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Romanced companions (+ Sturges) reacting to smol, dom SS.

(( Again please use the term Sole instead of SS as the ss are linked to Nazi’s ))

Cait: “Ya kidding right?” She laughs at first but seeing their serious she sighs. “Look love if ye wanna go we can but I won’t be taking it easy on ya just cause yer tiny, ye still gotta wrestle to be on top.”

Codsworth: He loves being on the receiving end regardless of Sole’s stature.

Curie: It takes a moment for sole to explain that they want to lead as Curie had the common assumption that the smallest partner was to be on the receiving end. She’s pleasantly surprised though.

Danse: He’s sceptical about letting Sole take the lead, he’s a big guy and he doesn’t want to disappoint sole because of the size difference between the two of them. He ends up enjoying it far more than he expected.

Deacon: Like Codsworth Deacon is not picky about soles physical size he just wants to have fun. He is more of a switch than a sub though.

Hancock: He’s smol to and loves to be pampered by a good dom

MacCready: “Heh funny you gonna climb me first?” He teases but secretly loves being dommed.

Nick: “Just promise not to knock me around too much okay kid?” He smiles as he says it, trusting sole to take the reigns.

Piper: “Well only if you play nice okay Blue?” She starts out tame but likes to experiment later into the relationship

Preston: “I trust you, if you wanna take control I’ll still have fun.” He likes a gentle dom, nothing really rough.

X6-88:  “No.” He does not start a relationship as a sub, he sees the position as too vunerable for himself.

Sturges: “Well you sure are full of all kinds of surprises aren’t ya darlin’.” He smiles, willing to try having a smol dom and finds he likes it.