r a dical

@egowave yeah some groups of “r@dical” femin?sts are obsessed w/ these wack ass ideas like “if lesbians do any kind of penetrative stimulation they’re imitating heterosexuality and they need to stop that” or “if one woman tends to be more assertive for a particular sex act and the other likes to be more receptive that’s also promoting abuse and imitating heterosexuality and they need to stop that too” just all these reaches about things that are essentially harmless, when like I said there are plenty of actual issues u could go after if u care about ethics and sex… I sneezed and it was more radical than any of that. 

G-d I wish there was feminism specific to lgbtpn women because like l*beral feminism caters to straight people and r*dical feminism is full of terfs and i’ve heard that intersectional feminism is for woc/black women and idk i’m just uncomfortable / don’t want to impose as a lesbian in the feminism community as it stands

too lazy to make the actual meme but

bro how many layers of AZN AM WACKTIVISM are you on uhhh like 3 or 4 you are like little baby watch THIS *long ass internet fight about how c*ltural appr*priation.. is GOOD and fcking wh*te g*rls is r*dical*