r!kevin cosplay


“The future is what you make off it! just know that your supplies are limited.”- Kevin (Sandstorm episode 19b)

Photograph :Mr_Nishi
Cosplay: Me

Big thanks to shoutycat for letting me using his awesome make up and partying the night out befor the con began ,because of you a beautiful strexpet was born~ ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡

And thanks for the beautiful nice and awesome strexcorp group from saturday fbm , i had lots of fun with you guys ♡♡♡ hope we see us again for another company picnic ~♡♡♡


My shirt is much too clean.

Whatever. I’m satisfied. For now. Until I get my hands on, or make, some fake blood to play with and stain this shirt to hell and then up my game. Kevin will evolve much like Carlos did. 8)

Luckily I liked this shirt so much I bought a second one. So even when I get around to bloodying one up I wont feel too bad about it. 8)