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  • Walburga *about Sirius living with the Potters*: Because he’ll be back, crying for his mommy! Just like that Christmas break when we moved and I forgot to give our new address to Hogwarts! Eleven years old and bawling in that Auror’s office like a little girl. What’s that tell you?
  • Regulus: Kind of a lot, actually.
1096. A muggleborn at Hogwarts thinks it’s ridiculous that they wear robes while playing Quidditch and finally it is agreed that players can wear what they want as long as it's in their house colors. This rule had to be slightly altered after May 2014. During the last Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin game of that year, some seventh year Ravenclaw players turned up naked painted in blue and bronze. It was the most house points lost in centuries according to the ghosts.

hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)

1026. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She walked up to him and punched him in the face, demanding answers as to 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU VERBALLY ABUSE MY SON FOR SEVEN YEARS???'