r breakup

What about destiny?

The recent confession stating that Mamoru is in the relationship with Usagi just because of destiny is actually a belief widely acknowledged in Sailor Moon fandom. Futhermore, it is usually meant to argue against the main couple of heroine, proving its invalidity.

But what is “destiny” and what does determine?

First of all, people tend to forget the cultural implications:

The belief that everybody has their destined partner linked by the red string of fate is very common in Japan and mentioned in the series not only in relation to Usagi and Mamoru. (In Europe there is concept of soulmates). Nobody sees it as “being forced” or “not having real feelings”. It’s simple recognition of feeling that you found the One.

This is seen as romantic by people involved - not only idealistic Usagi, but more reserved Mamoru too.

Now, in Mamoru and Usagi’s case their bond is presented as real - they were in love in past life and present incarnation seems to retain shades of it - like their constant accidental meetings. There is discussion, how much of Endymion and Serenity is in Mamoru and Usagi. But them meeting again and again doesn’t make them automatically enter a relationship, they go through normal stages of teenagers falling in love - interest, attraction, crush. Their constant bumping into each other give them opportunity to get to know each other, no pressure involved.

Even after entering relationship they would have choice to break up if they wanted.

They in fact do break up in second season and no destiny powers are activated to force them together. They are longing and miserable and crying - but they are broken up till they both make decision to go back together. Destiny still provides them with accidental meetings, but doesn’t determine their choices.

So destiny gives them chance, not makes a choice.  

1 thing out of many that bothers me about the 90′s anime R-breakup is the missed potential as far as logic for Mamoru’s side of things go. Also and oppurtunity for it actually being a way to *gasp* develop the characters instead of a needless drama bomb that didn’t do much for them?

If you wanted a reason for Mamoru to break up with Usagi bc he was worried she’d die, YOU KIND OF HAVE A BUILT IN REASON FOR HIM TO FEAR FOR HER SAFETY AROUND HIM.He’d still remember nearly killing her while being brainwashed. Struggling with the guilt of that would be really understandable. Rather than “oh noes a vague voice from the future told me SHE WILL DIE for unspecified reasons” which is just like “really? You’re not going to even discuss this with her?”

Also, built-in reason for the Senshi not confronting Mamoru over it. They do confront him, and they get the reason, and can’t completely disagree? Like they try to protest but can’t completely say “we know you’ll never do that again.”  Minako doesn’t even try to protest. She would be absolutely the least sympathetic. “You got her killed in the past and you nearly killed her now. Yep, I agree, you’re a liability and nope, I DON’T think you’re good enough for her.” 

But they know Usagi will disagree, so they don’t tell her the truth behind his reasoning- until maybe something makes them no longer able to stand it. 

What if his nightmares are his memories of attacking her? What if his “I don’t think i really love you” comes from the heart, because he doesn’t believe he could have done that if he loved her like she deserved. Clearly his love isn’t good enough.

And when Usagi does figure it out, she’s the one who gets it across to him that being exploited and taken over is not his fault, and she doesn’t care. All that matters is in the end he came back. 

Some people need to realize that some fans didn’t like the original anime (yes including the subbed) and SMC has nothing to do with it. We didn’t like the original before SMC and we won’t like it after because of different reasons. For some it was because of the fat shaming, boy craziness, Usagi/Rei bickering gag, or the R breakup. While others didn’t like the amount and/or type of fillers or other changes that were made. Each anime has its own issues so stop acting like either one is flawless.

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