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the signs as YA book series
  • aries: the hunger games
  • taurus: divergent
  • gemini: percy jackson and the olympians
  • cancer: mara dyer trilogy
  • leo: shatter me
  • virgo: the lord of the rings
  • libra: gone
  • scorpio: the darkest minds
  • sagittarius: the mortal instruments
  • capricorn: twilight
  • aquarius: harry potter
  • pisces: anna and the french kiss

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[ ♪ ]– ☆ When Ai was told he would be working on a new song, he figured it would be the same as usual. Meet with Haruka, Discuss the idea of the song. Write some lyrics. Finally, record it and get it done. He walked into Shining’s office and saw a new face, though. Now he was curious. He gave this girl a quick nod before giving his attention to Shining. It so turned out that this fresh face would be his composer for the song. Mara Komatsu…nothing came up in his database for her.

        After Shining relieved them, Ai turned to her. He stared at her for probably a little too long before he blinked and tilted his head slightly. “You must be a relatively new composer. I cannot say I am familiar with your work, otherwise.” A curt introduction it was, he bowed nonetheless. “I am Ai Mikaze. I will not sugarcoat this for you. I would like to see a sample of your work before we begin.” He wanted to make sure she was as competent as Shining had said.