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Dear strangers who pray,

Please spare a prayer for my boyfriend’s father. Ask your God to take the cancer away. 

In fact, do more than ask. Please demand that your God make them happy again and keep them safe. They don’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve this. 

I wish I could have faith in a higher power to fix all of this. But for now, I have to just rely on the faith of others. 

Save his father, and doing so, help him. Like I said, he doesn’t deserve this. No one does, and maybe I’m a little biased, but of all the human beings I’ve met, he is the only one I’ve met that deserves none of this. 

Thank you,

A stranger wishing she could pray.

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lady luck

wOOOO a collab with my fav taryn, @tweekay; she did the most amazing sketch of ladybug (bless. her. work.) and I coloured and linearted! i just,,,,t drew so beaut lemme take a moment to cry; always happy to be collabing with such a fav ಥ_ಥ