• Jess: I'm a little cold
  • Mike: Here, take my jacket
  • Ashley: I'm a little cold too
  • Chris: Here, take my jacket
  • Emily: I'm cold as well... Matt?
  • Matt: Oh, yeah, take my-
  • Chris: Here, take my other jacket
  • Chris: Josh, b r o , here's my other other jacket
  • Chris: Sam, you cold too?
  • Sam: I'm wearing a fucking towel
  • Chris: Here, take my other other other jacket
  • Josh: I wish my sisters were here
  • Chris: I know, bro. Me too...
  • Chris: I still have two more jackets
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Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy (Faraday x Reader) NSFW

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“How much?”

“Two bits for the cheap stuff, three dollars for the good stuff.”

You were too busy cleaning the aftermath of a fight to bother looking up. The voice didn’t sound familiar, but then again, most didn’t. People were always drifting in and out of town. It was rare to see a face stick around for more than three days, and even rarer for you to bother recognizing it.

“Hey Johnny, you got two bits on ya? Gonna buy me a whore for the night.” The stranger could barely finish his sentence without bursting into hysterics, and you could hear a few others join in. It wasn’t the first time you’d heard the joke, and it wouldn’t be the last, but it still stung.

“Either drink or get out,” you replied coldly as you continued wiping down the bar, careful to avoid the broken glass.  

“She’s got some fight in her! I like it. A buck. I think you’re worth a whole buck.”

“Alright now listen,” you hissed as you finally stopped what you were doing to meet his eye line. He was an ugly looking guy, just as you expected. His beard was long and mangled. He was missing a few teeth. You weren’t sure when the last time he bathed was. Disgusting. “I think it’s best you leave.”

“Oh yeah?” He stood up, placing one hand on his gun, and grabbing your wrist with the other. You winced a bit as he tightened his grip. He’d pinned your hand down hard against a large shard of glass. “How about no money but instead I let you keep that pretty little head of yours.”  

“Fuck,” you mumbled as panic started to set in. Men made lewd comments all the time, and on nearly a daily basis they got in fights with each other, but never had one gotten physical with you. In all honesty, you considered yourself relatively lucky. With the trash that drifted through here, you were surprised nobody tried anything sooner.

“ ‘Scuse me, but I’m gonna need you to move aside. I’m trying to order a drink from this here lady.”

The man blinked and turned his head. Resting against the bar was yet another man you didn’t recognize. This one seemed calm and collected, but you still caught a spark of wildfire in the corner of his eye.

“The hell you think you’re doin’, Faraday? You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you dead after you cheated back there at poker.”

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Goner//Josh Dun Fanfiction

Note: Since it’s pretty much based on the idea that the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher presented. It contains suicide, and some other pretty dark stuff. Each chapter will have its own warnings, but in the mean time be careful while reading—I don’t want to cause any harm.


               He was a nobody last month—when the teachers would call his name in attendance, everyone would look around. Confused expressions adorning their features, he seemed like a myth. Like a legend.

               “I heard that Josh kid killed a dude once.”

               “Really? Because I heard he was raised by wolves” Stupid things created by rather stupid people—usually. The more insane and unrealistic stories seemed like a comic relief compared to the other rumors spread about the boy. You heard all about how he allegedly tried drowning his younger sister, how he allegedly got kicked out of his old school because he was dealing drugs, how he allegedly slit his wrists all day everyday.

               You chose to ignore them—you rather liked Josh. Well when you saw him anyway. Columbus high wasn’t particularly small—there were a minimum of 3 classes each for all the core subjects; far more for the extracurricular. You were lucky though; you got to share 3 of 4 classes with this mysterious new kid. The one who kept his head down and only spoke when spoken to. You wish you could’ve figured out why.


               You internally groaned as your teacher began talking—not about science, not about chemicals. Rather, he was discussing suicide. The topic on everybody’s mind since the “nobody” became the school celebrity. It made you sick to see everyone fake compassion, suddenly turn into heroes; or what they believed was a hero.

               “I know this is a fresh wound for everyone, considering it has only been 2 weeks. But all the staff at Columbus High would like to reach out for any student needing help. Mental health is just as important as physical health! If your brain is off balance, then your whole body will follow.” You stared outside, choosing to ignore the latest soapbox speech. The sky was gray, except it wasn’t raining—nor did the clouds look like they wanted to pour. Rather it was just a dark undertone, blocking away the sunlight. Almost like the universe was foreshadowing the boy’s fate. “Now if you know anyone who is going through tough times; please remember that getting them help is much more important than keeping a friendship.” You cast your gaze over to the teacher, who was putting his paper on the desk. Figures, the school gave them a premade speech to rattle off. “Do any of you have any questions?” You took a deep breath in, waiting for the vultures to dive in for the kill.

               “This kid, is he dead?” One of the basketball players asked from the back of the room; his expression was neutral but you could’ve sworn you heard his voice waver just a little.

               “I am not in a position to discuss that with you Mr. Joseph. That is something you will have to talk to the family about. Are there any other questions?” Your gaze went to the basketball player, who was gnawing on his lip—deep in thought. Probably contemplating another question.

               “If he does die, will there be an investigation and charges? Will it be treated like murder or just his bad decision making?” The people around him snickered at the end of his sentence, finding a cruel amusement in the insult. You found it sickening—for the fact that he probably tried killing himself for this exact reason.

               “That is up to the family to decide.” The teacher stated bluntly, turning his attention to the latest unit. Trying to avoid being put in any more awkward situations for one morning. You pulled open your notebook, clicking your pen. Trying to ignore the heavy feeling settled in your chest—you barely knew this kid, so why is all the suicide talk getting to you?


               “Hey! Y/L/N!” You heard someone call as you walked toward the lunchroom—your morning classes droned on, filled with chatter about Josh. Why people think he did it, what they think happened, even as far as how. It disgusted you to the core. You turned to see that basketball player, Joseph you think his name was walking up beside you.  ‘‘You didn‘t look so good in class today, I was coming to see if you were alright” You were taken back by the question—despite its seemingly innocent motive.

               “I’m fine, thank you Joseph.” You whispered, turning to leave toward the cafeteria once again.

               “It’s Tyler, and you just didn’t seem so good when they brought up those rough topics. I just thought I’d be a support. So if you ever need anything. Call me.” He extended his hand out to yours—keeping up with you as you walked. You rolled your eyes before taking the paper and shoving it haphazardly into your pocket. “Before you think anything; I’m not playing any cheesy hookup lines on you. I actually care and don’t want this to happen to someone else.” He whispered to you, before changing paths and meeting up with the rest of the basketball team.

               You couldn’t quite wrap your mind around it, the basketball team captain was suddenly being nice to you? Something was definitely up.


               “Hi honey, how was your day?” Your mom asked, walking up to the door to greet you. Eyes shimmering with curiosity.

               “It was fine, pretty boring though. Just notes all class.” You shrugged, taking your shoes off and making your way to your room. Your mom following you most of the way, asking you a variety of questions about your day. What were the notes on, did you learn anything interesting? Did you make any new friends? Needless to say, you were kind of resentful at what this Josh kid had caused—suddenly nobody left you alone. It was a constant stream of “how are you? Are you okay? How was your day?” and other fake interest. You liked it better when you could sit on the outside of the world and watch it as it passed, popping in on your own accord.

               “Y/N, your bag is hanging wide open!” Your mom commented, as soon as you reached your door. You scrunched your nose up—you definitely remember zipping it before you made your way out of school. Except when you slung it off your back—the zipper was wide open. What the hell?

               “I must’ve forgot to zip it! I’m going to make sure everything is here and do my homework. Okay mom, love you.” You quickly slipped into your room, shutting the door behind you before emptying the contents of your backpack on the bed.

               Books, check. Pencil case, check. Notebook, check. Weird bag thing, check? You arched and eyebrow as you opened the zip lock bag. It seemed to have a brown paper bag inside of it. Sitting cross-legged on your bed you slowly pulled out the bag. Praying it didn’t have an illegal substance somewhere within it. You grabbed one end of the brown bag, letting out a shocked scream when it unrolled itself and something fell to you lap. Provoking the curiosity of your mother.

               “I’m fine mom! No need to come in, just saw a spider that’s all.” You yelled out to her, taking a breath of relief when you saw it was only a usb drive that fell to your lap—not drugs. You inspected the drive, it was seemingly normal. Had a few scratches along it, but what doesn’t? Putting it to the side, you looked closer at the brown bag, opening it to find a few sheets of paper crammed inside.

               For Your Eyes ONLY. Strange enough. You opened the paper, heart clenching when you saw a boyish handwriting sprawled across the page.

               It’s simple. Watch the videos, pack up the usb and instructions, and move along—maybe even change a bit. That could never hurt right?

               Besides that, keep this within the group—and keep it going. You wouldn’t want to know what would happen if it stopped, but what threat am I? I’m either dead or comatose.


               No. It couldn’t be. Why is this coming to you? Maybe it was a mistake? You flopped over the side of your bed, reaching underneath to pull your laptop up onto your bed. Tapping nervously you watched as the technology in front of you took forever to open. And forever to recognize the USB.

               13 files. Each were labeled with a number—nothing else. Taking a deep breath you clicked the first file—watching as the media player popped up, starting a video of a dark room. The only sounds were that of a furnace and someone’s breathing. Shivers found their way down your spine when you were met with a somewhat familiar face—he looked calm. A small smirk playing at his lips.

               “I’m not going to repeat myself with instructions—if the person before you neglected to add them. Listen, find them and figure out what you need to do.” He let out a emotionless laugh. “Other than that, hey. Glad you could make it to the party.” You felt your chest tighten as your eyes burned with tears. You barely knew him, but seeing his face. No emotion, nothing on it made your heart shatter.

               “To set the record straight here, no I didn’t leave any notes, no my family doesn’t know why and no all your rumors are probably wrong.” You paused the video, resting your elbows on your knees and holding your head up with your hands. Why was this sent to you?? “I know what you’re wondering, “What is this and why am I included”, in dear time friend. In due time you’ll know. Just listen for a bit—like I do. Well used to.” You stared at the screen, in complete shock. Jumping slightly when a knock came on your door.

               “Honey, are you coming down for supper tonight?” Your mom asked—probably wondering how many plates to prepare.

               “No, I’m really busy and not too hungry.” You called back, reaching in your bag for a pair of headphones. Plugging them in before warily pressing play again.

               “If you’re ready for a ride, lets go. Congrats Mr. Cos, you’re the lucky first contestant.”

My Universe

“So, are you and Halsey, like, official,” Tyler asked, peering over Josh’s shoulder to see what he was texting to Ashley.

“What,” the drummer stuttered and looked over at his friend who was only inches away from him. “No dude, Ashley is just a friend,” he exclaimed, practically shoving his phone away in his pocket.

“Whatcha guys talking about then,” he raised his eyebrows as a huge grin plastered over his face.
Josh didn’t like this. He was so unsure if his friend would continue harassing him over every girl he would just talk to.

“She was asking if we could have matching hair colors,” the pink haired male lied through his teeth. He wasn’t very good at lying either, he would go stiff, his words would either mush together to a slur or be spaced out completely to the point where he would sound like a robot. He sounded more robotic, his arms hugged his torso as he looked around the room nervously. He hated making eye contact with the singer while lying. It seemed to be against his morals

“Why are you all weird then,” Tyler poked at his friend’s side, his eyes scanned his whole body, slowly up and slowly down. He knew he was making his friend uncomfortable, this was the only way to squeeze out the truth.

“Because she wants so choose a matching color, she likes the publicity when people think we’re a thing,” of course, this was a lie as well. Josh straightened his back and clenched his teeth down so he wouldn’t crack as easily.

“Ah,” The brunette nodded and went back to playing Pokémon on his old-school game boy color. His brows furrowed as he battled away, but something else was eating away at him.


Laying in his bed, Josh looked up at his glowing phone. The last text received was from Halsey.
ASHLEY: Dude you can totally do it.
He let out a long and heavy sigh before he started tapping away at his phone.
“I don’t think I can. This is our friendship. Our band. My life. On the line.” Unsure if he could send the composed message to her, he shifted in bed, laying on his back. Sent.
A few moments later his phone dinged, “ASHLEY: But what if it does work?”
His mind cluttered quickly, the drummer locked his phone and placed it on his chest.

Tyler was in the hotel room right next to Josh’s. They had a door separating the two, and he assumed that the drummer locked the door. He could hear his phone dinging every minute or so, and he was absolutely terrified that his best friend may be falling in love with Ashley. His eyes glanced over at the digital clock that flashed next to his queen sized bed, 3:08 A.M. He couldn’t sleep. Tyler couldn’t stop thinking.
Picking up his phone after moments of debating in his mind, the singer sent a text to Josh. “R u still up?” Before he could even lock his phone, it buzzed and he got a text back from his best friend.
Three letter texts, ‘Is Joshua mad at me’ he wondered, his stomach churned as he tried to think up something to say. “I can’t sleep”
“Me neither” There was something wrong with Josh, no doubt about it.
“My door is unlocked,” That was all Tyler could think of, an open invitation to his room.
“I’m in my boxers”
Before Tyler could even send his last text, he heard the drummer open up the door that divided the two rooms.

Josh awkwardly walked in, his eyes looked dim and tired. Tyler couldn’t help but admire the physique of his best friend. As the pink haired male made his way over to Tyler, he gave him a sleepy smile and practically crawled onto his bed.

“I’m kinda sleepy,” his voice was low and soft, it filled the room and calmed the worried friend. The brunette smiled widely, scooting over so his friend could sit right beside him.

“Why did you come here if you wanted to sleep,” he asked, containing himself from touching Josh’s hand or arm.

“I wanted to see you, and talk to you about something,”
The taller male’s heart dropped and his stomach clenched. His face turned paper white as he nodded, waiting for his friend to continue on. “I mean, it’s not a bad thing! I think you’d be happy for me,” Josh’s gaze met Tyler’s eyes, he could tell that his friend was completely terrified.

“I’ll always be happy for you,” the brunette admitted, although it wasn’t entirely true.
“I think I’m in love,” he sighed and looked down into his lap.

“Ashley,” Tyler asked, his voice was coarse and choppy, he didn’t want to cry, he wouldn’t let himself cry in front of Josh because of that.

“Ty” The pink haired male whispered softly. “I’ve never been interested in someone until I met…” He could have sworn his heart was beating so hard it was going to break through his rib cage.
“She’ll be good for you,” Tyler was trying to complete his friend’s sentences for him. “She’ll make you happy and she’ll love you, she’ll w-”

“No,” before the singer could finish he was cut off completely. “No no no,” Josh shook his head, his left hand slowly moved over to grab Tyler’s right hand. “Ty, you,” his voice grew shaky, “Ty I don’t want you to be happy for me,”
Pulling away his hand, Tyler practically sneered and shook his head, “Getting cocky already?!” Betrayal overflowed in the singer. He could have sworn that if he heard anymore it was going to come right through him and made him throw up all over the cheap hotel bedsheets.

“No, Tyler stop this right now,” the drummer started getting nervous, he was terrible when it came to acting alright in tense situations.

“You stop this,” he snapped back, Josh was all Tyler had and he was going to lose him to a girl. “Go back to texting Ashley, may-” Josh couldn’t take it anymore, he wasn’t the best when it came to putting things in intricate words, he was better with actions than anything. His other hand gripped the singer’s shoulder tightly.

“Look at me,”
Tyler’s eyes slowly moved over to meet Josh’s.
“Tyler I’m in love with you,” There was no response, the brunette let out a gentle sob before pulling his best friend into a hug. It was gentle and soft and loving. Tears rolled down the brunette’s cheeks and Josh would carefully kiss away each of them. His fingers gently ran through his brown hair as he tried to get his friend to calm down. “I’m sorry if I ruined this friendship,” he apologized.

“I’m in love with you too,” Tyler placed his hands on the back of Josh’s neck and pulled him into a gentle kiss. Their lips met, they felt static, the warmth of a sunrise, zero gravity, everything around them drowned out completely. The kiss was full of love, Josh still heard his friend’s tears as they pitter-pattered down onto the bed. The kiss was full of so much emotion, so much tension, the drummer was so afraid that if he kissed any harder, his friend would completely fall apart. After a few moments of intimacy, Josh pulled away and looked into Tyler’s eyes.

“You’re my first love, you’re my world, my universe,”

Meeting Tøp probably

Me: I wish I could meet tøp…

*Tøp magically appears*

Josh: h-

Tyler: NO JIsh dnt talk to it u r my fren!!

Josh: I was jus-

Tyler: NO JISH Dnt talk tO IT

Tyler: *points at me intimidatingly and whispers* git ur own fren…

Josh: …Tyler…

Tyler: *pulls Josh away whilst glaring at me*

Me: ………..okay……….

Whenever You Need Me-Calum Smut

Summery: your boyfriend had just broken up with you after you found out he was cheating on you for months. You go to your best friend Calum’s flat and things get a little heated.

Warning: sMuT and language

Rating: R

“Josh I can’t fucking believe you did this!” you yelled, throwing various objects at your boyfriend of two years. “Four months? Four fucking months of being with someone else?!”

He walked forward but you took a step back, “I’m sorry baby. I just think we should breakup.”

Although you knew you were going to breakup with him either way you felt your chest cave in. Without saying a word you grabbed your keys and phone before storming out of the flat. “(Y/n), wait!” he screamed after you but you ignored him.

You drove to Calum’s flat without thinking and used the key he gave you to let yourself in, “Calum!” you yelled, your voice cracking.

Feet pattering against the wooden floors was heard before Calum appeared in only baggy sweatpants and disheveled hair. He looked tired but as soon as he saw your red cheeks and puffy eyes he ran towards you and held your face in his hands, “Oh my god (Y/n), what happened?” he asked wiping your tears away.

You gripped his wrists and pulled him in for a hug, “He’s been cheating on me for months Cal. He never really loved me,” you sobbed, getting his bare chest wet with your tears.

He made a small gasp noise before wrapping his arms around you. After what seemed like hours you pulled back and smiled weakly, “Sorry for just barging in here. I couldn’t think of anywhere to go.”

He nodded, “Of course. You know you can always come over.”

Wearily smiling at him, you wiped your tears off of his chest. “Do you mind if I change into something?” you asked looking down at your skinny jeans and tight black shirt.

“Yeah sure. You can choose anything in my closet. I’ll get Netflix ready, yeah?” he asked.

A genuine smile formed it’s way onto your lips before nodding and sauntering into his room. Nothing had changed, same dark walls covered in posters, same guitar in the corner of his room, he even still had the pictures the two of you had taken within the first week of meeting each other in middle school.

Walking over to his dresser you opened his shirt drawer and pulled out an old Green Day shirt, the one you always wore, and a pair of his boxers. You shed your cloths and pulled on his and walked out into the living room to see Calum with a bowl of microwaved popcorn in front of him.

When his eyes landed on you it seemed as though they would never leave. His stare made you a little uncomfortable because you had always been insecure about you body. When you sat down next to him he shifted a little before opening his arm up so you could snuggle against him.

About halfway through the movie you were watching you felt him stroke your hair, “(Y/n)?” he asked.

You looked up at him, “Yeah?”

He let out a shaky breath and continued, “(Y/n), I know you just broke up with Josh but you need to know that I love you.”

You smiled at your friend, “I love you too Ca-”

“No, you don’t get it,” he sighed and ran his hand through his hair, “I love you so much. Whenever you’re around I can’t breath and before it was killing me inside that I couldn’t have you because you were with Josh even though he treated you like shit, but (Y/n), I would never cheat on you,” he looked down at you with loving eyes.

You had always thought Calum was attractive, I mean, how could you have not? Though it never occurred to you that he had feelings for you. Before you could process what was happening he pressed his lips to yours.

His hands instantly went to your waist, pulling you up to sit on his lap. As he started kissing down you neck you let a moan spill from your mouth. Only then did you feel the bulge in Calum’s pants, making you wetter than you already were.

“I,” he kissed your right cheek, “love,” followed by the left, “you,” he mumbled kissing your nose making you giggle, “so,” he softly kissed you forehead, “much,” he finished off kissing you lips with more passion than before.

He slid his tongue over your bottom lip begging for entrance which you granted and you both explored each others mouths with your tongues. You placed you hand over his tented pants and pressed down on it, earning a guttural groan from him. “(Y/n), please,” he begged sucking harshly on your shoulder and then soothing the aching spot with a gentle kiss.

You nodded and slipped his shirt off of your body. He lightly kissed your bra line, making a few marks. Expertly he undid your bra and instantly wrapped his lips around your right nipple, tweaking the other one in his hand, “Oh, Calum. Shit!” you screamed when he started blowing cool air on you nipple.

You hungrily brought your lips back together and raked your hands through his hair and tugged every now and then.

Quickly he flipped you over so you were lying beneath him and he slid off his sweatpants revealing the lack of underwear beneath the clothing. His fingers traced the edges of his boxers on you, “As much as I love seeing you in these I’m going to have to get rid of them,” he whispered in your ear before pulling them down.

Cold air hit your wet entrance causing you to moan, “Calum, I need you,” you begged, squeezing his bicep.

“What do you need baby?” he asked kissing down you neck and to your breasts.

You tried to push your hips up to gain contact but his arm held you down, “Anything Cal. Please I need something,” you moaned, lightly biting his ear.

Abiding by your request he peppered kisses down your body until he reached your dripping pussy. He blew cool air on your entrance making you shudder before sliding one finger into your tight hole. A loud moan escaped you lips as he tauntingly moved his finger in and out of you slowly.

He looked up at you as he slid in another digit, followed by another. You were soon a moaning mess, sweat covering every inch of your skin and you grinded on his fingers, “I’m close Cal-Calum,” you whimpered when he pulled his fingers away, licking them clean of your juices. “Calum what the hell?” you panted.

“I want you to cum when I’m inside you,” he reconnected your lips and you moaned at your taste in his tongue. He looked up at you, “Are you ready?” he asked.

You nodded instantly, “Yes, Calum. Please, I need you so bad,” you begged, biting your lip.

He lined himself up with your hole and slowly sunk in. Each inch made you clench into his bulging biceps even harder and once he was finally fully buried inside you he started moving a little.

His thrusts started slow, letting you adjust to his massive size. But soon his pace started to pick up and you bit down on his shoulder to quiet your moans, “Let me hear your moans. Let the entire building know who’s fucking you so well,” he grunted as he lifted up one of your legs and brought it around his hip to give him a better angle. The crude sound of skin against skin filled the air which turned you on even more.

He hit your g-spot instantly which made you clench around him, “Right there Calum oh my god!” you screamed in pleasure as he continued to ram into you.

His moans were music to your ears. You never thought that in a million years would you and Calum be fucking wildly on his couch. “Shit, (Y/n), you’re so tight-ugh!” he moaned into your neck, leaving marks as you soon felt the couch shake with his fast pace.

“Cal, I-I’m close,” you panted into his ear.

He nodded, “Me too baby, wait for me,” he slid his finger down your stomach to play with you clit which caused you to spasm underneath him, “Calum!” you screamed.

“Let go baby girl,” he grunted, picking up his pace before you both came together. You felt his juices spurt inside of you before a warm sticky substance rolled down your inner thigh.

He slowly rode out your highs and pulled out, causing you to wince due to the newfound emptiness.

Both of your pants were heard as you both settled down from your intense orgasms. Turning on your side you looked at the boy next to you.

His hair was matted down and a thin layer of sweat adorned his toned body but he still looked beautiful. “I love you too Calum,” you smiled in content and rested your head on his chest, the sound of his heart beating rapidly lulling you to sleep.

R U Mine? [Josh Washington x Reader]

Please don’t send in requests right now! Requests are closed.

Author’s Note: I’M SORRY I DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I’ve had so much work these last few weeks, it’s insane. I couldn’t even write a birthday-themed imagine when my birthday rolled around last week. I’ll probably write one soon because I feel the need to lol. Also please don’t send in requests anymore. If you sent one recently, it’s going to be deleted. I closed requests indefinitely back in November. Any requests you see until the submit box opens back up are requests I’ve had since it last closed. The title of this fic doesn’t really fit because I had an idea for this story but then it went in a completely different direction and I didn’t feel like changing the title ha ha.

Word Count: 1,194

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