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((I wrote this ages ago and it’s been sitting in my drafts. So here. Voila. *shrugs*. Inspired by Optimus’s line in AoE.))


“How many more must be sacrificed for your human mistakes? For … for mine?”
“Ratchet’s death wasn’t your fault, Prime. You were injured. You-”
“But it was my fault!” he shouted, fist pounding the ship’s walls. “Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz… all those Autobots died because of ME. I asked them to stay on Earth and protect humankind. I told them that Earth was our home now. They followed me, they trusted me, and I led them to their deaths.” He shook his head solemnly.

His engines roared in anger as he pounded both curled fists into the wall. His fists uncurled as he slowly leaned his face towards the wall. He closed his optics as his forehead touched the wall. “How many more of my kind must die?” he asked again, quietly. “I thought this war was finally over. We defeated the Fallen. We defeated Megatron. We could not save Cybertron, but we found a new home, and we have laid down our lives to protect it. And how were we repaid? An ambush. A hunt. Death. Slaughter.”

Optimus opened his optics and turned to look down at Cade, who was looking up at him sympathetically. Optimus tried to muster his usual compassion, but found only anger instead. “Did I mean what I said about leaving Earth? Yes. Yes, I did. The people I care most about are gone, Cade. I led them here, I asked them to stay here, on this retched planet, and they died. Why should I give anything more to planet Earth when all it has done is taken everything from me?”

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Davi★d Bowi★★e (/ˈbo★ʊ.★i/;[1] born David Ro★bert JONes, 8 January 19★47) is an ENGLish★ singer, son★gw★riter, mul★ti-ins★trumentalist, re★cord producer, arrang★er, painter, and acto★r. ★BOWie has been ★a figu★re in p★opular ★muSic fo★r over four de★cades, and★ is kn★o★wn as an inno★vator, particularLY for his wOrk in th★e 1970s. His androgyn★ous appe★arANce wa★s an icOnic e★l★ement of his image, partic★ularly in the 197★0s and 1980s★★.