r & s garrard


Queen Victoria’s small diamond crown

Worn for the first time in 1871 at the opening of Parliament. This crown was created for Queen Victorian and became her favorite because it’s small size allowed her to wear it on top of her widow’s cap.

The crown went on to be owned by Queen Alexandra and then Queen Mary.

Made by the Crown Jewellers, R.S. Garrard & Co. in 1870

Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch from 1856 by R & S Garrard, featuring a large emerald-cut brilliant stone surrounded by twelve other large brilliants, suspending nine diamond chains. Many of these extraordinary stones have undergone a number of transformations during their history, having been re-cut or incorporated into new settings as fashions and tastes have changed. This fringe brooch was remodelled by R & S Garrard from a piece that then had stones added to it that were presented by the Sultan of Turkey, Abdul Mejid I in May of 1856. The brooch was then worn by Queen Alexandra, and subsequently by the Queen Mother for the coronation of The Queen in 1953.