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In King Lear (III:vii) there is a man who is such a minor character that Shakespeare has not given him even a name: he is merely “First Servant.” All the characters around him – Regan, Cornwall, and Edmund – have fine long-term plans. They think they know how the story is going to end, and they are quite wrong. The servant has no such delusions. He has no notion of how the play is going to go. But he understands the present scene. He sees an abomination (the blinding of old Gloucester) taking place. He will not stand it.

His sword is out and pointed at his master’s breast in a moment: then Regan stabs him dead from behind. That is his whole part: eight lines all told. But if it were real life and not a play, that is the part it would be best to have acted.

—  – C.S. Lewis, “The World’s Last Night”

The complexities.

The simplicities.

The muses.

The music.

In Marvin, Vol. II, the second half of their focus on the legendary vocalist, The Music Snobs explore the loves and loss that drove Marvin Gaye to create the unparalleled Here, My Dear.

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‘Bunnies’? I got ‘bunnies’ and ‘kitties’
What the fuck is this, the Teletubbies? Why are we so pretty?
Why don’t we get it ugly and grimy
and we can get it really fugly and motherfuckin’ slimy

The guys freestyle on words folks have tweeted to warm up for a Freestyle Love Supreme show at Joe’s Pub in 2013

also Lin wearing tinted glasses that. match his shirt? also CHRIS JACKSON

I pushed myself to get 30 seconds out and OH BOY i’m tired :)

it’s 12:30 and i have been laughing at the last part for 20 minutes

if you’re confused on whats happening don’t worry, i was confused too but i already made 20 frames and didn’t want to start over


Born on this day: May 27, 1935 - Jazz/R&B musician Ramsey Lewis (born Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis, Jr. in Chicago, IL). Happy 82nd Birthday, Ramsey!!

bless his heart, raphael just cant stop touching simon. he started with shoulder squeezes, a hand caress and thigh grab in s1, worked up to a hand on simons chest, hand holding, an almost kiss and eye sexing in the first half of s2 and now the cheek caressing,, am i dead??

is this heaven??


hey guys! this is my april book haul! i haven’t bought as many books as i wanted to this month, but they’re all very very long so i’m really happy and excited to have them on my bookshelf. 📚

1. the first one, with the red cover, is eldest by christopher paolini! it’s the second book of the inheritance cycle that follows eragon, which i finished a few days ago! i really liked the first book and because of that i decided to read the whole thing. a lot of people claim that the series is too similar to lord of of the rings and they don’t like it owning to that, but even though i admit there are a lot of similarities between the two, i love the characters and the plot too much! i think it is really worth reading, especially if you like fantasy books!

2. the second one on the pile from the top is a game of thrones by george r. r. martin, the first book or the a song of ice and fire series which i’ll finally start to read! i’ve never watched the tv show, but since it is so popular, unfortunaly i’ve seen and read a lot of spoilers :( i still think the book is worth reading, so i’ll give it a try! the length of the novel intimidates me a bit because sometimes the free time that i dedicate to reading can be very limited, but i’m determined to finish it within this year.

3. the third one is an edition of all the books of the narnia chronicles by c. s. lewis! i’ve already read the prologue book (which is one of my favorites) and seen the movies when i was younger, but i love the story so much and i’ve been wanting to buy the books for a long time now!

4. the final one is the new annotated sherlock holmes written by arthur conan doyle, with notes by leslie s. klinger and introduction by john le carré. i borrowed it from by cousin when i was little and never managed to finish it, so when i saw it at the bookshop i just had to take it home with me! the book explains and expands your knowledge on basically everything that is mentioned throughout the stories, so if you’re the kind of person who really likes this stuff, i really recommend buying this edition. as you can see i bought the portuguese version, but if you’re interested, i have the link to the original version in english on amazon!

have you read any of these? if so, let me now! talking about books will always be a pleasure to me~