r u crying


guys i don’t know how many times i can emphasise that i am so proud and happy for monsta x??? ok let me explain what these screenshots are

the first screenshot is beautiful’s standing on the charts against all genres of music and CAN I ADD THAT THEY JUMPED FROM NUMBER 147 TO NUMBER 16 OVERNIGHT OK OVERNIGHT BLOODY HELL and i didn’t attach a screenshot but the album is at number 5!!

and the second screenshot is the album and song on the charts against other songs in the kpop genre???

fuck man i am honestly so proud of what they have achieved and who they are going to grow to be ekegksgeke R U CRYING BECAUSE I AM

gamingmas is giving me too much insight into what they are like everyday
all of the videos are unnecessarily cute and wholesome :(

/// when someone thinks you r cool:

(Art)ic Monkeys