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They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;


in which an unintended but incredible pun was made about percy and vex sexy-times (and yes that’s what i’m calling perc’ahlia sexy-times from now on, thanks matt).

bonus un-texted version because Keep It Classy, Laura Bailey™ winkwonk

Practical tips 4 astral travel
  1. u just need to be undisturbed. It doesn’t matter if u r in a cozy bed, or walking 2 the store, or doing push ups at the gym u just need to be left the heck alone by other humans and animals (ps: for getting out of the astral, interacting w humans helps a lot!)
  2. avoid laying down or else u will fall asleep
  3. it is OK to take breaks, u will not ‘lose ur place’, u can get up and go pee and drink some water without fully breaking ur connection
  4. b4 u go in, have a snack and a glass of water ready. When u get out, eat snack drink water.
  5. Do physical activity to get out of the astral fully such as jumping jacks or squats or running in place.
  6. The more intensely you focus, the slower time will go. The less you focus, the faster time will go (***in my experience)
  7. avoid astral travel when u r sleepy! U need a lot of energy to do it :)
  8. build safe inner astral spaces to explore b4 u go out in to the “Real” astral
  9. when u start to get a headache in the middle of ur forehead, it’s time to leave.

look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests


episode 64 - the frigid doom | percy “thanks” scanlan for trying to “improve [his] life”


Title: Raspberry

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 988

Warning: smut!

Request by Anon: Ok so I read like a imagine kind of thing where they said imagine u and a guy friend r lying in bed and then u start having a tickle fight and he flips on top of you with ur hands above ur head and lifts ur shirt and gives u a raspberry on ur stomach and ur laughing and then the raspberry turns to kisses and he trails down to ur shorts and he stops and looks at u asking for permission and u nod and then u guys become more then friends! I was wondering if u could that with dean and the reader?

A/N: Anon I hope you are reading this and liking it!! Enjoy!!


“Ugh, dude move over!” Setting down the bowl of popcorn and licorice you shoved Dean to the side. “You’re always taking up too much space!”

“Hey! It’s not my fault you’re a tiny Oompa Loompa.”

Rolling your eye’s you sat down next to him, getting comfortable. “Seriously? You couldn’t think of anything better?” Dean pressed play on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as he grabbed a licorice rope.

“Nope,” with a stupid grin he ripped off a piece and threw an arm around you. Dean was always sweet like that and let you use him as a human pillow. Circling your arms around his waist you nuzzled into him, taking a deep breath, savoring the moment.

Throughout the movie your thumb brushed up and down his side, slowly moving his shirt up. When your thumb grazed his skin you practically flew off the bed Dean spazzed so badly. “Damnit Y/N! Don’t do that!”

“Someone’s a little ticklish huh?”

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[this is a scheduled post]

High functioning borderline.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of people post about this topic, so I thought I would as well.

While I was seeing my psychiatrist while at school, she once referred to my situation as “high functioning borderline”. I identify with that in the sense that while I do have the diagnosis and suffer from the symptoms and the consequences of them, at the same time I do get up and get my shit done nonetheless. I went to school. Now I get up at 6:30am and go to work until 4:00pm. I am, as people say, a functioning member of society. Which is great I guess.

But then I feel like it makes others question the validity of my disorder. I mean, it even makes me question my own situation. It’s like…come on R, you’re not bed ridden so stop saying you have a mental illness. Come on R, you’re up and at em during the day, stop saying you’re a mess.

Suffering does not have to necessarily be outward. To so many around me, I am the picture of emotional stability. But inside, deep down, I am hurting. I am hurting so damn much.

I guess my point is, no matter how “functioning” you consider yourself to be, never think that you have to defend your diagnosis. Never think that your illness is invalid.

Because it is valid.

And so are you.