High and Mighty Announcement

High and Mighty (HAM) is an all-female team that competes on a majorly competitive level in order to break stereotypes that are continuously questioned every day in the gaming industry. After the release of team HAM member Adriana (Adriana War), the structure of HAM has changed significantly. Ashley (Ladyinsanity) has decided to compete in the increasingly popular game ‘Starcraft 2′ on the Major League Gaming circuit and other national tournaments. In addition, High and Mighty’s new ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ team will be a co-ed team featuring Dana (J for Jade), Kelly (Mrs Violence) and two male counter parts to intensify High and Mighty on the Major League Gaming circuit.

The team will now pursue multiple genres at tournaments across the country. As a team, High and Mighty hopes to promote a positive, influential attitude for all gamers worldwide.

Dana (J for Jade):

As a female gamer I will have to admit, the Call of Duty community and the game itself has changed. This may also be true for other competitive video games, but in the current state of Call of Duty, the struggles for all female teams are sometimes quiet perilous. The feelings that I have for my teammates are undying. Although, it has been a tough break, I am extremely happy to have Ashley as our new Starcraft 2 player. She is extremely talented, whether it is Halo, Call of Duty, or Starcraft she has skill to excel in any game that she puts her mind to. Although, Kelly and I will still be pursuing Call of Duty: Black Ops competitively till the end of the season we will always support Ashley and our teammates. I truly look forward to this new chapter in High and Mighty’s adventurous story and I can only hope for the best. But returning to my first statement, “The game has changed”, as I can only say it clearly enough.

Ashley (Ladyinsanity):

Despite the late start and the challenges ahead, I am extremely excited to compete in Starcraft. Personally, I am committing all my time (whether be months or years) in order to become a challenger in this field. I love the state of the game and its global presence in eSports. As a part of High and Mighty, I look forward to training and competing as much as I humanly can. With the changes to High and Mighty’s infrastructure, I am certainly happy about our collective move to advance in multiple aspects of competitive gaming. I wish the best for my fellow teammates Dana and Kelly as they continue moving forward in Call of Duty. The two are the most dedicated, committed players I have ever had the opportunity of teaming with and I have nothing but high hopes for them this season. In short, the best thing I can say is High and Mighty fighting!

Kelly (Mrs Violence):

With all the recent changes to the High and Mighty roster, I am still planning on completing the Major League Gaming 2011 season strong with our team’s new developments and changes. I am thrilled to see Ashley (Ladyinsanity) making moves in the StarCraft 2 community as well as Dana (J for Jade) and I turning over a new leaf with a co-ed team on the Call of Duty: Black Ops circuit! Although, competitive gaming is still pretty much the same, it has changed drastically. I am glad that my team has the experience and knowledge to see those changes and make adjustments for the greater good. We see the bigger picture and we will continue to grow while the competitive gaming community keeps growing.