r!kevin cosplay


I still remember the day we first met, you flooded the room with bright light and the second I saw you, I knew that I was lost.

(okay and again i was thinking about some exR headcanons, suddenly remembered that these photos and the smol hc exists and wanted to share it on tumblr too, i took them on the same day as the other ones btw)

Gooooooood morning Desert Bluffs! The sun is shining, the falcons are singing, and it’s Job Swap Day! It’s the one day a year we all get to try out someone else’s job because, as you know, we each have a work assignment from birth and sometimes you need a reminder that the smiling god does not make mistakes. Today I join you from the local organic food and poisonous pet store, Earth Fare, and they tell me I’m doing something called “graphic design”. This sounds much less dangerous than last year’s air traffic controller assignment, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and an eye towards the sky for a safe and exciting Job Swap Day!