a comprehensive list of things I enjoyed about Restaurant Wars:
- Ronaldo wears heelies
- Ronaldo has a girlfriend (I hope they get back together)
- Jenny loves her little sister and that makes me so happy
- Pearl in a suit (or uniform) is back and I’m in love
- Onion waiting outside instead of just sneaking in like usual
- it reminded me of one of those cooking animes, especially the part in Steven’s restaurant
- as always, Steven is a precious and adorable cinnamon roll

Ominous!Wiggins from the Series 4 trailer could easily enough turn out to be a misleading edit. But as long as everyone’s trying to figure out what his potentially-creepy deal is in the meantime, I will reintroduce you to the theory I recently made my peace with after forcing it out of my system for a couple years…

Wiggins: Can I come? I think I’ve got a broken arm.
Mary: No. Go away.
John: No, let him.
Mary: Why?
John: Yeah, just get in. It’s a sprain.

Since a sprained arm should involve a joint in some way, completely avoiding the elbow and wrist joints and instead wrapping a bandage around and around the middle of Wiggins’ forearm seems like an unorthodox first aid choice.

It would, however, be the perfect thing to do if you wanted to cover up one of these:

[Image via Edginton & Culbard’s graphic novel adaptation.]

The Scowrer brand from The Valley of Fear.

And if Mary is actually based on Birdy Edwards from the same novel, well…

Let’s just say she’d be aware of the significance.