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Teen Wolf Imagine Derek *Requested By: Samanthaofanarchy*

“Hey Stiles!” You said to your littler brother hugging him really tight. You just came home from college and you were going to get a job as a new doctor at the same hospital Stiles’ best friend Scott’s mom worked at.

“Hey y/n. It’s great to see you.” He said hugging you back and then you went up to your room to unpack your stuff and then your dad called you down to a family dinner.

“I made (fav food), your favorite!” He said and you smiled thanking him. “Listen I know this is supposed to be a time for happiness but there is some stuff you need to know if you’re living in this town.

"Is your going to say werewolves and Banshees and all that other stuff is real I already know. I’m surprised you know.” You said looking up from your food to see the open mouthed stares from Stiles and your dad.

“How on earth do you know!” Stiles said and you laughed.

“I made the mistake of dating a werewolf  in high school. Lets just say when he told me I never talked to him again.” You said being greeted by stares yet again.

“Well anyways, I want you to meet Stlles’ pack. He knows a lot of creatures and I want them to get to know you so they can help protect you from what we can’t.” Your dad said and you nodded agreeing. After dinner Stiles and you got in his jeep and went to someone named Derek’s loft. The pack had apparently held an emergency meeting for you.

“Alright this is it.” Stiles said and he opened the door and you both walked inside quietly. “Everyone I’d like you to meet my big sister y/n. Y/n uh you already know Malia, Scott and uh Lydia.” He said blushing when he said her name because he knew that you knew about his obsession with her. He was dating Malia now though. “Um well this is Kira, Liam, and Derek.” He said pointing to each one as he said their names. When Stiles was done introducing everyone Scott came up and gave you a big hug, happy to see you home from college.

After everyone told you what they were and so on you all just mingled around but because you were super shy you pretty much only talked to Scott and Stiles and Derek definitely noticed this. Stiles went to go use the bathroom and Scott went to talk to Kira and that left you all alone on the far side of the room.

Derek was talking to the boy named Liam and you heard a little bit of their conversation that went like:

“I can’t believe her and Stiles are related!” Said the boy Liam.

“I know she's  so quiet and he’s well Stiles. They don’t really look alike either.” You stopped listening there and looked the other way pretending to look at the loft. A moment later you felt someone quickly jab your sides lightly and you squealed and jumped a little. When you turned around you saw Derek.

“Hey are you tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night.” He said and you laughed quietly. “Hi I’m Derek. It’s really nice to meet you y/n.” He said and stuck out his hand. “How can you be so shy while Stiles is that loud? If I’m not over stepping my boundaries.”

“Well Stiles took after our mother I’m much more like our dad.” You almost whisper.

“Yeah I know how that is. My sister was so much like my dad.” He replied and smiled brilliantly at you. “Can I ask for your number?”

“You can ask.” You said and he started laughing at your sassy remark and when Stiles came back asking you if you were ready to go he winked at you and walked away.

In the car you started talking, “So Derek seems nice.”

“If you like bad boys with werewolf powers. Oh no… I see what’s going on. No you cannot see him, And that boy in high school, it was Brody wasn’t it! I always new he was no good!”

“Oh but Stiles-”

“No buts about it sis.”

“Since when do you make my decisions for me.” You said and stuck your tongue out at him. When you got home and into your bed you checked your phone and answered some texts from other friends from college but instantly regretted not giving Derek your number.

About ten minutes after that thought you got a text from a number you didn’t know that said, “Hey my super social butterfly ;)” It was Derek.

“How’d u get my number?” You replied and then your window opened in the blink of an eye and there was Derek phone in hand.

“Stupid werewolves thinking they can do anything.” You whispered to yourself.

“What was that babe? Oh I don’t really care, c'mon we have to go now or we’re going to miss it.” Derek said and pulled you bridal style into his arms jumped out the window landing on two feet and was sprinting down the driveway to his car. Once you were both inside he went speeding down the street.

“Where the hell are you talking me!” You scream as the speed increases to 103 mph.

“You’ll see."  And ten minutes and four heart attacks later you did see.

"Oh. My. God!” You whisper shouted when you saw what was going on. There were things. You didn’t know what to call them because they were so unusual. They were glowing a green color and were all along the coast for miles. There wasn’t anyone else there because it was cold, you were shivering,  and it was almost one in the morning. “This is amazing.”

“Yeah, they come about twice a year. It’s one of  the coolest things, I would hate to be the people who live here and not even know about. Which now that I think about it is almost everyone.” He looked over at you and you nodded agreeing but now can’t contain your shivers and you were very visibly cold. “Here take my jacket. I don’t really need it.” He said and put his leather jacket over your shoulders and you slipped your arms inside. You stayed until all the things had left which was around three in the morning then Derek drove you home walking you to the door.

“Thank you so much for taking me.” You said looking at the ground.

“It’s no problem, I’m glad you came. Oh and- wait a second.” He put his fingers under your chin and lifted your face up to see his. “Your lips look really lonely I think they should meet mine.” You started laughing but he kissed you and you leaned right in, kissing him back when you heard a crash from the side of the house then a sheepish looking Stiles came into view.

“I uh I’m not just coming home now if that’s what you think.”

“You are so grounded, lets call it payback for earlier.” You said grinning devilishly. “Oh and thanks for letting me use your jacket you said about to take it off when he stopped you.

"Keep it, I wouldn’t want my  girlfriend catching a cold.”

“Hardy har har mister. We will see about that.” You said but kept the jacket and walked inside as you and Derek fell asleep both with smiles on your face.