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Omg this is open! I love you guys💝💝💝 Im a trash for this blog. Can you make fluff headcanon for Doppio and his s/o? Like how he deal with stress and how his s/o help him with it. Idk but i was reading a other request in this blog about some characters from vento aureo being force to share bed w/ his s/o and i just can think in Doppio and his busty s/o force to share bed but suddenly this poor man grab her breast like a phone and start to talking to the boss about how much he love her😅.

R-really? OwO Wow I never thought that people would like this blog as much as you all do I’m so happy! <3 I really hope that these are okay :3 apologies for the initial confusion though I got a little confused when I first read this ^^ @paulilovett

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·         Look at this boy he just screams fluffy, one look at that cute freckled face and suddenly S/O’s all over him with cuddles, hugs and kisses, leaving him flustered and red in the face (which only warrants more smooches from S/O)

·         There are many days where Doppio enjoys nothing more than wasting a day away by his S/O’s side, but he likes it most when the two of them cuddle up together especially when he can snuggle up to them and rest his head against their chest – the gentle strum of their heartbeat seems to brush all of his problems off of his shoulders and just having them by his side makes him feel like the luckiest man alive

·         There are often times where he’s torn between spending time with his less important jobs and spending time with his S/O, he values his boss but he is helpless to his partners wishes and words so it’s really tough for him; however if his partner is understanding of just how important this work is he’ll appreciate it tremendously

·         Doppio would be sure to treat his S/O whenever he can, he’s grateful that they’re so supportive and often times hardly believes that he was lucky enough to have such a wonderful partner so he’ll treat them like royalty – if they want something then he’ll do his damn hardest to get it for them just to see them smile

·         Eskimo kisses are his absolute favorite, whenever he and S/O are together and he wants to be affectionate he isn’t so bold as to kiss them on the lips so out of the blue so he’ll do this instead; not only does it make his partner giggles but it also lets them know when he’s in an affectionate and loving mood (which to be honest is nearly every time he’s in his S/O’s presence)

Dealing with stress

·         Considering the fact that Doppio’s the closest anyone can get to Diavolo stress is going to be something he’s well acquainted with in his life – the boss may have promised to keep him protected but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get panicked and paranoid at the thought of being confronted by any rival gang members

·         Once the thoughts start it’s very hard to get them to stop no matter what he does and even if he doesn’t say anything to his S/O it’s easy to see what’s wrong – his partner will catch him staring at something but clearly not paying attention to what he was staring at, his eyes wide and his breathing a little heavier than usual as his mind whirs with all sorts of things that could happen if he wasn’t careful

·         If S/O decides to call him out on it it’s almost alarming how shocked he gets when he realises what he’s been doing, he’ll practically tear himself away from whatever he was looking at as if he’s been burned and just stare at his partner vehemently denying anything’s wrong even though it’s in vain as his voice slowly fades to near silence; he might deny that anything’s up but all it takes is S/O taking him into their arms and it’s as if the dam bottling up his worries snaps in two

·         If S/O isn’t aware of his position as the boss’ closest underling then he’ll be sure to stop himself from giving too much away even though he just wants to let it all out, he’ll hold back and instead confide in them about all of the stress that he’s been dealing with, practically clutching to them and letting his head rest against their shoulder as his partner comforts him – needless to say once he’s calmed down his grasp will grow a little looser and the only things to come from his mouth are mumbles about how grateful to have such a wonderful S/O

·         On the other hand, if it’s S/O who’s under stress he’ll be a little unsure of what to do since dealing with stress isn’t something that he can do easily; the most he can think of which would help is getting them somewhere comfortable where it can just be the two of them and he’ll reassure them that they’re doing well and that he’ll always be there to help them if they ever need it (unless his S/O prefers solitude, in which case he’d keep his distance but wouldn’t be too far behind in case they did want his company)

Sharing bed

·         When Doppio and S/O first have to share a room together he’s surprisingly calm about it much to their surprise and that in itself brings up the question as to why, however that’s answered soon enough as the moment it comes for them to head to bed he’ll make a b-line to the door commenting that he’s going to get some more pillows and blankets so that his sleep on the floor won’t be too uncomfortable

·         It’s only when they offer to share the bed between them instead that Doppio actually reacts – shock flashes across his face along with a pretty visible blush as he tries to assure them that he’ll be fine sleeping on the floor and that he doesn’t want them to be uncomfortable, however if they insist then he’ll eventually just relent

·         When the two of them actually do share the bed he’ll be too nervous to even accidentally brush backs with them so he’ll stick as far to the edge of the bed as he possibly can, he’d almost run the risk of falling off of the bed but he wouldn’t dare to budge in fear of making S/O uncomfortable in any way; and it’s only until he hears their breathing slow signalling that they’ve fallen asleep that he gains enough courage to look in their direction

·         Taking in the sight of their sleeping face he’ll be almost entranced – all of their worries seemed to have washed away from their face and the softness of their features are more enhanced in the gentle throes of sleep – they looked so beautiful in his eyes and he can’t bring himself to look away

·         (Now that you’ve mentioned it I had to put this in here) Should the boss ‘call’ from certain places while they’re asleep S/O might wake up to find Doppio curled close up to them, his head pressed against their chest as if listening to their heartbeat and muttering to the boss about how much he loves them; regardless of whether S/O hears him or not he’ll go red once he realizes they’re awake, either pushing himself away with a flurry of apologies or waiting for them to start scolding him, however with a face as cute as his they’ll let him stay where he was (and maybe even wrap their arms around him to pull him a little closer)

I’d forgotten to post this when I finished it but here’s my gemsona Citrine c:


“weird objects started flying off the back of this car, and then i was having to dodge them. i dodged first a high heel shoe, i was like ‘if that high heel goes into my car at 80 miles per hour we’ll all die’, so i dodged that. next thing, a teddy bear..”
“sounds like mario kart.” | GMCL #2 [x]