ele era a minha esperaça de ser amada & poder amar sem medo .
ele é minha desilusao e minha autentica desistencia do amor .
obrigada, voce conseguiu me tornar ainda mais fria, dessa vez nem precisou me fazer sofrer, foi so fazer c que eu acreditasse na ideia mesmo .

Our Ugandan Brothers, Sisters, and Siblings Need Us!!

Fears of attacks like these, fears of rape, fears of loss of economic security, fears of forced public outings and fears of arbitrary arrest are common place for LGBT people in Uganda where the witch hunts for them continue till this day. And things will only get worse as we move into the Ugandan election period - it’s no secret that dehumanizing the LGBTI community will score easy political points to the candidates. 

Queer Youth Uganda (QYU) is an LGBTI Youth Organization that currently works in 13 different cities in Uganda to advocate and protect the rights of marginalized sexual and gender identity groups. One of their many objectives is to provide safe housing for those whose lives are at risk and cannot afford it themselves. So far they have relocated 56 of their members members, 15 of them have been arrested, and three are on trial. 

QYU is currently raising money to pay for the resources to uphold their safe houses for the coming year. Please please donate some money if you can and spread the word about the fundraiser. This is a life and death situation for many in the Ugandan LGBTI community. 



Please donate and share/reblog!!

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