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May 24, 1994: Aaliyah releases her debut studio album ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ under Jive and Blackground Records. Written and produced by R.Kelly, ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’ was well received by critics and industry peers alike and not only introduced us to the hauntingly beautiful vocals of our beloved Babygirl, but her iconic and influential 'Street But Sweet’ styling that helped shape the sound and look of the 90’s. The Teen Queen, whose name (pronounced Ah-Lee-Yah) meant, the Highest, Most Exalted One…The Best, was often credited for redefining R&B by blending her voice with Kelly’s new jack swing. Many quickly praised the soft spoken enigma for her distinct singing style that set her apart from the masses. 

The album was certified Platinum by the RIAA on September 01, 1994. It was last certified 2X Multiplatinum on October 24, 2001. 🌹 #23Years

Backstage Pass || Josie McCoy

Can I request a Josie x female!reader where the reader happens to come across Josie singing alone as practice and she just is really in love like right away because her voice is so beautiful and Josie catches her watching but instead of telling her to leave she let’s her sit in there and listen or something? Bonus points if the girl is really nervous/shy because that’d be funny!

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You froze. You would recognize that voice from anywhere.

Shawty you’re my candy girl, the kind with the swirls
Oh so good, baby out of this world
Look so sweet, fell in love with your curves
Every time you speak conversation like “sir”

Josephine McCoy. Also known as your longtime crush and your unrequited love.

S-U-G-A-R, you ain’t her
Oh, honey honey, put money on that girl
Let’s keep it in the circle, you everything I deserve
Baby want your sugar, I’m ready to get served

You could tell she was alone as you made your way to the band room. You could tell when Valerie and Melody sang backup, but this time, you couldn’t hear them.

Sugar! Oh, honey honey
You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you
Honey! Oh, sugar sugar
You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you

The music for the song seemed like it was recorded as you got closer and closer to the sound. But Josie’s vocals were live. You should know. You listened to her music constantly.

I saw this girl, I wanna know her name
She got this body, it’s driving me insane
‘Cus I need a candy girl
Her kisses rock my world
Long legs, brown eyes
Ain’t nobody look fancy girl

You peeked into the band room, your heart skipping countless beats as you watched Josie, who had her back towards you, singing her heart out.

Sugar! Oh, honey honey
You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you

Her signature cat ears were on and your heart melted. You had never even talked to the lead vocalist. You just admired her from afar as you were too scared to say a single word to her. She was the mayor’s daughter. And besides, she was like… No… she was a celebrity. And why would a celebrity be with someone like you?

You sighed.

But, God, you loved her.

Josie must’ve heard you sigh because she quickly turned around, making you flinch. Before she could say anything, you quickly began to rush down Riverdale’s hallways, heart pounding in your chest. The recorded music you had heard earlier had stopped but that didn’t matter now. What mattered was that you had been caught. You had gotten about twenty feet away from the band room door when you heard Josie’s voice.


You froze, slowly turning around.

“What were you doing? That was a private session.” she scolded.

Your heart fell. Your one and only conversation with Josie and she already hated you.

“I-I’m sorry,” you stuttered as you looked down, not wanting to see disappointment in the lead Pussycat’s eyes. “I just heard you singing and I-I just love your voice and…”

You sighed again as you trailed off, realizing how weird you sounded.

“I’ll go now,” you murmured. “It won’t happen again.”

You turned around again, beginning to walk off, feeling the hot sting of tears behind your eyes.

“Wait!” Josie called again.

You looked towards the mayor’s daughter again, looking up at her. She was… smiling?

“You want a backstage pass?” she asked.

You frowned.

“I’m sorry?”

Josie laughed.

“I’m offering you a chance to come in here and listen to me sing. Your own little private concert.” she said.

Your eyes widened.

Could this really be happening?

“Uh, I-I don’t know, I don’t want to intrude—”

“You’re not,” the singer interrupted, waving you over. “Come on.”

You willed your frozen feet to move as you made your way back to the band room, Josie ushering you in.

“So what’s your name, baby?” she asked.

You blushed.

“Uh, Y-Y/N.” you managed to get out.

Josie nodded.

“Well, Y/N,” she began. “Take a seat.”

You took a seat and Josie pushed a button on the remote in her hand you didn’t even notice before. The music resumed and she began to sing again.

You were always captivated by Josie’s singing. There was something about the way she hit all those high notes and the way her hands involuntarily moved as she sang her heart out. You loved her. You were in love with Josephine McCoy.

When she finished, she opened her eyes and looked at you.

“So?” she asked. “What’d you think?”

You were speechless.

“You’re beautiful—I mean,” you blurted out. “Your voice is beautiful.”

Josie smirked.

“So my voice is beautiful but I’m not?” she teased.

Your mouth dropped open at her statement.

“No! You’re stunning!” you exclaimed.

The lead Pussycat laughed again and you blushed furiously.

The bell rang signaling the end of the period.

“Well, I gotta go. But it was really nice to meet you, Y/N,” Josie said as she grabbed her backpack, puling the strap over her shoulder. “I’ll see you around, baby. Okay?”

You were sure the red on your face could’ve been seen from miles away.

“O-Okay.” you whispered, knowing this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, and maybe, just maybe, even a relationship.


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Question to Ask Yourself: Was Ain Really Never There Or Are We Just Unable to Remember?

There was a lot of talk about whether or not Ain was really in the game’s major plot the entire time. From my research, he’s been in the making for quite a long time now. You can find traces of him here and there within several cinematics.

But the question is NOT,

How long was KOG planning this for? How sly of them.


Did they really make all those cinematics with Ain in mind?


Don’t you think they’re fucking lazy for making a character that can conveniently erase people’s memories just so they can force him into the plot and make him important? lol

The question we should be asking is:

Was Ain really never there or did we just not remember him because he erased our memories?

No, of course he can’t realistically erase the memories of our real life physical selves, but put yourselves in your characters’ shoes… Come on, I know you guys do it all the time

Now look at the strange green light that flickers in town again. Confused? Scared? Nostalgic? We know it’s Ain now, but go back to the time when you couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe it’s just a wisp that wandered away from the Dark Forest. Maybe it’s a spirit of the El Shard saying hello to us. Maybe it’s an event device. Maybe it’s a nothing. 

“Oh well.”

Now think about it from Ain’s perspective. He’s been with us throughout the entire journey… and none of us… not a single one of us remembers him. Not a soul. We thought it’s a wisp, an event device, a nothing. We all thought he was a nothing, because he erased our memories.

Even for people to scoff at his “convenient” memory-erasing abilities is ironic indeed. Of course we find Ain’s ability absurd and out-of-the-blue because he erased our memories. 

The fact that people find his plot unbelievable or ridiculous IS THE PAINFUL IRONY OF AIN’S FATE.

His existence.

Let that sink in for a while, mull it over…

A being born just to be forgotten in the end…
As if it never existed in the first place.

Living in a world where
no one wants to believe that you existed.

Now imagine there’s just one person
in the entire world who remembers you…
And believes whole-heartedly that you are real,
And that you exist. Right. Now.

'bout the hiatus, disrespectful shitttt
  • Y'all r unbelievable, UNBELIEVABLE.
  • Koogi ain't a freaking manwha generator or a machine let the girl breath. If I see anyone else complaining imma beat the shit out fo ur souls, k?
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