r kenny

the real o’neals is a really good show in the sense that:

  • it shows an openly gay teen making his way through life 
  • how his v religious mom reacts to that. 
  • it also shows young kids that you can be close to god and gay. 
  • his brother is totally supportive and that is so fucking rad. 
  • the period storyline was great because everyone treated it like it was normal, because it fucking is.

but i am honestly so pissed that they made so light of jimmy’s eating disorder - they have to bring that back and see him working through it because it’s a fucking eating disorder, not a punchline. 


show creator: hey Tom Kenny will u voice this cartoon character?

Tom Kenny: fo sure but they gotta play the drums

show creator: what

Tom Kenny: D R U M S

show creator: what if the character doesn’t speak or have limbs

Tom Kenny: that’s your problem