r!ship: jamily


I swear I’m in shock.

I had the hope that Jamily will return but now I think that it is impossible.

I can’t explain how I feel just now.

I know that they have their life, but they were a incredible couple, you just saw they and thinks ‘wow they are one for the other’.

But now this happened and their life continues.

Nothing more to say.

Jamily always. Jamie and Olivia


Fandom: TMI

OTP: Clace

Prompt: Jace acting like a jerk to Clary and then apologizing

For:  Anon


“I’m going.” Clary sticks her chin up. “I am, Jace.” She was already dressed for the hunt, in black leather jacket, black pants, with her hair falling loose around her shoulders. Her stele was tucked safely into an easily accessible place at her hip, amongst other, complicated looking weapons that applied to demons only. She was ready to kill.

Behind them, Isabelle and Alec duck out, avoiding the fight they knew was about to go down.

“No.” Jace flexes his jaw. “Over my dead body, Clary.”

“It’s just a couple of demons, Jace, I can handle them.” She says, her voice on the verge of yelling.

No, you can’t.” Jace growls, stepping closer to her, until Clary’s backed up against a wall.

Clary’s jaw fall slack. “Excuse me?” She gasps, in shock.

“You heard me.” Jace says tightly. “I don’t think you can handle them.”

You don’t mean that.” Clary shuts her eyes. “you don’t.”

“you’re not strong enough.” Jace continues. He opens his mouth to say, “not yet, at least” when a single tear falls from her eye, and he stops short.


He did that.

He made clary cry.

So often, so so often, he was the one wiping away Clary’s tears, the one cursing whoever made them come. But now he was the one who’d provoked them.

“By the angel.” Jace punches the wall above Clary’s head at pure frustration at himself, making her jump and squeak. His eyes fall on her, and he catches a tear with his thumb. “I’m sorry.” He whispers, his eyes burning into hers.

Clary ducks under his arm and away from him. “If that’s really how you feel, Jace.” She laughs once, without humor. “Then don’t apologize.”

Before she can walk away to hide in her room for days, ignoring Jace as only Clary can, (she’s the only girl Jace has ever known who can ignore him, not even Isabelle or Mayrse can do that) he snags her wrist and drags her sharply towards him, sending her crashing into his chest. Before Clary can scramble away, Jace holds her, tightly, resting his chin atop her hair. “It’s not how I feel. Christ, Clary, I’m sorry. Okay?”

Clary doesn’t move away from him, to Jace’s relief. If she had…he doesn’t know if he’d be able to take that. To take rejection, from her. Anyone but her. “Do you really think I’m weak?”

“No.” Jace struggles for words. “I’m just…I mean, Clary, you have to understand—my first instinct is to protect you—always. You always come first for me, before anyone. Before myself, even.” Jace smiles briefly. “So obviously, if you’re wanting to come with me, and put yourself in danger, I’m going to object. I don’t want to see you get hurt. Do you know how crazy I’d be, with you standing before a demon? Even that first day in your mother’s house, I nearly had a heart attack, and I hardly knew you. Didn’t even know your name.”

Clary doesn’t reply.

“Do you want to come?” Jace asks, his voice steady.


“Then…” He takes a deep breath and pulls away, offering Clary just his hand instead. “Let’s go.”

She frowns at his hand for half a second, and Jace’s heart drops. He’s sure she’ll walk away begrudgingly and leave him hanging, aching for physical touch, when she shoves his hand aside, and launches herself into his arms. “I forgive you.” She says simply. She hugs him until his shocked arms fold around her, and he kisses her forehead, pulling away, offering up his hand one more time. “The others are waiting.” He smiles.

Clary smiles too, accepting his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She walks beside him towards the institute doors, before freezing. “Jace?”

“Yes?” he raises a brow.

“I’m scared.” She admits, cowering a little closer.

Jace gives her a sympathetic smile. “Clary, I’ll protect you.”

And with that promise hanging sweet and lovely in the air, the venture off, both prepared to spill the blood of their enemies.


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I went into this project and came out of it not a different person but an involved person.I think I learned so much about myself and my abilities and capacities with my heart my mind emotions with the job personally, grew a lot and I found things in this project that I will never ever forget and always take away with me and it’s terrifying to put yourself out there and be so vulnerable but what i got frrm this movie will forever surpass any box office numbers And at the end of the day it will forever be some of the most memorable moments of my life. - Lily Collins

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