r owo

@twilightsparkleofficial iz gay and tagged me !

Name: Sparkle (get m real 1 if we talk and r friends)

Nickname: Fluttershy owo

Gender: young man

Star sign: cancer

Height: 5'6"

Orientation: aroace 💚💜

Favorite color: pastel pink!! n also the color combo of the trans flag and I rlly like rainbows -w-

Favorite animal: pitbulls make me cry and I also luv foxes n cats n seals

Time right now: 5:51 pm

Cat or dog person: dog!!

Favorite fictional character: fluttershy

# of blankets i sleep with: as many as I can get bc I get cold rlly easily n wanna be warm n cozy all the time

Favorite singer/ band: Weezer!! I’m wearing a weezer shirt rn!!

Dream trip: san francisco!! For like a weeks long vacation so I can go everywhere w my friends! (also Japan would be So Good I wanna go to the cat and fox islands)

Dream job: open a shelter for queer kids and also one for animals!! Preferably one that can take care of the homeless kid’s pets so they don’t have to leave them behind

When blog was created: august 2016, a baby -w-

Current number of followers: 641 (get me to 666 pleeeease) I’d have more but I block everyone who isn’t good (destroy porn blogs, littles, terfs, etc) so my followers r all cool ppl and I have like a perfect followers list!!

Why did you make this tumblr: i wanted to have fun n make friends!!

I tag all my mutuals n anyone who wants to do this!! @me if u do it owo

I’d forgotten to post this when I finished it but here’s my gemsona Citrine c: