r hippie

With Eyes Wide Open

I open my eyes, it’s like i’m seeing for the very first time. The sun so bright and the sky oh so blue. The trees sway in the wind like an army of little tiny dancers. I feel the sun warming my skin and the wind trying it’s best to make me float away. I feel. I feel. I feel. I put my hand on my chest and feel the constant ‘thump thump thump’ of my heart letting me know that i am truly alive. I smell the sweetest of smells like honeysuckles and jasmine are conversing in the wind. I see. I see. I see. I hear the birds all joined together in harmony. I hear the cars passing by while the children next door play a game of tag. I hear. I hear. I hear. I breathe in, i breathe out as my body pumps every single drop of my blood through my veins. I walk. I smile. I laugh. I enjoy every single moment. I am alive! I am alive! I am living!