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every new interaction in these stolen century episodes makes the fact that lucretia had to make them forget all that more and more heavy, but the thing that is really painful this time around is when you remember that merle highchurch, the man who communed with the hunger itself, is insecure about his place on the team

one of the most compelling facets of Anakin’s character, and one of my favorite aspect’s of Hayden’s acting is the way he portrays Anakin’s emotions. Anakin is a boy who feels everything so strongly, and is not afraid of it. But then, he joins the Jedi order, where he is taught to repress and repress. The older Anakin becomes, the more tiny cracks begin appearing. His mother’s death shatters the biggest crack in Anakin’s being, and there he is, not quite a boy, not quite a man. He stands before his mother’s grave and every instinct tells him to cry and collapse and rage, but his training is holding him back. Anakin stands before his mother’s grave fighting an internal war waged between the Jedi and the slave. This happens again and again, first with his mother, then with Padme, and finally with Obi Wan, until the cracks wear away, and Anakin burns, burns, burns. 

(Art)ic Monkeys

Vergil Headcanons:

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  • Most likely to prefer drinking tea over coffee. 
  • Definitely more of a cat person. 
  • Can probably play at least three musical instruments. 
  • Something of a clean freak. He’ll spend hours polishing Yamato along with the rest of his other weapons. Much unlike his brother, he likes to make sure everything is put in order and has it’s place. 
  • A good amount of his free time tends to revolve around reading and usually some form of training. His thirst for knowledge knows little to no bounds, and he’ll try to find something for him to learn or practice.
  • He’s into just about any genre of fiction.This includes romance, albeit his particular taste here in is much, much more pickier and he sure as hell would never admit it, especially as it tends to be something of a top secret guilty pleasure. He’s far too proud for something like that; much less be caught reading one. He always makes sure his secret stash is incredibly hidden well. 
  • God forbid Dante of all people were to them…
  • Lowkey enjoys listening to Broadway and musical numbers. He enjoys the amount of storytelling and narratives involved with it. He also particularly enjoys the more dramatic and emotional numbers involved. 
  • Definitely an introvert.
  • Drunk Vergil is always funny purely because of the utter emotional 180 he takes in comparison to his usually cold, reserved self. After a pretty good number of drinks and the alcohol really starts to hit him, he’s much more emotional and will most likely even lean on others. Unlike his usual, confident self while sober, he’s much more shy and likely to become flustered.
  • PDA is generally a big no-no with Vergil. He hates it. If he’s ever ends up being with someone romantically, chances are he’d save any or all forms of affection for when they’re alone. At most, the furthest I could see him going would be hand holding. Even then, most of the time it would be done more on the subtle side. That, or something along the lines of him wrapping an arm around their arm or waist. Maybe a slight peck to the forehead when no one’s looking, but even then this sort of thing would be quite rare, at most once in a blue moon. Otherwise kissing and anything other kind of affection is strictly reserved for behind closed doors.   
  • Much prefers the use of the sword over guns. He considers the blade to be a true warrior’s choice of weapon. Plus, he finds the up close combat and overall feel of the blade to be quite pleasing and much more satisfying. 
  • Can speak a large variety of languages. 
  • He’s generally ambidextrous, though has a preference for using his left hand.  
  • While he may be serious at least some 75% of the time, Vergil can be something of a sass master and smartass, and has even been known to get cocky from time to time.