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(   R P   )

Lying -Minerva McGonagall
Best Prank (ask) -Minerva McGonagall
An Offer on the Table -Minerva McGonagall
#askminerva -Minerva McGonagall

Intro -Sybill Trelawney
Coffee Grinds (Ask) -Sybill Trelawney
Dodging Questions (Ask) -Sybill Trelawney
The Grim (Ask) -Sybill Trelawney

Introducing Emmeline Vance -Emmeline Vance
Clueless -Emmeline Vance
No News is Good News -Emmeline Vance

Bold Moves -Jamie Potter, Remi Lupin
Study Date -Jamie Potter
Spirit Animal (ask) -Jamie Potter
A Birthday to Remember / / Part Two -Jamie Potter, Siri Black
Sneaking Out -Jamie Potter
Bloody Hell -Jamie Potter

Children (ask) -Lily Evans
Polyjuice Pranks -Lily Evans, Sirius Black
Worst Memory -Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Emmeline Vance

Shook (ask) -Sirius Black
Emotional Turmoil -Sirius Black, Remus Lupin
Smoulder -Sirius Black
Reflection -Sirius Black

Detention -Remus Lupin

Fenrir + Bella -Bellatrix Lestrange

An Unexpected Visit -Petunia Dursley

An Arrangement -Helena Ravenclaw

Expecting the Unexpected -Helga Hufflepuff

Merpeople -Leona (OC)

Juicy News pt. 1 -Rita Skeeter
Juicy News pt. 2 -Rita Skeeter
Juicy News pt. 3 -Rita Skeeter
Juicy News pt. 4 -Rita Skeeter

Scars -Hermione Granger
What’s in your bag? -Hermione Granger
How’s Ron?(ask) -Hermione Granger
fmk (ask) -Hermione Granger
Popcorn -Hermione Granger
Yule Ball -Hermione Granger

It’s Not A Phase -Pansy Parkinson
What’s in your bag? -Pansy Parkinson
Totally in Love -Pansy Parkinson
Great -Pansy Parkinson
Pansy-exual (ask) -Pansy Parkinson
Confused (ask) -Pansy Parkinson

Tension -Lavender Brown

Must Be Obeyed -Cho Chang AVPS

First -Astoria Greengrass

Face Off -Hogwarts!Emily Grace
And it Begins -Hogwarts!Emily Grace
Can We Talk? -Hogwarts!Emily Grace
Sibling Rivalry -Hogwarts!Emily Grace


Beauty and the Beast pt 1 / pt 2 / pt 3 / pt 4 / pt 5 -Belle
Snow White pt 1 / pt 2 / pt 4 / pt 5 -The Evil Queen
The Little Mermaid pt 1 -Aquata and Arista
Hercules pt 1 -Calliope
The Incredibles pt 4 -Kari
Frozen pt 1 -Queen Iduna
Peter Pan pt 5 -Mermaid

(   M O O D B O A R D S - M A S T E R L I S T  )

(   D I F F E R E N T - T Y P E S - O F …   )

Gryffindors // Hufflepuffs // Ravenclaws // Slytherins

(   W O U L D   I N C L U D E S   )

—F R E D - W E A S L E Y—

Dating Fred
During the War
Realizing he has a Crush on you
Dating Fred (Gifs)
Twins dating twins
Learning to Cook
Winter Time
Both Getting Sick
Younger Girlfriend
Summer Lovin’
Giggly Significant Other
Panic Attacks
After the battle

—G E O R G E - W E A S L E Y—

First Kiss
Quidditch World Cup
Realizing he has a Crush on you
Dating a Slytherin Girl
First Date (w/ Gifs)
Fluff and Romance
Post-Battle AU
Curly Hair
Mirror of Erised
Checking you out
Burning of the Burrow
First Meeting
Yule Ball
“So Close” Yule Ball II
Gryffindor Pin
Separate Houses
Meeting the Fam
Dating a Muggle
Break up
Shopping Trip
Getting Back Together
Virgin headcanon

—O T H E R S—

Dating Harry James Potter
Dating James Sirius Potter
Dating Regulus Black
Next Gen Quidditch Commentator
Twins and Hickeys?
Youtuber Headcanons

(   I M A G I N E S   )

— D R A C O - X - R E A D E R —

Tour Guide / / part 2
My Girl 
Faint / / part 2

— H A R R Y - X - R E A D E R — 

The Little Things
Movie Night 
Eavesdropping (granger!reader)
Happy Thoughts
Birthday Dinner

— F R E D - X - R E A D E R —

Set Up
Wit Beyond Measure (ft. draco)

— G E O R G E - X - R E A D E R —


Belle of the Ball

— R O N - X - R E A D E R—


— S I R I U S - X - R E A D E R —

Through the Years
Close Encounter // Part Two
Smoking Hot
Puppy Dog Eyes
Convinced Yet?

— R E M U S - X - R E A D E R —

Sweater Weather
Soulmate / / Part Two
On the Way
Jealous, Much?

— J A M E S - X - R E A D E R —

Quite a Catch (Ravenclaw!Reader)

— O T H E R S —

Wisdom Teeth-James x Reader Blurb
Meeting Her-Hermione Granger Imagine

(   L I V E   R E A C T I O N S   )

(   P E N P A L S :   An Ilvermorny Story  ) 

(  T H E   B A C H E L O R E T T E :  Wizarding World Edition )

(   A R T W O R K  )

(   F A N   A R T   )

Anonymous Burrito Fanfic


FIRST INITIAL:                                LAST INITIAL:

A= Super                                           A= Masochist

B= Berserk                                        B= Devil 

C= Chibi (small)                                C= Cat

D= Digi-                                             D= Monster 

E= Detective                                      E= Vampire

F= Fighting                                        F= Sadist 

G= Robot                                           G= Alchemist 

H= Henshin (transforming)                H= Pretty-Girl

I= Fullmetal                                        I= Exorcist

J= Magical                                         J= Little Sister                                   

K= Happy                                           K= Prince

L= Lovely                                           L= Student

M= Kamen (masked)                         M= Magician

N= Neo-                                             N= Mermaid 

O= Lucky                                           O= Princess

P= Pretty                                            P= Idol

Q= Samurai                                       Q= Big Brother 

R= Dark                                             R= Pretty-Boy

S= Sailor                                           S= Alien 

T= Phantom Thief                             T= Angel 

U= Ultimate                                       U= Ninja 

V= Vampire                                       V= Rose

W= Doki-Doki (v-throbbing)              W= Bride

X= Psychic                                        X= Fighter

Y= Sparkling                                     Y= Spirit Monster

Z= Power                                          Z= Teacher 

H I S  B L O O D  W I L L  B R I N G  Y O U  B A C K  -  LISTEN

AU: in which the little mermaid decides to slay the prince to save herself and become a mermaid again. 
but after her feet formed back into a fish’s tail, the loss of her love causes her so much grief that she cannot come back to her family and old life anymore. not knowing where to go, the little mermaid decides to sit down at the rocks near the prince’s castle and starts to sing a sweet lullaby for her dead heart. her voice and songs are so melancholically beautiful that any sailor who hears her call cannot resist its allure and gets killed by the strong current of the ocean and sharp rocks as soon as he tries to come near her.
[short: the little mermaid becomes a siren after killing the prince.]