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[Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100km | CO₂ emissions: 259 g/km |http://amg4.me/Efficiency-Statement]

Black people have to be invited into historically white spaces – in this case think ballet, opera, classical music, high fashion, white neighborhoods, etc. – and even then the invitations are extended very rarely. On the contrary, with no invitation whatsoever white people have not only inserted themselves in historically black spaces – hip hop, rap, R&B, jazz, soul, b-boy culture, gospel, rock n roll, the gay ballroom scene, neighborhoods facing gentrification, streetwear/“urban” fashion, etc. – but they exploit them for their own gains and agendas, and we’re all expected to oblige and just let them play… because everyone deserves to swim in our pool, right?

So this is why you can’t change your race. That is some next-level white supremacist fuckery that no god written about thus far has the power to imbue you with. It is a white supremacist attempt to revise or erase not only our past, but a future that has never had a chance to escape you yet.

The last thing we have for ourselves that can’t be raped or pillaged from us is our literal blackness. You can keep gentrifying the hood, but you will never gentrify blackness.

You can’t fucking have it. End of story!

—  aok