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I am broken. I’ve been abandoned and ignored too many times to still be whole. I don’t trust people anymore, not with something as important as my heart.

You were different. You slipped right through the cracks. I told you things I never meant to tell anyone, things I’d hidden so deep that I had to crawl through the darkness to find them. You brought out a version of me I didn’t know existed anymore. But, you didn’t fix me. I am still broken and now you’re leaving and that’s okay. I’ve been broken before, one more crack won’t kill me. Just please stop asking me if I’m okay. Please stop caring so much. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
—  “Are you okay?”
I don’t know how to love people. 

Every one leaves or I scare them away. I love too hard or not enough. I overwhelm them with affection or I forget to return their messages for three days. I am all in or not in at all. I am fire or I am ice, but I am never water.

I don’t know how to be in between.
I don’t know how to love people.

(bound) shorts

me: [hums the beginning part of that kanye song we all kno and love]

I saw these COOL ASS jeans by @aprisims and my brain was like !!!!!!!!!!!! so thank u so much for ur inspo !!

  • there’s 11 swatches that are like. denimy.
  • for females teen-elder; correctly tagged; disabled for random; custom shadow map etc etc.
  • has it’s own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • let me know if this shows up funky in ur game!!