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Question to Ask Yourself: Was Ain Really Never There Or Are We Just Unable to Remember?

There was a lot of talk about whether or not Ain was really in the game’s major plot the entire time. From my research, he’s been in the making for quite a long time now. You can find traces of him here and there within several cinematics.

But the question is NOT,

How long was KOG planning this for? How sly of them.


Did they really make all those cinematics with Ain in mind?


Don’t you think they’re fucking lazy for making a character that can conveniently erase people’s memories just so they can force him into the plot and make him important? lol

The question we should be asking is:

Was Ain really never there or did we just not remember him because he erased our memories?

No, of course he can’t realistically erase the memories of our real life physical selves, but put yourselves in your characters’ shoes… Come on, I know you guys do it all the time

Now look at the strange green light that flickers in town again. Confused? Scared? Nostalgic? We know it’s Ain now, but go back to the time when you couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe it’s just a wisp that wandered away from the Dark Forest. Maybe it’s a spirit of the El Shard saying hello to us. Maybe it’s an event device. Maybe it’s a nothing. 

“Oh well.”

Now think about it from Ain’s perspective. He’s been with us throughout the entire journey… and none of us… not a single one of us remembers him. Not a soul. We thought it’s a wisp, an event device, a nothing. We all thought he was a nothing, because he erased our memories.

Even for people to scoff at his “convenient” memory-erasing abilities is ironic indeed. Of course we find Ain’s ability absurd and out-of-the-blue because he erased our memories. 

The fact that people find his plot unbelievable or ridiculous IS THE PAINFUL IRONY OF AIN’S FATE.

His existence.

Let that sink in for a while, mull it over…

A being born just to be forgotten in the end…
As if it never existed in the first place.

Living in a world where
no one wants to believe that you existed.

Now imagine there’s just one person
in the entire world who remembers you…
And believes whole-heartedly that you are real,
And that you exist. Right. Now.

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