r u cryin

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ok! so this might be Bad and inaccurate but i couldnt leave u hanging so here it goes... (also it's too long i have to split this into 2 messages bc im Dumb): I’m That Ginger Loving Bitch™ Lola… my heart beats for clary fairchild and sansa stark. i have one (1) son and his name is jace herondale… that bitch. *pt1

listen….. jess and rory gave birth to me 16 years ago. um i’d love to give my life for elena gilbert!! ill fight anyone over the punks above. I’m a literature hoe and i make some Bomb Ass (and also v painful) gifs and graphics (will probably contradict bc gotta stay #humble). also my bi ass is in constant tears like????? *pt2

alicia!!!!! i love and appreciate this and you so much what the fuck.

please roast me as me for my about page

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Imagine Yosuke forcing Naoto to wear the dual poncho after seeing Yu and Kanji in it

i’m embarrassed 

edit: i have received actual footage of the way yosuke hanamura is moving
Boyfriend Series; Jackson Wang

he makes me so emo here we go

  • he probably uses dumb ass pick up lines he’s that type don’t lie to urselves
  • “i seem to have lost my phone number, can i have yours?” 
  • and ur just kinda like hnnnnnnng bc ??? who is thi S he is cute but also leave me alone i dont kno u
  • honestly jackson punching me and my entire family in the face would hurt less than dating him.
  • he is a meme
  • he would probably send u texts with outdated memes like “lol have u seen this it’s so funny” an d it’s the “what’s better than this?? guys bein dudes” and ur just like yes i have jackson actually so has everyone else
  • he would try to teach you mandarin or cantonese and ur really into it and genuinely trying to learn it but when the tables turn and u try to teach him ur language (if it aint english) he’d be like “hey let’s do smth else like go to jamba juice”
  • constantly!!! ask!! u!!! if!! u!! love!!! him!!! bc!!! he!!! knows!!! it!!! makes!! you!!! blush!!! and he really likes it when u blush
  • if u 2 were playing a video game together he would never ever ever let u win 
  • but when u genuinely win he’s be upset like ????!!! no how but lowkey be like “atta girl”
  • woudl probably call you baby more than ur actual name
  • he seems like a rlly clingy guy??? im here for it
  • sometimes he’ll call u when he’s on tour even tho he knows it’s midnight where u are just so he can here ur voice
  • probably gets hELLA cheesy when it’s late like !!!
  • “baby look at the sky if i ever feel too far away from you just remember that at this moment we’re looking at the same sky and we’re talking and god it’s almost like you’re here with me”
  • and then he’d forget about it the next day but you wouldn’t 
  • and you would probably blackmail him w it like “hey jackson remember that one monologue u had abt the sky” and he would shut u down so fkn quick lmfao
  • when he realized he loved u he’d be v nervous around u and prob wouldn’t wait too long to tell u 
  • you’d be like “bruh y tf r ur hands shaking all i did was kiss u” and he’s the type to straight up be like “im so in love with you” bc he literally can’t think of anything else at that moment
  • i think he’d do anything in his power to make u laugh
  • think bad jokes r funny??? he’d google a whole list of em
  • i don’t think he’d be too smooth when he proposes to u
  • i think he’d try to plan something really romantic but would probably say “marry me” when yall were having sex OR when u made some bomb ass food
  • and you’d be like?? what excuse me and he’d be like “nah u didnt hear me right" and make the dumbest excuse but youd know………
  • remember that scene from hot rod where andy samberg was like “you look pretty!” and isla fisher was like “what” and he was like “I SAID U LOOK SHITTY GOODNIGHT DENISE” because that is jackson 200% just imagine it
  • but anywyas just imagine sex w this man for just a sec and tell me that u r not cryin at least a lil bit
  • a  lot of ppl are goin to disagree but i dont think he likes being called daddy?? lmfao i feel like if u called him that he’s find it awkward and would probably laugh
  • this is getting long why turn back now
  • i see him as being rlly dominate and liking biting/scratching 
  • OR he’d be really into lazy sex u kno the kind when u just woke up and he’s too tired to actually do anything but ya both want each other so he makes u do all the work
  • there is no inbetween
  • also!!! he’d want u to be best friends w the guys especially mark but he didn’t really think it through bc when jackson isn’t around mark will tell u things like
  • “he really really really loves you ur his phone background and when you texted him back the first time he asked me like 30 times what he should reply with”
  • and you’d just be like ?!? my nervous bab he comes off as so confident but u tell me otherwise
  • he’d genuinely love being around you like he’d prefer to stay @ ur place rather than the dorm and he’d rather eat w u than the boys and he’s just boyfriend material please take care of him

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I love your art and edits. they're so well done! You're very talented. If you have time... maybe a quick doodle of ws!steve? your version that you reblogged off of inediblesushis version was a+ (they both are tbh) <3

i got a bit carried away with this doodle because of my excitement and joy over this message….thank you so much!!!!!!