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Long Time Confessions

Pairings: Jonathan Byers x Reader

Notes: sorry this took so long to be posted. I just didn’t have a whole lot of time to write. Enjoy!

Warnings: none

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“No, Jonathan, no!” You exploded in laughter, clutching your stomach as you fell sideways on to the couch. All poor little Jonathan Byers did was stare at you incredulously as you continued in your laughing fit.

“I said one thing, y/n. One.” Jonathan shook his head, a smile coming to his face as he watched yours turn a beat red. “Breath, y/n, you need to breath.” But it was almost as if the longer he talked, the harder you would laugh. Soon enough, you sucked in a deep breathe and held it for a few seconds before letting it out slowly, sitting back up to face him again.

“Sorry, Jon.” You chuckled out as you gave him a smile, patting his shoulder before standing up and stretching a bit. “But that was a great… ‘statement’. Anyways, want a snack?” You asked him, walking into the kitchen and pulling out some random items of food.

“No, I’m good.” Jonathan replied with a sigh, and he leaned back on the couch as he ran a hand over his face. “Just… make whatever.” You pulled a face at his response, but shrugged and pulled out a leftover a bag of chips before looking for a bowl. “You sure? There’s enough chips or pop if you want some.”

Jonathan shook his head, but didn’t say anything until he stood up with a small groan. “Yeah, I’m sure.” He said, and he let his arms hang loosely by his side as he walked into the kitchen, next to you. “Maybe later.”

“Okay, if you say so.” You shrugged, pouring the rest of the chips into the bowl and holding them out to Jonathan. “Can you take these into the living room for me?” You asked, giving him a thankful smile as he grabbed the plastic bowl. “Thanks. I’m gonna grab some ice and a cup for my drink. So I’ll be in there soon.” Jonathan nodded, turning back around and walking into the living room before setting the bowl on to the table. “Take your time. We need a break from studying anyways.”

Jonathan let out a sigh as he looked around the room, his eyes landing on to the book filled floor and table. He quickly picked the books up from the floor and closed them, setting them on to the couch before sitting back down. “You done yet?” He called out to you, turning his head when he heard some shuffling in the kitchen.

“Yeah, sorry…” You let out a groan as you set the can of soda down on the counter. “I can’t open up the can, but I’ll be in there soon.” A chuckle escaped Jonathan’s lips at your reply, and he shook his head before standing up again. “Do you need any help?” He asked, stuffing his hands into his pockets before slowly making his way into the kitchen again.

“No… no I almost…” You bit your lip in concentration as you tried once again to open the can, but to no avail. “Hey, Jonathan, do you think that you could help– oh my… ” You jumped in surprise as his arms suddenly wrapped around your waist, and he reached for the can, quickly opening it for you before setting it back on to the counter. “T-thanks…” You shuttered out, a red tint dusting your cheeks as you stood there, shocked by his sudden closeness.

“It’s no problem.” You felt Jonathan shrug behind you as his arms slowly circled around you. “Is that all you needed?”


Despite how relaxed Jonathan seemed, his heart was beating uncontrollably, and he feared that maybe you could hear it. So in a split second decision, Jonathan unwrapped his arms from around your waist and he cleared his throat quickly. “I– uh… sorry.” He stuttered out, giving you an apologetic smile before turning around to walk out of the kitchen. “We should get back to—”

But you quickly cut him off as you jumped forward, hugging him from behind and pressing a soft, comforting kiss to the space between his shoulder blades. “It’s okay.” You mumbled, resting your head against his back before stepping back a bit. “Don’t worry about that, Jonathan.”

Jonathan’s eyes were wide with shock at your sudden hug, and when he turned around to face you, he cracked you a small grin. “I-I still shouldn’t have d-done that.” He said, wringing his hands together as he looked to the ground. A smile formed on your lips, and you pressed against your toes to press another kiss to his cheek. “I didn’t mind it.” You replied with a small laugh. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“O-oh, okay.” He let out a sigh of relief at your statement, and with a sudden bout of confidence, he took step forward before wrapping you up in another hug. “C-can I tell you something?” He asked, a part of him hoping you’d say yes, but the other part hoping you’d say no.

“Yeah, go ahead.” You nodded, burying your face into his shoulder as your arms went around his neck. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jonathan nodded, pressing a kiss to your forehead before sighing again. “I-its just that… I…” He sucked in a deep breath before speaking, thinking that he had better do this sooner rather than later. “I… like you… a lot in fact. I-I always kind of have, ever since the fourth grade… ” He let out a small laugh, and you looked to him with shock. “I just never really had the guts to tell you…”

“R-really?” You looked up to him with surprise written all over your face. “A-are you serious? Oh my god!” Jonathan’s face suddenly fell as despair washed over him. Were you making fun of him because of the crush he had in you? “That’s such a fucking relief! Jonathan, I like you too!” Once again, shock spread over his face once you had finally replied. “Really?!”

“Yeah!” You nodded, throwing your head back as you laughed before wrapping your arms around him again in a big hug. “I was too scared to tell you, Jon. And you… you just made it so much easier for me now.” You signed before looking up to him with a large smile on your face. Jonathan tilted his head to the side in confusion, and his nose scrunched up as he tried to figure out what you meant. “Uh… easier for you… how?”

“It makes it easier for me to do this!” You exclaimed, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling his face down to yours, and pressing your lips to his in a big kiss. Jonathan’s eyes widened in shock and surprise at your actions, but he melted into the kiss as his arms automatically wrapped themselves around your waist, pulling you a bit closer to him.

Your lips worked together in sync as the two of you stood there, moving rhythmically against one another, but soon enough you two to pull back for air. “Well…” Jonathan breathed out, licking his now red lips before letting out a sigh. “That was…”

“Yeah.” You laughed as you nodded, standing on your tippy-toes once again as you pulled him down again. “Wanna do it again?” Jonathan nodded in agreement almost immediately when you said that, his arms tightening around your waist before he slowly backed you into the counter and leaned his head down again.


i know june is gonna be my fave month because it starts on a monday like tbh all of june is just really aesthetically pleasing to look at

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I need an AU where Enjolras finally gets up the guts to ask R to marry him but he wants to make it special because R deserves to have something special done for him for once. He’s the one that does special things for him all the time. So when R suggests they go to the new fancy restaurant in town he jumps at the idea because that would be perfect. He calls ahead and everything to set it up, a bottle of champagne with the rings in the bottom, too bad when they get there the champagne isn’t at the table like it’s suppose to but a bowl of breadsticks instead. And goddamnit they only had to do one thing and now it’s ruined and R will be so disappointed even though that doesn’t make sense because he didn’t know in the first place, but it was ping to be perfect- great, now R’s eating the breadsticks and now he’s dropping them on the ground -
And now what is he doing? He seems to just be staring at Enjolras from the ground.
And holy god, it takes him ungodly too long to realize what R is doing.
Then he’s mad, because damnit R , he wanted to do it and now he won’t feel special, now he can’t show R that he’s as committed to the relationship as him.
So it’s completely justified when he grumpily says ‘No’ before R is even done.
He’s so wrapped up in his thoughts that he almost doesn’t notice the way R’s face falls.
'Shit, damnit R not like that, I wanted to ask you’ and of course now is the time that the waiter decides to bring out the champagne, the ring clearly visible and well damn now R sees it too.

And then Enjolras blurts 'can we just do it mutually?’
Which makes R laugh because his fiancée is such a dork