is to give them their own domain and space. 

There, she watched her brother grow up and helped the Zora adapt to their new life to be as happy as they can. She still works to find a way to return her people and the other monsters to the surface and keep everyone as safe as she can.

** In this verse, Zora are simply another species of monsters.

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